Friday, March 05, 2010

The Morning Skate for Friday, March 5th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of / having nightmares of Lindsay Lohan's ass...
  • Well, TFS tried to win that game on his own, was unsuccessful. Habs lose 3-2. It was pretty entertaining. That's something we guess. Entertainment doesn't move you up in the standings though. More later today;
  • IL EST DE RETOUR. BR is now an "éditorialiste" for In unretiring a little over a month after he retired, BR wants you to know that he didn't "abandon the people at" He just fucked them over;
  • Bs need a shootout over the Leafs to win their first game at home since Don Cherry was coaching, or something;
  • WhalerCanes on fire, win their 7th in a row, this one over the Sens;
  • Lundqvist manages to stop 50 shots, but it's not enough as the Pens beat the Rangers in OT;
  • Caps take the Bolts;
  • Thrashers take the Isles;
  • As a result of all that, your clusterfuck this morning is Habs in 10th, and Atlanta holding the 8th spot. Atlanta? Atlanta.
We wonder what BR will have to say about all this.


GoldenGirl11 said...

Ok, that's it. Can somebody please explain to me why Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity? Maybe I'm old but has she ever actually acted in anything other than lesbian home sex tapes? It's beginnng to get on my nerves.

Boob Gainey said...

It's not all bad news: Colton Orr cleaned Milan Lucic's clock last night.

Arazi13 said...

Lesbian home sex tapes is always enough golden girl. Always.


Arazi13 said...

Did Anyone else notice that san jose is one of the cheapest teams out there? rob blake is a total cunt!
The refs were more retarded than usual....

But dirtiest play of the night goes to Lapierre for what he did to nicol. He needs 5 games, and a beating. can colin campbell assign beatings? because he should.

soperman said...


YOU DID NOT SEE "THE LOVEBUG"? This re-make of a childhood classic is the Disney equivalent of MacBeth. :o)

Seriously, she is like Paris Hilton and has no real talent other than her physical appearance which will fade away and she will just be creepy.

But for now, bring on the Lindsay ass links!

Howard said...

@Araz13 I though Blake's treatment of Plekanec was equally egregious (uh oh that's a Mcsplooge word!). What was he trying to do? screw his face into the ice?

Boob Gainey said...

Looking at the replay Lapierre gently shoved Nichol - it wasn't a cross check and it wasn't that dangerous. Nichol enhanced it too.

Fuck the sharks - I hope they choke again.

Hadulf said...

@Boob Gainey

Cleaned is clock? Hardly. Lucic did pretty well in that fight, as much as I hate to admit it.

As for Lindsay, I liked her way more without the coke.

Heatly's a fucking retard. So glad he's in the west now. Blake should retire and FUCK THE SHARKS

moeman said...

"editorialiste", now that is fucking funny!

Not as funny as bert's orange hair but gut busting hilarious that rds
assigned such a craptacular title to their in-house sheep herder.

kevincrumbs said...

@Boob: No need to hope for the Sharks to choke, they'll do it on their own. The team owner knows it, their no name coach knows it, their players know it and their fans know it.

To be fair, finishing first in the West this season might win you a first round playoff series against Detroit or Anaheim. Not exactly like finishing first in the East and getting the Habs.

wv: trannymp. Hahahaha. I don't know enought about Canadian politics but I'm sure one of you thinks that your MP is a tranny.

Arazi13 said...


yup Blake is total cunt, San jose was playing less tough and more cheap than anything else. but i still think lapierre is the biggest pussy in the league and needs to be beaten severly. And im a die hard habs fan.

chris nilan said...

off topic a bit... not feelin the "Goat" name for gauthier... the goat nic to me stands for "Greatest Of All Time"

we got moore and got rid of dagger.

not quite Goat material.

how about Bob 2.0?