Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm Not Sure About God, But I Believe In TFS (tm) - Habs 3 - Stars 1

Is is wrong that I feel the same way? Mmmm, Carey... Uhh, ok divert your attention from my orientation by checking out The 700 level and especially Suicide Girls, you dirty perv. Trust us, those chicks, making out with jerseys or not, are hot.

That rampaging sound you hear is 10,000 Habs fans jumping back on the Carey Price bandwagon. After a stellar start, including a 30-game unbeaten streak (or something like that, if you want real stats look somewhere else) he followed up with an equally awe-inspiring a streak, this time made of post-All Star game suckitude. Now TFS (tm) is back in a big way, giving up 2 goals in two games. Too bad for TFS that the Habs forgot how to score in 4 periods of those 2 games.

After holding the fort for 100-odd minutes and giving his teammates a chance to win both games, TFS showed again why he was picked so high and has won at every level he's played. So his doubters can SUCK IT or STICK IT; their choice. Dude is 21 years old and he's already won a pro championship and earned the starter's title in the most pressure-packed spotlight in hockey. But of course, some brain-dead bloggers and Leafs fans still try and argue that he's overrated. He's 21 FREAKING YEARS OLD. Well, ok, to be fair some equally stupid people said the same about Roberto Luongo. Your know, the good ol' Italian kid from Montreal that most people would now want to build their franchise around. (Gotta love Italian goalies from Montreal, BTW.)

Anyway, in Roberto's first year, he split time almost equally between the AHL and NHL. TFS was up pretty much all season, except for a 10-game get-your-confidence-back period. In Lou's second season, he became a full-timer after being traded to Florida by Brain-Dead (Not Mad) Mike Mulberry, err Milbury, who obviously also thought he was overrated. (Anyone willing to trade Roberto for Ricky straight up today? If any hands went up, do us a favour and check yourself into rehab right now). Of course, the current Captain Canuck was spitting time with the Immortal Trevor Kidd his first year in Florida, while Price was handed the starter's title in year 2. It was only in year three that Luongo established himself as a clear-cut #1 in the NHL. And didn't win even one playoff series until...2 years ago. Carey won one is his first in his first year. Yeah yeah, Florida sucked and it was hardly Roberto's fault, and TFS was not good against Philly in the second series - but that was round two, so the point remains: Carey has credentials. (Justin Pogge, for example, does not.)

Look, there is never any guarantee that a player is going to become a superstar; just ask Eric Lindros - if he can remember anything that long ago. It is possible that Price will turn out to have been over-hyped. But probably not. What is that jumped-upon conclusion based on? So he went through a slump. Big freaking deal. We're talking, what, 15 games? It's much more stupid to suggest he's not going to be a franchise player based on his exploits thus far, so let's all give the kid a break and just let him play, and judge him mercilessly in 2-3 years time. So no more "Jesus Price" for now. On this site at least, that was written - as is most everything, for those who haven't yet noticed - sarcastically and/or self-mockingly. But we stand by our Franchise Saviour moniker, cause he's the only one on the roster who truly gives us hope for a Cup in our lifetimes.

OK, enough goalie-centricity. While TFS was the player of both games (yes, because I'm a biased wop goalie from Montreal) TurtlePleks PK heroics, Rhino's mean streak and Tangy & Big Tits chemistry earn honourable mentions.

Just to even out the goalie-love with a little keeper-hate, we're still laughing after the Habs scored their third while Turco was out roaming behind the net aimlessly like a blue-hair at the Cavendish mall (trust me, West-enders are laughing). Oh, and the Little Fuckity-fuck can suck it, too. We're pretty sure he sticks it on a regular basis. (Wait, what does that even mean?) We kinda feel bad for Bangin' Begin - but we loves his replacement, future fan fav Stewart.

Edmonton up next on Mechant Mardi. Habs better beat those Alberta fuckers, and solidify a playoff spot for fucks sakes. I'm afraid that HF29's next rant will be so epic that the interwebs melt down from the profanity.


fezworth said...

Carbo's gone!

lawyergirl77 said...

"Biased Wop Goalie" - Panger, that line frickin' killed me!!!!!!!

Holy Flannel said...

i might have said some harsh things about carbo regarding his constant line-juggling and lack of defensive system, but the truth is i really think management blew it by firing him

carbo was a good coach and this firing is just a scape-goat to hide the fact that gainey wasn't able to give carbo the necessary tools to fulfill the crazy expectations of the centennial

that's not to say it's all gainey's fault: a part of the blame must fall upon carbo , but also upon the fans and media for setting such high expectations

i've always thought, though, that gainey was the coaching mastermind of the organization

Ian Vitro said...

I still say Price is mediocre, maybe decent.

Halak wins 4 straight and we shrug like that's normal. Price has 2 good games and everyone's jizzing in their collective pants.

Fuck that.

Anonymous said...

Price has a good month and a half (lateNov-Dec) and people forget all about it.

Fuck that, indeed.

Topham said...

Brain-dead, eh?

I promise not to disagree with you again in the future...

Ian Vitro has it right. Some people care more about their projections for the guy than what he is actually doing. I wouldn't know about that, I didn't dub him at the age of 19. Probably because my brain cells were barely clinginc to life 18 months ago...