Friday, December 11, 2009

The Sexy Friday Morning Skate pays tribute to Captain Kirk and his excellent PK while saying Fuck You to Chris Lee

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of the Olympics without curling hottie Jennifer Jones...
  • Pens 3, Habs 2. We played pretty well. We showed we can compete with the Pens. Once again, the PK was perfect. Sure, the winning goal was bleh, but TFS was heroic throughout. Chris Lee doesn't just intend to blow, he actually blows;
  • Leafs almost have a comeback in the 3rd, lose to Bs when Mark Recchi pots 2 to put it away;
  • Ottawa shuts out the Flyers;
  • Daniel Sedin gets a hat trick in a 4-2 win over the Thrash;
  • In the "that's pretty cool" department (well, for us), yours truly made it into Drew's Janboroo on Deadspin yesterday, for our "Gametime cheap beer of the week" submission. Wildcat really is crap. Maybe you can use it to drown your sorrows.
Oh look, the incident is on YouTube already:


lawyergirl77 said...

Jesus - it looks even worse on TV than it did live.

Had they shown that highlight on the scoreboard, there would have been legit riots.

And I still stand behind my argument that our shot totals are misleading and that we seem to play more gooder when we get outshot... But whatever, shot totals and scores are the only stats that ever get any play.

And Crosby needs to STFU, now, about the non-goal. Suck it up - even your goalie was man enough to admit that the ref blew the whistle. Whiny, entitled prick.

boob gainey said...

I hate the Penguins.

Shit fans who only support the team when they're winning. Incompetent management that almost bankrupted the team. The only reason they're still in Pittsburgh is because sugar-daddy Gary Bettman wouldn't let them move.

They're the worst example of building a team by sucking year after year.

orangeman said...

Boob, I agree 100% and not just because 'boob' is my favourite word. Well, 2nd after 'indicative'. Heehee!

Just in case my math skillz were missed due to the time difference, I'll repaste or what have you:

Habs have been outshot in 6 straight games and only outshot their opponent once (by 1) in the last 11. In those 11 games they have been outshot 365-251, so they've been outshot by an avg of 10+ shots PER GAME over that time.

The last time they outshot someone was the mighty Hurricanes of Carolina on Nov 17th, which was also the last time they recorded more than 30 shots (35), though that game did go into OT and they only outshot the CaneWhale by 3.

The game before that was the 55-20 debacle in Nashville, fyi.

LG77: Like phone numbers after a night out, it's quality vs quantity. But after a month or two I'll take a shameful shag over nothing at all.

soperman said...

Someone should explain to Chris Lee that if he closes his eyes that is not what the rule refers to when it says "if the referee loses sight of the puck".

There has to be a special word for this boob. No offense to you, Boob Gainey.

habsss said...

I don't even want to watch it again. It will just make me angry.

Goddamnit, I am angry just thinking about it.

Tom said...

@lg, I gotta say that I agree with you. As we learned from our Kovi years, you HAVE to shot to score. (I get to hear the Ottawa papers moan and gnash teeth now, less painful when he's not doing it to us)
@orangeman, quality over quanity sure but we can't win if we don't shoot and ugly goals count, I'll take ugly over lossing any day.

There are only about 20 of the fuckers out there surely one of the bitches could have argued for us.
WV: ferconi, anyone know a "Ferconi" type to go visit Chris? said...

I here Panger's trunk is empty.
we should dump Lee there and lose the car in the gobi desert or sink in the st. Lawrence abyss/fualt whatever megatron-style
that fucktard always seems to be a controversy when he refs Habs game

orangeman said...

@perhaps I was misunderstood, my point was SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTT!!!!! It doesn't matter how hot she was if it's a fake number. The real climax comes with a shot out of nowhere.

It was an awful call, but it is what it is. Kharma. Watch the next couple of games and we'll benefit huge. Christ, we already have if you look at those shot tallies.

It was an obviously horrible call. Lee seemed dead set about it, shifty eyes afterwards and all. As a teacher I can sympathize. Sometimes you call out a kid by mistake and have to stick by it just to keep your authority. Except in my classroom there aren't 30000 fans and cameras to prove me wrong.

Boob Gainey said...

I'm not upset about the missed goal.

