Monday, March 02, 2009

The Morning Skate for Monday, March 2nd

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being a Canadian champion and a hot babe...
Ahh, March. The beginning of "check standings like a maniac" time.


Limerick Dude said...

Happy Monday morning.
Just a note about the Sharks game. Laraque, as usual, played terrible. But it seemed his winning the tilt against Shelley at least woke the team up. It was almost immediate that they seemed to find their legs and start skating and only a matter of minutes before they scored their first.
He's not going anywhere, so I say play him against the teams that have somebody that will actually fight him and give him his 9 minutes/game. Hopefully he doesn't cost us one of those games.
Will Ruff sit Peters out again?

Anyway looking forward to Wednesday - trade deadline day AND finding out who else Brady has bagged!

Patrick Roy said...

Message for Bob Gainey.

I know you think you're basically set for the playoffs.

You aren't.

Get cracking and make a big trade.

Anonymous said...

I'd stick my fucking rock in her fucking house.

HabsFan29 said...

I'd tell her to hurry hard

man i love curling double entendre humour

Limerick Dude said...

I'd tell her to SWEEP! while I watch the game. Then she would peel as she waited for the come-around...I'm sorry.

So the trade wires are pretty quiet.