Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, March 16th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning a Paralympic gold medal...
  • Ovie gets two games for his boarding from behind. On the one hand, that's better than the zero games we were expecting. On the other hand, Mad Max got 4 for an identical hit, even though the TSN panel tried to convince us Max' hit was worse. Nice try, panel;
  • Thanks Devils for holding on and beating the Bs;
  • Wings beat the Flames in the battle for 8th place in the West;
  • Edmonton and Columbus played a hockey game.
Bright lights of Broadway tonight.


Tom said...

re: ovie gets two. he deserves that at least, the "panel" is just anti anthing MTL. If some laff was out for four in stead of Mad Maxi Pad the entire show would be about how unfair it was. slow motion replays of who's skate was where, height & weight charts, birth order.... whatever. We aren't suffering without Max. At least Ovie got something.
Re: edmonton and columbus, how the hell do you have 49 points at this time in the season.... more over eeeehhhhssss how did we manage to play to THAT level the other night?

wv: domin, as in let's domin-ate the mangy rangers tonight.

moeman said...

Say it ain't so!

Go you fucking Habs!

Anonymous said...

Ovie actually got 1 game, the first game is an automatic since this is the 3rd misconduct of the season.

23.3 Fines and Suspensions – General Category - In regular League games, any player or goalkeeper who incurs a total of three (3) game misconduct penalties in the “General Category” and exclusive of other designated categories, shall be suspended for the next League game of his team. For each subsequent game misconduct penalty, the automatic suspension shall be increased by one game.

L Dude said...

Pepe: I saw in one of the many articles about this issue that since it's been more than 41 games since his last misconduct, the one game was not an automatic. Not sure - maybe I misread.

moe: So they've recalled Maxwell, to presumably replace Pleks. I guess if it's a naggy little injury that just needs an extra couple of days and he needs to miss just the Rangers game, that's OK. But isn't there a better option than Maxwell? It's not like he's good to the last puck drop.

habsss said...

Was this talked about and I missed it entirely or was it ignored because it's Ovechkin?


ezzeloharr said...

Hey guys, check this out:


Both English and French Flash versions.

boob gainey said...


It was talked about a lot.

He's a prick no doubt about it.