Thursday, December 17, 2009

Season possibly spiraling out of control, in December no less! Devils 2, Habs 1

If I may repeat a word so often used amongst the Jews and as recently as in yesterday's preview, oy. Fourth loss in a row. And this one was, in a word, ugly. It's not that we played that badly, to be honest. For a long time there, it really looked like we were playing a decent road game. Yes, we got six hundred penalties in the first, but we killed them, and even scored a shorty. We had decent goaltending, kept the opponent's chances to a minimum, kept them on the outside. The way you want to play on the road against a good team. It was, if I may, Jacques Martin-esque. Well, except for the penalties. Did I mention the penalties? Anyway, it seemed ok for a while.

But then, well, this:

Look, it happens all the time. A weak-ass shot is going two feet over the net, you lazily reach for it with your trapper, don't trap it, the puck bounces downward, off the crossbar, and lands in the crease behind you. But you don't know where it is, so you slowly back into your net, look around like you're totally lost, only to knock the puck in with your heel. Happens every day! So you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on. Well, for the Habs, not so much. We may remember this incident as the moment all was lost. In December. For those of you inclined to panic, please commence doing so right now.

Of course, it wasn't only that moment that doomed us in this game. Plenty of other blech. 3 shots in the 3rd, a total of 18 for the game. That's not good. We have 8 million dollars vanishing before our eyes. Look, I'm not totally blaming the Mexican, at one point his linemates were Tom Pyatt and Métro. That's a fourth line. In Hamilton. BGL is just a waste of a body at this point. Did I mention the penalties? Oh, and for good measure, our most important defenceman since Markov went out, Hamr, limped out of our lives with a lower body injury.

I haven't decided if I'm freaking out yet, but I think I can sum up how I feel this morning with one (sort of) word: sigh.


moeman said...

I think I see Muppets.

Also, WV = arked.

Boob Gainey said...

Taylor Hall has 59 points in 34 games to lead the OHL.

Anonymous said...

Hadulf says :

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

I can't watch it anymore. I can't watch the collapse happen before my eyes on every shift of every period of every game! We spent 19:13:23 in the 3rd period just giving the puck away to the fucking Devils.

Kill the Mexican, fire the coach, fire the GM, get rid of Hamr (he's hurt anyway). Trade Cammy right now while he's still worth something, trade Pleks for Marco Sturm and Steve Bégin. Buy out Spacek and put The Urologist on the 1st line centering Pyatt and White. Come on. 1st overall pick!!!

Ok ok, I'm just kidding, but it still fucking annoying to see this team lose, again.

Anonymous said...

Hadulf says it again :


Carey, you big fat whale, please put your Country Singer mask back on. This fucking "reaper on a chopper" ain't cutting it. You look like a retard and give them shit goals all the time. Wait, that's nothing new. I blame YOU, directly, for the loss.

Jaro must cum to alive. Keep pack to out the back of net! said...

I've decided to bury in the deepest abyss my expectations ofr this year.
climate warming now actually looks like a good thing as hockey dies a slow death. the Habs are kindly getting us ready for that.

@HF29 I believe we're out of 8th. Florida (yeah FLORIDA) is there now

HabsFan29 said...

thanks bea, was too depressed i guess to change it. updated

lawyergirl77 said...

Sigh indeed.

told ya that they never win on my birthday. :(

Tom said...

That settles it LG77 you must at this moment stop having birthdays.
Being in Ottawa I miss most of the games. Lost control of the clicker lastnight and couldn't watch McSpooge and the gang [sucks cause its game number two that
T(oronto)SN has carried]. Had to listen online. Sat for 3 periods for these bastards, on a really bad computer chair to listen.

The sky isn't falling, its on the ground with my hopes and dreams under it. *weeps quietly*
Go you fuckers Go.

Yves said...

That first goal on Price... man. That was cause for nightmares.

Tonight Latendresse will be in the house. So let's play a bit better... please.

Boob Gainey said...

I wonder if Laraque will fight Boogaard. If he lost a fight badly that might push Gainey and Martin to stop playing him.

Anonymous said...


@Boob - or maybe injure BGL for the rest of the season. Maybe we can have fund started called the "Buyout BGL fund". It would work, you know. We all give 10$. If the Habs fans, as a whole, would give 10$ each. We could easily come up with 2/3 of 1.5M$.

Le Douze said...

Trip Report:

State your hypothesis:

Two well-coached teams, first meeting of the season, MB going for 104 and TFS looking invicible - what's not to like?


Down the Garden State Parkway, across 280, fuck around on some no name road in some God-forsaken hole, then follow the Habs fans to the PruRock. Buy a Molson and a latke, and find your seat (it's in the middle of the big empty section, right over there somewhere).


