Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, December 8th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of (or having nightmares of) having ten mistresses...
  • Habs win! With a record number of shots! Errr, record LOW number of shots. Jacques Martin is quite proud. Pleks with two assists. Mad Max with an assist that made you think he actually has some offensive talent. .500 baby!
  • Leafs, on the other hand, explode for 5 unanswered goals to beat the Thrash;
  • Ovie back from suspension, scores 2 in a win, ho hum,;
  • Martin Brodeur gets a shutout, ho hum, ties Terry Sawchuk;
  • Canes get their first road win of the season, in Pittsburgh no less;
  • In honour of the Sens game tonight, check this in case you ever wonder what happened to Alexandre Daigle.
We're trying out a new embedded player for your highlights today. Well, if there could be considered "highlights" from that yawner.


Lee_D said...

Halak to start tonight?

LOL according to HockeyDB, Daigle got traded away from league champions Davos in the Swiss league.

Also, the embedded "highlights" work fine :)

Don't look now, but we're one spot out of the playoffs :/

Lee_D said...

Also, $20 says Brodeur gets his record-breaking shutout on December 16th against us in Jersey.

Unknown said...

LOVE the embedded highlights! Now I can see it at work! More time wasted!

Number31 said...

D'agostini knocked Hartnell on his ass. My life is complete.

Not Geoff Molson said...

Nice to see that Ovechkin has tied Terry Sawchuk...is it because he sticks his leg out so much?

WV spanques - as in "hopefully the next game its an effort that really spanques the opposition."

HF29 aka HH29 said...

@not GM - uh, whoops? thx, fixed

soperman said...


Amen to the embedded highlights. About 30% of FHF material is "Forbidden by Rating Check" but the highlights can run...

Which brings up the better point, FHF have structured their site so I can actually read 70% at work. Most similarly "bleu" sites at blocked at the front gate.

FHF - you truly are doing God's work.


L Dude said...

Hey, these embedded hilites aren't slowing my computer at work, so I can procrastinate better! Thanks!

Agree with 31 on the Dags hit on the ugly fuck, Hartnell.

Question: If the Thrash came back to score 2 goals against the Leafs, are the 5 goals still unanswered? Or are just 3 of them unanswered? Or is it the fact they scored 5 in a row that makes them unanswered?

boob gainey said...

From a link listing the ten mistresses:

"10.) Unidentified Alleged Mistress No. 10. is reported in a UK paper to be a “sex-addicted cougar.”"

"7.) Holly Sampson. The 36-year-old from Los Angeles is a former porn star, who has starred in such films as “OMG, Stop Tickling Me” and “Flying Solo 2.” According to the Sun, she has neither confirmed nor denied her affair with Woods.:

Le Douze said...

@31 and @LD - it is nice to see D'agger coming back with some life. I noticed that since he came back he seems MORE physical than before, which is a nice surprise, especially after his so-so start. Big Tits seemed to disappear a bit last year after he was conked vs Phx. (yeah, I know he scored more goals etc, etc., but the bar wasn't exactly high.)

@Les_glorieux - well, I suppose if that happens I be able to say that I was there when history was made. (I live Yankwards at the moment and don't get to see nos boys much in the flesh). But I bet we'll score one shit goal off Laraque's bean or something. (If we still had Breezer he could send one in off someone's ankle). If MB30 breaks the mark I'll come back with a full report.