Monday, March 09, 2009

Why is this man smiling?

Because he won't have to deal with the Montreal media any more.

Only about 6 weeks too late.

Man, I'm gonna miss... that tag.


Anonymous said...

come on Bob - get this team rollin!

Carbo - I did like ya, ya just seemed to be over your head

lawyergirl77 said...

Wow. While I'm happy that BG is taking over, a part of me is really sad to see Carbo go.

IMHO, he's going to be a great coach one day. He just wasn't ready for this job, yet.

Carbo - please don't come back to bite us in the ass/haunt us à la Claude Julien. I won't be able to take it.

The part that pisses me off? Jarvis and Melanson are still fucking things up. They were even more incompetent than Carbo. (Jury's still out on Muller. I'm not sure what he does behind the bench...)

Olivier said...

LG77: "Carbo - please don't come back to bite us in the ass/haunt us à la Claude Julien. I won't be able to take it. "

Wanna bet?

Cripes I just don't get it. Why now? Anyway; who's the next beginner that gets to learn on the job right in front of us?

On the other hand, I now understand why Bob Hartley was all over the french media over the last few weeks.

Oh well, verification word: "thediall"

No shit...

melly said...

@ Olivier - yeah, it's gotta be Hartley, eh?
I read something that Don Lever will be coming up behind the bench with Gainey; he's a great coach but won't be head. Maybe assistant?

@ LG77 - Melanson's ongoing employment is a continual WTF for me.

Beta169 said...

Sad to see Carbo go too, although it looks like he lost the team and hasn't really learned to make adjustments between periods. Maybe Gainey will fill in for the rest of the year and then hire Big Bird in the off-season.

I am sad to see Melanson retained. His coaching "talent" seems to be turning aggressive, talented goalies into timid, "flop-first and let 'em shoot high into the open top-shelf" busts. Maybe in the off-season Bob'll find an ungrade!

As for Muller, we need to keep him, if only so I'm not forced to take down my "captain kirk" poster.

verfify word: persur, as in "O'Byrne isn't a thief, he's just a handbag aficionado, a persur if you will."

kevincrumbs said...

This is fucking ridiculous. I have always backed Gainey all the way, including doing nothing during this trade deadline but as Olivier said, why now? What the fuck, Bob?

The writing was on the wall ages ago about Carbo and if he didn't agree, I respect that. However, why not then stick with Carbo for at least the rest of the season then? Or is this Bob just wanting to look like Lou Lamoriello?

Word verification: angloco. As in the Canadiens are fucking angloco this year.

Jaybird said...

@ Beta169 - I had the same Captain Kirk poster and lmao'd when I read that!!!

Woot Woot!

This is my feel good moment of the month and the Habs TSN turning point of the season. I'm rocking out to the James Gang - Funk#49 in celebration. What a day!

No more rolling four lines down a goal with a minute left, no more of that sneer goddamn know-it-all smirk every time we get scored on or lose, and finally I guarantee....Kovy is about to explode!

This is genius ... mark my words. If I hear any more bullshit about the team going English I'm gonna cry. Were going for cups not bilingual banners.

lawyergirl77 said...

I never used to question Bob. I've been questioning him a lot since january.

And Boone's piece over at HI/O about all of BG's fuckups makes me uncomfortable due to the truth he speaks...

That being said - WOO HOO to having Lever behind the bench as well. He's an excellent coach. I just really hope that BG doesn't say that he's going to take over in September. Again, I think that it's too much instability for a team that is desperately seeking some.

And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks Melanson is an ass. Wordy McWord to Melly and Beta!

Ian Vitro said...

word verif = rooti, as in:
ROOOOOO-TI! Fuck yeah! Go Habs Go!

I loved Carbo as a player. As much as Gretzky, Mario, or anyone else in the league except maybe Roy.

He was a shitty head coach. He may one day be good but that day is not today. He may have benefited quite a bit from a stint as assistant coach... but he didn't get one.

Seeya Carbo. I wish you had have been the coach you will be in about 5 years when you were here. You'll look back on your days here and your shake your head. "What a fucking douchebag I was. Just look at that fucking tie!" you'll think. And then you'll look at your Stanley Cup rings and forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Bring Carbo Back!

[a href=""][/a]

Anonymous said...

Pens_Yan said...

Habs miss the playoff, fire Bob Gainey and hire good ol' #33 as GM/Head coach! what a joke that would be from a joke organization!

Limerick Dude said...

@Pens_Yan: yawn.

