Monday, March 09, 2009

The Morning Skate for Monday, March 9th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of Windows security issues...
  • Habs, uh, win? Lookie here. Habs 3, Stars 1. Price holds the fort during a penalty-filled affair and Gregory Stewart is quickly becoming everyone's favourite Hab. Habs go from 6th to 7th to 8th to 5th in the East in one 8-hour period. More later today;
  • Crosby wins this round of Sid-Ovie as the Pens beat the Caps 4-3 in a shootout;
  • Rangers are breathing again, win their third straight, 4-3 over the Bruins;
  • We feel less bad about the Habs loss to the Thrashers after they beat the Flames, 5-2. Well, not really.
Happy Monday. Let's hope last night was a sign of a good week to come.


Limerick Dude said...

Thoughts about last night:

- He has skill, no doubt - but never forget this arrogant prick. It's just the smug look he gets makes me want to punch him in the face.

- I like the lines, but I think I would still play Dandy over Dags at this point, even though I'd prefer Dandy on D.

- I just had a thought. It won't happen, but it would be awesome if Breezer never suited up again. Leave him at 999.

The boys are back. Last night was obviously just practice. Practice for what you ask. The parade baby. The parade to the sinbin last night, practice - leading up to the mid-June parade down St. Catherines (or wherever it goes).

E said...
If any wants to see a blog finally addressing the needs of the mentally handicapped Montreal Canadiens fan.

Moey said...

@E, fun blog, keep it up.

gillis said...


No sign of hockey here in Austria. Looks like Price is finally playing like a goalie. Thats always good. Hows Kovy?

And you may think Im an idiot for asking, but was Begin traded? Thats what I heard. For who?

My hometown boy Lombardi was sent to the desert. Poor him.

Go Habs Go.

PS. Good beer here. Its called zipfer or something.

HabsFan29 said...

boy gillis you are out of it! here is the Begin story:

d. said...

Gillis: Lombardi a hometown boy? You from Hudson? I graduated from Hudson High (back when it was called that) with his sister.

I'm pretty sure that makes me famous in some circles.

Who wants to touch me?


Limerick Dude said...

With my limited graphic abilities, I've posted a message for Steve Ott from our new favourite hab:

Message to Steve Ott

Holy Flannel said...

@ d. pretty sure lombardi was born in mtl (might have been raised in hudson though )

@ LD nice try anyways

also, stewart is fuckin awesome, it's about time someone showed some team spirit
go price ( even though i think halak deserved the start after saving the season and possibly carbo's ass )
kovy's goal was awesome