Monday, December 28, 2009

Game Day Skate (Holiday Edition) for Monday, December 28 2009

Good morning Habs fan!

While HF29 is in the land of 56k modems, I'll be keeping you company in the mornings for a few days. Don't worry, he'll be back soon. Let's review what happened while you and I were sleeping and/or recovering from a turkey coma:

Last but certainly not least, The Little Giant may be back against Ottawa tonight! FYI, Scott Gomez just splooged reading that sentence. Check back for a real game preview later.


Boob Gainey said...

There must have been a lot of political pressure to pick KHL players.

I would have liked to see our Kovy line up with the other Kovy and Malkin.

Jaybird said...

Gionta is back tonight confirmed as is Hammer BUT....If Martin breaks up our first forward unit anytime for any reason other than injury I am boycotting for as long as I can....which would only really be a week. Go kings.

How many shots can Hamrlik shave off Halak? Maybe get 'er down to 41 a game? Super.

Number31 said...

So would the Gomez-Gionta-Pouliot line be named "Giant Mexican Poo"?

moeman said...

The Gomez-Gionta-Pouliot line be called the Franco-American SpaCHettiOs?


WV = ousti, as in ousti de tabarnacque de St. SiCtoCHe, de Calisse, donnez moins de tires au buts.

Moey said...

I feel like such a hockey ho. I commented on HIO today to win free loge tickets for Sunday's game.

moeman said...

The devilishous Moey just wants to show off her new jersey.

Boob Gainey said...

Which of the following obligatory components of an HI/O post did you include:

1. Suggested lines, especially if they require a player to be out of position.

2. Suggested trade of a group of our no-hopers (e.g. BGL and D'Agostini) in exchange for a genuine superstar.

2b. Suggested trade of a group of our no-hopers (e.g. BGL and D'Agostini) plus Halak in exchange for a genuine superstar.

3. Use of (preferably bogus) stats to prove that Halak (or Price) is better than Price (or Halak) and that the sooner Price (or Halak) is traded, the better.

Moey said...


Tis the perfect place to model the new jersey, no? Also wouldn't mind meeting Dave, Kevin & Mike.


My personal favorite went something like this, when Saku wasn't offered a contract to resign:

"I'm so glad Koivu is gone, who the hell did he think he was anyway? His smug sense of entitlement wearing the Hab's jersey, he was just lucky they let him play there."

I kid you not. What a dickhead, I can't remember hhis/her handle.

VW - lunatsh - as in they have a fair share of lunatsh on HIO.

moeman said...

@Moey, just funnin' ya and I hope you win and get yourself on the big centre ice screen.

Moey said...


You just have to name who will pot the 20,000th Habs goal tonight. I'm saying Markov. No real comments required, I figured it was safe.

I suspect wearing that jersey would piss off some riff raff in the rafters, it would be sweet!

moeman said...

The Small Giant will pants the 20000th.

soperman said...

@ Moey,

Didn't everyone "ho" themselves for those tickets? Who did you pick to score, I said Metro..

Number31 said...

I went with Cammy just 'cause he never scores on the road...

My real choice though would have been Price from the bench WITH HIS MIND!

Moey said...


My cat says Markov. Gotta go with the cat, if he's wrong no treats for a week.

Obama is on TV right now, tell me something, how did an individual get aboard an aircraft with an explosive device attached to him?

lehab said...


Moey said...

Heh. The guy had some kind of explosive powder that he was going to mix with water. Nutters.

L Dude said...

I'm not entering the HIO contest - logistics don't work, but Pouliot will score numero vingt mille. Is that right?

So, we could actually have a FULL lineup tonight. Crazy times. Who gets injured to take Hamr and Gionta's spot on the IR. I'm guessing MAB.

I presume (read 'hope' or 'pray') that with Hamr and Gionta back, Pebbles and Dags would sit.

I love pain, so I'll be watching the Sportsnet broadcast. I find those guys so hilarious. Galley, to be fair, tries at times to be not a 100% homer.

soperman said...

@ Moey and 31

I believe for things like this it is usually someone who plays hard but won't be remembered five minutes after his trade is announced.

Best Christmas song ever....