Saturday, December 26, 2009

The System Works(?) Habs 3 Leafs 2 (OT)

Apparently the Habs beat the Leafs 3-2 in overtime. I say 'apparently' because I only caught the first period live due to family/holiday obligations (I use the term "obligations" precisely - if you, too, have had more shots over the past several days than the Habs opponents' just to get through meals with family you schlepped across continents to escape, you know what I'm talking about).

You know what? I think I've see this game before, so here is your game summary:

  • Canadiens score early and then hold on for dear life.
  • SuperPleks is a god - or is at least playing like a bona fide first line centre.
  • Gomez is looking much better.
  • Big Tits is on a role; Saggy Tits, not so much.
  • It's good (no, GREAT) to have Markov back.
  • The Energized Bunny has nothing on Jaro.
  • It's fucking sweet to beat the Leafs, no matter how ugly or undeserving.
  • Suck it Dou$charek. Third star, my ass, you pylon.

Besides the gratuitous Leaf bashing, sounds like any one of the past 3 road games.

If the definition of a 'system' in sports is that a team plays the same way every game, the Jacques Martin Era has officially begun in Montreal. JM's version of The System is apparently to get outshot by a ton but deposit more of our shots in the back of their net.

Maybe it's the mix of copious amounts of tryptophan and Captain Morgan's still circulating through my pulmonary system, but I can't figure out if I'm happy or not about this. On one hand, a win is a win. On the other, getting outshot 50-10 every game doesn't sound like a Stanley Cup-winning formula.

I could talk about not letting an inferior opponent back into the game. I could write about taking bad penalties. I could discuss relying too much on your goaltender. There are any number of cynical and/or negative observations I could add about this game.

You know what else? Fuck it. I'm just going to enjoy a win over the stupid fucking Toronna Maple Laffs on HNIC. Go Habs Go. Leafs suck. Plan the Parade along the usual route. Yadda yadda. I'm too worn out and beaten down by the "holidays" to be negative or cynical.

Just don' t think you're off the hook, Canadiens. Because when I do have the energy to care about anything other than when the holidays (and family visits) are over, you're in trouble.

Unless, of course, they keep winning. Then we'll talk about the System working.


eyebleaf said...

Pity point!!1

HabScot said...

For the Leafs? Ys, it would seem so.

wv: ingsawin. as is, I'n gi's a win because you dont deserve anything better? Oh, and I'm drunk :)

soperman said...

Send them all home 33, CHristmas is over. My wife's family are all freaking Leaf fans but they all had to wear hockey helmets all of the time when they were kids, a little slow I think. (Don't worry my wife is a reHABilitated hockey fan).

If this is JMs system, it needs to be tweaked. Jaro played well enough to get a shutout but you can't depend on tips and bounces, sometimes they worked against you, even if Buddha hates the Leafs because of "The Love Guru".

boob gainey said...

Let's not forget another aspect of the system: the goalposts.

Leafs had 2 shots on the posts today.

By the way:

Trade Price, keep Halak?

Moey said...

The Habs stunk out the joint more than the turkey carcass in my garage.

But fuck it, we won.

Tom said...

Keep Price, trade Halak. One of the reasons for the high amount of shots is the number of rebounds Halak gives out every game (the second goal was a result of giving a rebound out in the slot). It's going to be brutal when we play a team like the Caps.

lawyergirl77 said...

Didn't see the game. Stupid family obligations... but it doesn't sound like I missed much, aside from the 2 points. Yay? I guess...

Oh and +4,000 (i.e. the average number of calories I've been consuming on a daily basis since December 24th) for the "Family visits should qualify as community service for future crimes" tag!!

gillis said...

moeman, you should take a look at JT's little poem over at her blog.

LJ said...

Gionta skated with Gomez and Pouliot today.. plan the fucking parade baby!

Number31 said...

Making a big deal about the number of shots Jaro faced these past few games, sounds like the month of November for Price. Trading burnouts? Ah yes, someone else noticed that Jaro's rebounds aren't helping the shot totals...or the fact he flubs freezing pucks at the worst moments. LET'S GO HORSESHOE! *clap clap clap*

Leafs always shoot a lot, so it's no surprise there. But it's only the good shots that count. Like...BelaMullet's OT shot!

moeman said...

Thnx for the link gillis.

J.T., that is some gorgeous poetry in motion. +9


Missed the game whilst at a family 50th wedding anniversary in Ste. EustacCHe. Good food, great fun and lotsa hugs and kisses. Bonus, du verglas!

Kept an eyePhone eye on the score. Got giddy when it was 2-0 very early in the game. Suggested a 3-2 final right after SuperPleks goal. Lo' and behold ...

Read that bobcole took a few shots to the old noggin' and spewed inanities all game long and hnic left it to the #1 leaf fan, cherry, to explain to the nation what ails their leaf. heh@cbc, fuckers.

HWLL = all is good (despite yet another non-60 minute performance).

boob gainey said...

Latendresse has 4 goals in his last 4 and a total of 6 in 13 for the Wild.

if I was Geoff Molson I would ... sell Boréale at the Bell Centre.

Moey said...


You a Price fan by any chance?

Just askin'.

lehab said...

so does that make it the giant-mexican-chicken line??