I'm sad for Carbo going but it had to be done. The guy didn't even know how to applaud. You see when the won the occasional game, his lame attempt at applauding? If you've seen it, you know what I mean. If not, it's hard to explain.
Wonder if Carbo would accept the job in Hamilton since Lever's coming up? Couple of years in the 'A' would do him good.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

I feel bad for Carbo, he wasn't exactly put in a position to succeed. Tapping a guy with zero head-coaching experience to be behind the bench for the Montreal Canadiens? Yeesh. That being said, Carbo should've been able to admit that he had no idea what the fuck he was doing.

... holy crap, does that mean we may never play Breezer again?!

lg77 - Boone is fun to read and a good journalist, but I think he's being overly dramatic with that list of screw-ups. For every bad move he's made, he's made a few good ones (the only thing he's done that still bothers me is Huet for a 2nd rounder. Given Huet's numbers, he could've had a 1st rounder).

GMs fuck up. A lot. But Bob seems to fuck up less. I'll give him next year. If he can't fleece some economically-challenged franchise of their big centre this summer, then I'll start doubting him. But I think it says a lot for Bob that Habs fans have started to expect success once again.

Word verification: "aninema", the blood iron deficiency that cause Janne Niinimaa to suck so hard.

Bob Gainey said...

The team has been atrocious for a couple of months now.

The few wins we've had we were still outplayed.

Carbo never trusted his players and never liked them.

Sonia said...

Many commentators (on TSN, RDS, etc…) are talking about Carbo’s lack of communication as being the problem. I couldn’t agree more, and I think this is what led to all the “WTF?!?” moves we’ve been ranting about.

Someone once asked Scotty Bowman what made him successful even in the era of the multi-millionaire hockey player. He said that he always made sure to explain to each player not only what he must do, but why. Even an old-school coach like Bowman knew that this was a reality of modern coaching.

That said, Carbo’s coaching did get the team to first in the East last season. You don’t do that by being a "monumental asswipe". Maybe just a little skidmark...

melly said...

@ LG77: I'm completely with you on the Rollie-Must-Go train. As for Boone's list, it left me a little uncomfortable too, but there's a nifty little rebuttal from BigBird (come over, BB!) that made me feel better:

"In addition to those questions I would ask:

8. Who inherited a shambles of an organization with no depth and no prospects in the system 5 years ago?

9. Who traded away Craig Rivet 2 years ago at the trade deadline and acquired (your man) Josh Gorges and the 1st R. pick that ended up being Pacioretty?

10. Who acquired Robert Lang as a UFA without giving away any assets in return and was our leading scorer until an unfortunate injury ended his season?

11. Who signed Markov and Kovalev as UFAs when they could have walked away as other players have?

12. Who hired Trevor Timmins and other key members of our scouting staff that helped replenish a depleted farm system?

13. Who stayed on as GM despite the loss of his daughter in a senseless tragedy last year?

14. Who is still admired and respected by former players who left the team like Sheldon Souray?

I don't think Bob Gainey is perfect and he has made mistakes but at least have a balanced approach when evaluating him. I think he's the best GM we've had in years and one of few who can operate in this market with a ridiculous fan base and media. If anything, we need him for the stability this franchise desperately needs."

You say it, Big Bird.

melly said...

^^ although he does mess up the Lang acquisition details. A pick was involved, no?

Really, the longer I think about that Boone post the more it irritates me. Boone came out and said he'd've fired Carbo himself after the Atlanta loss.

(word verif: gannesti, which it too much like gagne, esti! to be coincidental. Win, dammit, indeed.)

Number31 said...

I'm shocked and disappointed but I'm ok with it. I'll say thanks to Carbo, and maybe Dallas will replace Tippett with him...?

Sure Bob has made mistakes, but whatever. Mickey Ribs was a lame duck with this team. Don't miss him at all.

About Rollie, I used to think there was something up with the guy... but then I heard him talking during one of the intermissions of a Bulldogs game. It changed my mind about him. I think he's fine for the job.

My word is gagible. As in RDS is gonna go gagible crazy tonight...

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Lang was indeed acquired for a pick - the one we got from Toronto for Mikhail Grabitchski. In other words, we got Lang and a prospect for a whiny, undersized AHL centre.

Yup, Gainey definitely needs to go.

Can't blame Boone, though - if people wanted well-considered opinions and insight, they'd go to a news site, like the actual Gazette site. Blogs are inherently sensationalistic (not always a bad thing!), so Boone needs to keep the shit stirred.

Bob Gainey said...

If people wanted well-considered opinions and insight they sure as hell wouldn;t go the Gazoo.

Q said...

WTF? I can't believe the crap I'm reading here about people calling for Gainey's head.
Remember Corey for fuck's sake? Picking Tremblay (Tremblay!) over Roy?
Coaches are hired to be fired. The team quit playing for him. period.
Such garbage to hear people now asking for BG to go.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

"Bob Gainey said...

