Thursday, January 01, 2009

FHF glossary of the day, week, month archive

If you can't understand something, know that we can barely remember who anyone is either.

29's Mom - see Hot.

*cough cash crab cough* - The 100th Anniversary celebrations. Systematically destroying this team game by barber pole jersey game.

Big Tits - Andrei Kostitsyn. Look at the middle letters of his name. Younger brother Sergei used to be "Little Tits". If you haven't figured it out yet, you're a Leafs fan.

BGL - Big Georges Laraque. Admittedly named as such long before he got to Montreal. His family is from Haiti, so help him and his fellow Haitians out by donating to the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Fund, or a charity of your choice. ADDENDUM: Buh bye, BGL.

BR - recently "retired" Bertrand Raymond. He will be missed. By somebody. Not us. The preferred unit of measurement at FHF.

Le CHeeze Whiz - James CHeeze Whizniewski

cockroaCH -  Illustrated.

Competence - the new truculence

GYFH(G) - Go You Fucking Habs (Go). Self-explanatory.

GMC - Giant Mexican Chicken, i.e. the Habs second line of Gionta-Gomez-Pouliot. Coined by Panger in a feat of inspiration

GMS - Giant Mexican Squid, i.e. Gionta-Gomez-Cammalleri. GMS has a way with the ladies

The Goat - Canadiens new GM Pierre Gauthier. Lap dance to commentor moeman for coining that one.

Ke$$elTracker™-HNIC device that tracks the play and most importantly non-play of leaf Phil Kessel. Makes funny be poop noise.

Lego - Lars Eller. So named due to their shared Danish heritage.

The Little Fuckity-Fuck - Mike Ribeiro. Made famous in a Habsfan10 epic rant

McSplooge - TSN's Pierre Maguire. Can also be used as a verb, as in the phrase "Pee-air McSplooged all over tonight's MONSTER"

Panger's trunk - the location of as many useless underperforming French Canadian defensemen as we can fit in there. And save some room for Hamr.

Pants - Used to sign off a letter or a comment, as in "yours truly." A term of endearment. Evolved into "Go Pants", the FHF rallying cry. In the original British, "pants" actually means complete bollocks, or crap. This explanation is very complicated and makes little sense, just like the originator of the term on FHF, Jeff in Hong Kong. ADDENDUM: sometimes typed Pants!

PFK - P.K. Fucking Subban. The abbreviation is a little off thanks to Colonel Sanders or something. Who knows how these memes get started around here. UPDATE - see the comments for more info.

PleXXXe - Tomas Plekanec, the turtlenecked, turbo terror that turns us on like all things triple X. Also see; sausage pass.

TFS™ - The Franchise Saviour, aka Carey Price. At least he's playing like it again. Sort of. Barely. ADDENDUM: 2010/11/16, NHL's #1 goalie.

The Urologist - Marc-André Bergeron, because he's the "PP Specialist".

Vodkov - Andrei Markov. You know, because of vodka.

WV - Word Verification. That stupid "word" that half the time you can't read but you have to enter into a box to prove you're human when making a comment. Turned into a comment meme where commentors try to use the "word" in a clever sentence. We could remove WV from the system, but then we'd get comment spam for things like "hot naked chicks" and "really hot naked chicks" and no one wants that.


Anonymous said...

Why is MAB the Urologist?

Vintage HF29 said...

@anon - because he is the "PP specialist" (say it out loud)

Anonymous said...

Haha! Thank you, its been bugging me...Keep it up! Great site!

Unknown said...

Keep the glossary comming... Still too many abbreviations I don't get.

Shutdown said...

I've been reading FHF for a while now, but somehow I think I missed the whole "go pants" thing. Wuts dat all about, govna?

Vintage HF29 said...

@shutdown - check the glossary box today

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the origin of "the urologist". Up until now, the best guess I had was that you thought he was "a little prick".

But then, he would the object of the urologist's focus, not the urologist himself.

This is all too complicated for me.

lawyergirl77 said...

See Panger's post for game 4 of the Pens series to see why it's PFK for PK Subban.

It's Pernell. Fucking. Kane. Ergo PFK.

Credit goes to RiRi for saying she was craving chicken when she saw his name... the rest, as they say, is history...

Steve said...

Urologist is both a PP specialist and he smells like pee on defense

Steve said...

Lego - name for any parts of the integrated team that come from Denmark

GoldenGirl11 said...

It would be really cool of there was a hoverability on the whacky nicknames. This whole clicking thing is so 2009.

Vintage HF29 said...

@GG11 - I'll see what I can do. Though as you may know, Blogger is limited

Hadulf said...

Fuck this, we should contribute to, your (our) own fucking domain bitCHes.

I'm sure we can find programmers to do the work (I volunteer!). Then GG can get her hovering thing for glossary...and she DESERVES it.

moeman said...

I was here.

Vintage HF29 said...

moe just moved in and already he's playing around on the furniture here in the basement

Kate said...

It took me forever and a day to figure out what TMS stood for. Then I had a light bulb moment. I felt so dumb, so glad I never asked!!!

Anonymous said...

Turtleplecks is so much better than Plexxe!! It was used a while ago in one of the blogs on this site!!