Friday, March 13, 2009

The Morning Skate for Friday, March 13th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of having to go to SIX overtimes...
Okay kids, TMS is off to the wilds of Texas for SXSW. Over the next week, expect TMS an hour later or more, as a time change and hangovers will undoubtedly wreak havoc on our posting schedule. We'll see if the Habs are still in playoff spot when we get back.


Anonymous said...

WTF is wrong with these guys in the 2nd periods? They dont forecheck cant make a pass.
The only good thing to say is at least they wont lose ground friday night.
How much would it suck to see brodeur get his 551st in Patricks building?
With a Mtl win last night they would have assured NYI could not catch them in the standings, clinching 14th place. Fuck fuck fuck get skating and quit trying to score every power play goal into an open net..shoot the fucking thing..and where the fuck is Andrea Kotitsyn/ when he does shoot he couldnt put it in the ocean off a St Johns wharf...grrrr..hope we dont have to be pissed off until St Paddy day, need to beat the devils!!

Anonymous said...

The bell isn't patricks building - that was the forum, remember? Where everything else good for this franchise happened. Historically, of course.

orangeman said...

I did the math and research because I don't care about my job and I'm there 8 hours a day. Last year in the East 94 pts was good enough to get into the playoffs. The Habs have 80 now with 14 games to go. So, a .500 record till the end of the season would presumably get them in.

Of those 14 games, 7 are against non-playoff teams. Learning from the past, we can assume they will lose those games. So, they just need to win the 7 games against suitable opponents to get into the playoffs, starting with NJ on Saturday. However, when we factor in the "French-Canadian goalie" variable into the equation, we know this is mathematically impossible.

Therefore, we should expect the Habs to get 92 pts, narrowly missing the playoffs to the...ugh...Florida Panthers. The 2 points they could have gotten vs the Isles when a) Rhino scored into his own net to force OT and b) the suckfest that was last night, will haunt them as they play golf.

Well, it would it they gave a shit. Which, judging by last night, they do not.

Ouate de phoque said...

Fucking Highlanders are 2-19 on the road.

They must love Montreal where they are 2-0.

Fuck that crappy team. I'm pissed, I got the invoice for playoff tickets the same day they fire Carbonneau and they still play like a bunch of pussies.

All they wan't is squeeze in the playoffs grab our $$$ (pay 16 games by march 27) and then fuck off as quickly as possible to where ever till august.


Tom (the eternal optimist) said...

According to, the Habs have a 91.8% chance of making the playoffs. As long as they go 6-7-1 or better, they'll have a 90% or better of making the playoffs.

So there's some hope.

Limerick Dude said...

Tom, that's an intereting site. I too shall endeavour to remain positive, but DAMN it's hard (that's what she said).

I actually had to screen capture my word veri:

Word - sums it all up really.

Anonymous said...

As long as Patricks fans are in the seats..its Patricks building..would you say Mtl is not Guys or the Rockets building..

Anonymous said...

The max amount of remaining points available to each team are as follows:
Mtl-108, NYR-106, Fla/Pitt-105, Buff-104 and Car-102. so Mtl has the upper hand, as long as they win at .500 or better they should be in.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

I wasn't afraid before the trading deadline, because I knew that even if Bob traded away our best players (if he could find them first, that is), the Rangers and Pens would continue to implode.

But now they're both kicking asses and taking names, so I'm fucking scared that we're going to miss the playoffs.

And I really don't give a shit about the Centennial or any of the marketing crap that goes with... but what does it say to potential free agents that the most storied team in hockey doesn't care enough to get into the playoffs on their 100th fucking birthday?

There's hope yet, though... I think that at this point, with Carey Price not making poop in gol, all we need is for one of the top 2 lines to get going.

South Shore Habs Fan said...


HI/O says Halak and Breezer are in tomorrow.

Good to see them keeping Halak in game shape... but BREEZER, against the MOTHERFUCKING NEW JERSEY DEVILS?

I guess Bob really hates Roy's record.

El Oso said...

Friend of mine who was at the game says they weren't booing the team. He said they were booing the opposing team's goal (as they apparently always do), and then booing Streit as he left the ice. He says that TSN is biased and that's why they included the headline that the Habs were booed off the ice. Thoughts?

The Gate To The Groin For Yannick Bertrand said...

TSN is biased.

What else is there to say?