The PruCenter is pretty empty. Habs fans make up a big proportion of the fanbase here.

Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, Brother Zach, Brother Zach? Devils fans are snoring, devils fans are snoring, let's all boo, let's all boo.
[Scotty, that is].


The Devils fans have all worked late and will be arriving in time for the second period! (They didn't miss much, just Travis's shorty--and not even the right Travis.) Or, ... maybe not.

Cari, the BFW, wants to keep things close by helping a young'un get his first. (Who the fuck was that, anyway?)

The Swamp Girls doing their lame Jennifer Beals imitation are more interesting than most of the action on the ice.

Conclusion: (Was your hypothesis confirmed?)

Um, yawn, excuse me, sorry, what was the question?

- Le12

Tom said...

I wrote this on my own blog weeks ago, but the whole problem starts in the front office with Bob Gainey. Nothing has changed since he took over. He's revamped the lineup twice. He's made some bad signings. His draft picks are horrible. He rushes young players too quickly. And so on.

It's absolutely brutal.

Number31 said...

I still blame Cammy for never really scoring on the road. It's a career problem. So he'll probably have a hat trick tonight yes?

Fuck, Brodeur looked beatable, but his five other goalies were getting in the way. At least it wasn't a shut out! said...

I like your glass somewhat not empty #31.
that's exactly what I thought when I came home for the 3rd and saw the score. I then proceeded to sleep thru the period, my bad (or was it?)

Cammy looks like he needs a loud cheerng section to get him going. let's the 2 of us start a help-squid-score-on-the-road group to follow him around and increase the decibels. maybe if we throw in groupie behavior, is road stats will improve. I'm willing, and I know you are !!!!

L Dude said...

@Tom: Drafting has been a huge issue with this team for 20 years. There's a few gems in there, but overall when you look at the draft list, it's sad really.
1999 for example. Matt Carkner was drafted in the 2nd round. He is the only draftee to make it to the NHL, and a very late bloomer at that! We won't go on with all of the what ifs with drafting though...

Here's a skill testing question. See if you know the answer without looking it up. Which former Habs draftee is set to play his 1000th game this season, barring injury?
Drafted in the 6th round in 1990. Plays for a Canadian team. Played 13 games for the Habs over 2 seasons. Could probably use him now.

Somebody can post the answer even if you look it up.

There's a lot of players I think - what? The Habs drafted him? Then I cry.

Anonymous said...

Well, we can start panicking!

Hamr is out tonight, as per RDS.
Weber called up.

Did anyone think our defense would consist of this at the beginning of the season;

Spacek - O`Byrne
Gill - Weber
Urologist - Gorges

This is the stuff nightmares are made of!

P.S. If Gui:( gets so much as an assist tonight...

Anonymous said...

@ bea - count me in!

Brian said...

Let's face it. They suck! The Leafs are gonna make the playoffs and the Habs won't end of story. Damn, after 17 years of varying futility, you'd think we'd all be used to it by now.

CanuckleHead said...

@L Dude, i assume your talking about conroy, except he doesn't even come close to the other guys we passed over in a draft or simply got rid of before they peaked...

I still have faith though as much as i want to give up i just cant quit gainey

Sleepy said...

What's spinning out of control faster, the Habs or Tiger?

L Dude said...

@CanuckleHead: Yes, Conroy. That was just a separate thought as I looked through past drafts.

We don't like to think of drafts like 2003 where BigTits was taken at #10 and among the 11 - 20 picks are Jeff Carter, Dustin Brown, Zach Parise, Getzlaf, Brent Burns...and then taking Cory Urquart at #40, allowing French Canadian superstar Patrices Bergeron to go to the Bruins at 45...we don't like to think of such things. Hindsight and all ya know.

Tom said...

First round picks by Gainey since he took over:

2003: Andrei Kostitsyn (10th pick overall) instead of Jeff Carter (11th pick), Zach Parise (17th), Ryan Getzlaf (19th), Brent Burns (20th), Mike Richards (24th), Corey Perry (28th)

2004: Kyle Chipchura (18th) instead of Travis Zajac (20th), Wojtek Wolski (21st), Mike Green (29th)

2005: Carey Price (5th) instead of Anze Kopitar (11th), Marc Staal (12th)

2006: David Fischer (20th) instead of Claude Giroux (22nd) and Semyon Varlamov (23rd)

Except for Price, there's not one pick there that should be ranked anywhere above who was taken later.

Imagine turning on the Canadiens game, and seeing Zach Parise, Travis Zajac and Claude Giroux on the ice for the Habs.

Or a lineup of Getzlaf, Green, Kopitar and Varlamov?