Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Thursday, March 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of arms control...
  • As usual, you can look at last night's 3-2 (SO) loss to Buffalo in a couple of ways. The good way is that the Habs played an outstanding 56 minutes and totally deserved to win. The bad way is that we crapped the bed for 4 minutes and it cost us a point. Your call;
  • Gaborik comes alive and helps lead the Rangers to a 5-0 win;
  • Caps take the Pens in a shootout, with the shootout winner coming from Mike Knuble?
  • Detroit continues to surge.
At least there's no time to panic today. Back to work against the Panthers tonight. We can only hope it comes with another PJ Stock F-bomb on l'antiCHambre.


boob gainey said...

Somebody needs to explain to Carey that there is a fine line between competitor and dick.

Don't be blaming your teammates for the loss son.

Moey said...

Price was as good as Miller last night. He's emotional, can hardly blame him, but so was Roy and that's not always a bad thing.

moeman said...

Methinks rds will say fuck arms control and bring out their big arsenal tonight.
bertrand will load up his Gainey should've signed denis gauthier weapon of CHoice,
which by the way is a very cool song and dance.

Go you fucking Habs!

moeman said...

Not here to diss The Goat but Stevie Y. was interested.

moeman said...

“Don’t trade Carey Price,” Bowman proclaimed.


Also, I won't take credit but I read a very funny wordplay this AM. The Habs deserve a 'lapse' dance for last night.

inthereds said...

re Bowman: About time someone said something positive about him. Price needs a confidence booster and what better person than Bowman.
He was great last night but the team and the coach failed him

What does Martin do? Does anyone ever get benched for doing something stupid?

Edfoot McKrunchy said...

It's really hard to win when you play the rope-a-dope game like Butterbean instead of Ali.

soperman said...

I feel bad for Price but really, he has to learn to deal with the shit that happens to goalies in Montréal. Does he want to be a great goalie in Atlanta where no one gives a damn what he does?

Habsfan10 said...

So I haven't confirmed this, but I saw a stat that said that's the 17th time this year that the Habs have scored 2 goals or less in a Price start. Not that they are lighting up teams like Christmas trees when Jaro is in there, but fuck, that sucks if it's true. Kid must go into every game thinking he needs to be perfect to win.

WV: shase. I wish the Habs would shase a goalie or two out of the opposing net once in a while to give Jaro and Price an easy night.

Anonymous said...

if we trade price i will be quite devestated, i know halak has the short end of the stick when it comes to support but there is something about price that im sure everyone can see... is he worth the gamble? i wouldn't be upset if we went for it and it turned out he wasn't at least we didn't lose out on a top goaltender.

inthereds said...

Agreed, Price does have to deal with the shit that comes from playing in Mtl. But when is JM going to stop being no better than a sign post and show some faith?

Further, when will the coach look like he knows what he's doing... ex: bench little tits for lazy hooking penalty; feel/see the momentum shift and take a time out (was it available? only saw 3rd period). For O'Byrne and Vodkov penalties a little more difficult since d-men are supposed to run into opposite forwards, was anything said to either of them?

PS - as an aside, saw on HIO that someone wanted OB traded. Until he got hurt he was coming on really well. he has much more up-side now that I see Hammer looking spent and Spacek not much better.

Kmaxx said...

We need to stop all this trade talk and concentrate on winning a fucking hockey game (in regulation time please! - Didn't we do this last year?). For now, Price deserves another start. See if last night was a fluke. If he blows it, put Jaro in for the rest of the run. If he doesn't, stick with him until he gets blown out.

Simple really - Now Go you Fuckin' Habs Go!