Monday, December 21, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Monday, December 21

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of dying of a heart attack at age 32...
Headline: Habs manage to escape the snow of Long Island, will play Atlanta 2night.


Boob Gainey said...

Geoff Molson butters up Rejean Tremblay, and the dolt falls for it.

L Dude said...

As we begin to get inundated by all of the hockey prognaticators on what the Canadian hockey team will look like (The Hotstove, The Reporters, the lame Sportsnet guys all did something this weekend), I'm curious why Cammalleri never even makes it to any of the lists as a possible bubble player. I think it was The Reporters mentioning how Iginla needs to play with somebody who can put the puck in the net (besides himself) and the options look like St Louis, Bergeron and Doan (with 7,8,8 goals respectively). Why wouldn't Mike be at least given a look by Yzerman (and maybe he is, but doubtful)? I'm not saying this JUST because he's a Hab. I've followed him from the time I first saw him at the World Juniors in Halifax. I was thrilled when the Habs signed him.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there's something we don't know about him that he NEVER gets a mention. I realize there is a lot of depth for Canada, but as Shakira says "These stats don't lie." Or something like that.

/end rant.

Maybe 2 weeks vacation will be better for him anyway.