Friday, March 26, 2010

Tribute to the Geek: Habs 4 - Panthers don't tie it late to win the game in a shootout

Hard work. Meticulous. Smart. Gio is our geek of the week.

His offensive outburst last night helped the Habs hang on to a 4-1 win over the Panthers.

After the game, Gio went home to design the perfect female robot, the Vagionta. Gio is a huge fan of the movie Weird Science and hopes to retire from hockey some day with Vagionta and their three robot kids.

Gio is also hoping, while Vagionta comes to life, that he can ask Lorraine out to the prom next month, although Biff seems to have his eyes on her. Maybe Gio can knock Biff out in the parking lot and win Lorraine's heart.

When that's done, Gio should help solve cool math problems at the school he'll be washing floors in. Do it Champ.

Then, Gio's expecting to finally lose his virginity after having waxed the hair off his body. Hopefully Gio can do this without driving his other sweetheart, Laura Winslow away.

Then Gio expects to dwell in a cave with his asthma inhaler with the rest of the Goonies and take some time off, while he comes to terms with his sentiments about the ogre Chuck and his affection for Babe Ruth chocolates.

Gio's our favorite geek and we hope he gets Laura Winslow pregnant soon. Hopefully that doesn't drive Vagionta to a murderous rage; but he can just deprogram her so it's cool.


GoldenGirl11 said...

Please tell Vagionta that I have a really great vagionta doctor for her when she does have those robot babies.

I'm mostly scared because I actually understood that post.

moeman said...

Can we get help for Labiapierre?

Howard said...

GeekyMexicanCHicken? The Geek squad is coming to an arena near you! I love watching Lindy Ruff's headometer. It's a good indication of how the Sabres are playing. Watch out! it's gonna blow!

Tom said...

I really must admit something about the Buffalo game. It is indeed my fault. See here is the story. Wednesday night I get back from Best Buy and am trying to set up the iPod I bought for my wife. I am at the confuzer and think hey I can listen online to the Habbies.
So I do this and hear that with 6 minutes left we are up 2-0!! Well we all know a Jacques Martin team can sit on a two goal lead for 6... RIGHT???? So I write on my Facebook status, "its nice that the Habs are giving my son an early birthday present" you see I had made my purchase cause my wife was sCHeduled for a C(H)section on Thursday morning.
I am so sorry.
This morning we went down to the sitting room and watched sports centre. He woke long enough to acknowledge the win over FLD. Grunted and went back to sleep.

wv: pantsim what I was shouting seconds before the second goal... PANTS im
then just pannnnnnts

Really Hot Naked Chick said...

GG11, you're goood.

HabsFan29 said...

the geeks shall inherit the Earth kidz

Anonymous said...

Not to be a picky geek but I believe the ogre's name was Chunk. Keep up the reasonably funny mainly entertaining work!

Tom said...

On a more serious note, there's a movement afoot now to get Pat Burns fast-tracked to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

If you're on Facebook, the group is called "Let's Get Pat Burns into the Hockey Hall of Fame - NOW!"

For me, he has been my favourite Habs coach of the past 30 years, and it saddens me to think he's not going to be around much longer (for those that don't know, he's going though his third bout of cancer, but isn't fighting it this time).

I think his resume is impressive enough to get in: Three-time coach of the year (with three different teams), 500 career wins, won a Cup, went to the finals first year with Habs, went to semifinals first two years with Leafs, went to the Memorial Cup twice, etc.

soperman said...

Very funny, 4 but I am worried that you may be CONCUSSED.

gillis said...

If the devils get less then 2 points tonight, the Caps clinch the conference title. Who ever plays them in the first round is screwed, because they will have eight games to rest all their best players, and only have two road games left. yikes

dennis said...

mmm, not to be an even pickier geek but the ogre's name was Sloth (CHunk was the kid w/ the truffle shuffle). have seen that movie at work about a dozen times in last few months :)

long time lurker here, my first post.. (C)Huzzah! i am from Australia but into the Habs since first visit to Montreal in 2006 (been back 2007 and 2009 while living in Canada).
even spent a week in toronto (surrounded by 7 in Montreal on either side to wash the stink off) where i accidentally rubbed it in to a local that the last Canadian team to win the cup were the Habs. and by accidentally i mean on purpose by pretending to be the dumb tourist w/ no idea about hockey

wv = g'day from aussi-'eumate'.

GoldenGirl11 said...

brother of GG lived in Australia for 10 years and still has a house in Melbourne filled with Habs stuff. He's back in Montreal missing cricket. Hard to find those on the internet.

dennis said...

i have a hard time, sometimes, in finding Habs games. we get 2, if lucky 3, games a week on cable here and so far this season only one game has featured the Habs. make do w/ net streaming.
finding Habs gear even harder (ie. no CHance) and postage is killer on their shop.
we make do :)
worst thing is that i can't even get drunk during the games as they get played at 10-11 am here.

go GeekyMexicanCHicken pantalones!