Friday, March 27, 2009

The Morning Skate for Friday, March 27th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of your bracket being busted. Goddamn you fucking Memphis...
  • !!!??!!! Uh, we're really not sure how to react to that one. Dominate for 50 minutes, blow it, and then get an OT winner from the Cap'n. Habs 3, Bolts 2. More later no doubt;
  • Panthers also win, leaving the Fucking Habs 2 points out of 9th;
  • Rangers lose, leaving the Fucking Habs 2 points out of 7th;
  • Blues and Predators both win, setting up a nasty 7-11 clusterfuck in the West.
Happy Sexy Friday everyone!


hockeyzombie said...

It wasn't pretty at the end but they got the win! A little more credit on the card...

Damion said...

I don't think Krajice's goal -- from the point -- deflected off anything other than Price's weak glove.

Koivu's OT winner went off Lashoff, and was otherwise going to sail off very well clear of the net.

My wife, not really watching the game, hears the announcers say during the 2nd period "they're really dominating the play and controlling the puck." She asks: "they're not talking about montréal are they?"

My take away: lucky win. When you outshoot a team 39-16, you don't expect to have to win on a really fluky goal in OT.

James said...

Best moment of the game for me? When Artyukhin launches himself like a fucking heatseaking missile towards Komo in the third perio, Komo steps aside and Fat Fuck Artyukhin slams into the board. Took him like 10 seconds to get back up and he hobbled back to his bench. He looked hurt and I was gloating.

Boob Gainey said...

Friggin' hell Damion. We dominated every portion of the game. All 4 lines moved the puck and forechecked.

Their goalie stood on his head.

Kmaxx said...

my take away from last night - we only allowed 2 shots in period 1 another half dozen or so in period two. Hit the post a few times and should have had it iced by the time I went to bed (end of 2nd - it was almost 2 am in the UK!) Went to bed thinking - "TFS might get a Shutout" Fuck me if they didn't almost blow it!! But at least we got the points and games in hand on 7th and 9th place. Can't wait for Saturday night!!

Damion said...

There's a difference between containing a good team to few shots and the fact that Tampa Bay played a really poor game.

If the Habs played the Côte-St-Luc mosquitoes and held them to no shots, is that indicative of "dominating" the game?

I want the Habs to dominate as much as the next cautiously optimistic Habs fan, but as a true Habs fan, they suck until they win the cup :)