If people wanted well-considered opinions and insight they sure as hell wouldn;t go the Gazoo."

Perhaps I should've said "more well-considered than the blog of a Gazette columnist". Boone wouldn't dare write that in the actual newspaper.

Montréaliste1 said...

Cited by Puck Daddy, freeking big shots !

Jaybird said...

How can anyone say they are shocked by this at all?

Have you been asleep for three months?!?

Bryan said...

@ melly

i agree completely. some ppl seem so completely lost. so many armchair GMs. bob is the man! everyone questioned the 2 game sitting of kovy and then when it panned out they called him a genius. now they're back to thinking he's nuts again. tomorrow's game against the oilers is now the most excited i've been in a while. im ready to watch this team explode!

Gino Tomac said...

The moment I found out that Carbo was fired, I felt like I had just been informed that I had beaten cancer.

Carbo was an awful coach. I have never seen more players ask to be traded, or complain about line changes and lack of communication, or play with less emotion than today's team.

This is no coincidence. Carbo had no fucking idea what he was doing. And I still have problems with the entire coaching staff because I don't recall seeing any footage of Muller or Jarvis saying "WTF?" each time Carbo put the 4th line out to tie a game in the dying seconds, or when he'd play Breezer during an overtime.

Also, let's not forget his "system."
The one where we cycle the puck until we lose it without getting off a shot, or how he never adjusted how our defensemen take the puck into the neutral zone by continously giving it to the other team. Or his shitty 1-2-2 formation during 3rd periods that gave the opponent the upper hand EVERY game.

He had his chances. His coaching sucks, his ability to make key decisions on the ice has always backfired, he was always out-coached by his opponent, and his arguing with the refs took more time away from him preparing his players for how to handle the upcoming PK.

He has made so many mistakes that even the common fan could pick up on that I'm surprised he lasted this long.

Good riddance Guy. I hope you get picked up by the Bruins and bring them down from stratosphere they're in.

God, I love beating cancer.

Fuck you Carbo.

South Shore Habs Fan said...

Gino - I applaud you. With a retarded Carbo-clap, of course. (LimerickDude, I only noticed that during Sunday's game - he sort of extends his fingers away from each other, so that he's just hitting his palms together... very weird)

kevincrumbs said...

I don't think anyone here disagrees with the move or is surprised that Carbo is gone. Fuck, that was/is one hell of a slump since the All Star Game. What is surprising to me, once again, is the utterly bizarre timing of it all. If Gainey claims to have noticed all of this fucking shit happening earlier, why wait until now to sack Carbo? I mean, is it to send a message to the team that anything can happen at anytime here? You steal a game in Dallas and.... BAM!

It's not that Gainey doesn't still have my backing but I'm, for the first time in years, starting to feel a little perplexed by his moves, or at least the timing and execution. After all, I was not one of those who tore him a new you-know-what after the trade deadline.

Why make us needlessly suffer through another few months of Carbo just to get to the same result!? That's the part I have trouble with. He should've been sacked after the Flames/Oilers/Canucks games. That was some of the most pathetic hockey I've ever watched in my life.

Word verification: Strunk. As in Carbo, while a nice guy (or Guy... HAHAHAHA!), strunk as a coach.

Olivier said...

Guys: he got a bunch of rookies with Bryan fuckin Smolinsky to first place last year and now he can't coach?

Look, you can all wait for the return of Scotty Bowman and you can all prendre pour du cash what the players are saying today about communication (funny that wasn't a problem last year when Kovy was scoring a ludicrous 8+pts/60min on the PP) skills and what not. The fact is, Bob's job is in danger and he needs to look good. Slice it anyway you want, he needs to look good, so he get to "coach" for the last 16 games, of which the Oilers are, like, the 3rd strongest team we get to play with the blackhawks and the Devils. And next year, we get a rookie coach once again, who'll get fired in 2 years from now.

Geee, nice move Bob!

Number31 said...

A bunch of rookies with Smols... and Koivu, Kovy, Pleky, yada yada yada. Honestly the "timing" thing is weird but I noticed he was giving the whole team time to turn it around (ever since they got back from the West and sat Kovy). It didn't really pan out though. Thank god Jaro managed to steal some games during that time because the team would be below 10th by now, really. Like TSN had on their page, the Habs are out of tricks concerning the players, what else can they do? I also noticed Bob had more of a presence last season with the team. Almost like he was helping Carbo along. Now he stepped back and gave him the wheel.

I don't know if they'll beat the Oilers tonight solely because Roloson can pull a win out his arse by himself (hey he's been in the league long enough to be able to do that), but it all starts now...