However, a couple of penalty calls (the one on Max Pac for example) were really iffy. And this has been the case now for several games.

gillis said...

I'm blind! i'm deaf! I wanna be a ref!

gillis said...

PS. I heard penguins eat their own poo

saskhab said...

Jennifer Jones doesn't do much for me. She looks like the mildly pretty chubby/fat girl in high school who dropped some pounds. She's alright, but I wouldn't call her a hottie.

GoldenGirl11 said...

don't knock those mildly pretty chubby/fat girls in high school who dropped some pounds... who can lift a rock and throw it down the ice on one knee yelling SWEEEEEEEEP! Pretty cool.

The Taxidermist said...

I guess the no-goal call was a make up for the BS call on Fedotenko that led to a Habs goal.

And yeah you do gotta hate the way the pens got better by sucking as opposed to the Habs who suck and then just keep on sucking. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

soperman said...

@ The Taxidermist


Habsfan10 said...

@ The Taxidermist:

"And yeah you do gotta hate the way the pens got better by TANKING ..."

Fixed. You're the Florida Marlins of hockey, you tanking, fire-sale having frontrunners. Been that way for your whole 40 year existance. Bravo.

The Taxidermist said...

Well what's the Canadiens excuse then? They've been sucking for quite a few years and somehow they don't put a winner on the ice.

Oh that's right, the Habs would rather overpay for people like Gomez.

lehab said...

@taxidermist...know what you could stuff.... some fucking penguins up your ass!

Boob Gainey said...

There's a chant in England for fans that only support their team when they're winning.

It goes

Sing when you're winning
You only sing when you're winning

etc ...

to the tune of Guantanamera.

Boob Gainey said...

In the crap fans category can we also add the Colorado Avalanche (stopped showing up for games last year) and Anaheim Ducks (no Stanley Cup parade).

Hoiles said...

The Canadiens "excuse" is that they never were an outright laughingstock like the Pens who were handed 4 straight Top 2 picks. But I can't really fault Pens fans for not being aware of this, most of them don't know the difference between offside and two-line passes anyways.

Habsfan10 said...

@ Taxidermist:

Yeah, we suck. Oooh. Burn. We've had the worst combination of leadership, coaching, management and talent this franchise has ever seen all hit us in an epic storm of incompetence for the last 15 years. And in that time, your fucking franchise has nearly gone bankrupt twice, ran off every star player it had save for the guy who owned part of the team, and basically tanked for five years straight and hit the jackpot for the second time, the first being the Lemieux draft. I'd be fucking embarrassed if the Habs ran their organization as piss-poorly as the Pens manage theirs, one Cup win post-Mario/Jagr/Francis notwithstanding. It's a fucking joke and bullshit that Pittsburgh's lousy management and ownership got rewarded for it twice. But hey, you keep coming on here and acting like a Yinzer douche, at least until the Steelers win another game and you can start ignoring hockey again.

Anonymous said...

@ Taxidermist:

[a href=""]Getta life Taxidermist.[/a] No class now, no class since '67.

Anonymous said...

@ Taxidermist:

Getta life Taxidermist. No class now, no class since '67.

Anonymous said...

A well deserved Sexy Friday tribute! I still remember Kirk playing his heart out in 93. We're lucky to have such a hockey smart guy who still puts his heart and soul into this team. I'd take 5 Kirk's out there any night. At least there'd be some passion on the ice.

Great site guys!

Boob Gainey said...

I love Kirk as much as the next guy, but "smart"?

Anonymous said...

Hockey smart.

moeman said...

Methinks GG really enjoyed assembling that pic.

GoldenGirl11 said...


moeman said...

"Good Lord, Markov looks strong." ~ Stubbs at Habs I/O

Fuck yeah!

Ronan said...

I'd like to add that no matter how horrific the Centennial sweaters have been (especially the barberpoles), les Canadiens would never, ever be caught wearing teal.

That is all.

gillis said...

taxidermist has convinced me that it's not only penguins that he their own shit

Baroque said...

Actual penguin fun facts:

They do eat regurgitated food when young - so they eat their parent's puke.

And like so many birds, they have no external genitalia, so mating involves a lot of awkward flopping around and falling over.

Biological fact, 100%

And I wonder if the NHL rulebook is out in Braille, as that might help some of the officials.