Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, March 9th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of peace in the Middle East...
Wow, you really didn't miss much. Bolts at the Bell tonight.


GoldenGirl11 said...

Liz Taylor had a better chance of bringing peace to the Middle East than Joe Biden.

L Dude said...

I don't know GG11, we haven't seen the real VP yet. Joe's just Biden his time....

Sorry, that was lame.

Hey 29, howz about a permanent link to the standings, maybe right under the Habs Record (Or maybe THE RECORD IS THE LINK!) You know, the medium is the message.

Anywho. Go Habs. Bruins Suck.

Anybody notice that the Leaf suckage is so great than nobody ever bothers stating the fact that they suck anymore?
Is it akin to kicking a puppy or just a collosal waste of time even thinking about them?

So what is the odds on favourite for the national (HD) telecast on HNIC on Saturday? Bruins vs Habs in a fight for the final two playoff spots in the east or Oilers/Leafs(Bruins) in a battle for 1st overall pick?

the Maritimer said...

Well, since the only CBC HD broadcast I can get is out of Toronto, not much doubt what will be on Saturday night. Looks like I'll be listening to Benny Brunet, but that's OK since I don't speak French, no harm done.

Number31 said...

How hard can it be to set up a hit to the head rule eh?

Is Matt Cooke suspended yet?

Speaking of reckless players, oh look, Stever Fucking Downie is in town. I'm so thrilled... I hate the Bolts.

Orangeman said...

@L Dude: that might have been lame, but I love it. Puns also set me off.

Due to circumstances out of my control I haven't actually had to work for 3 months. I still go in, sit at my desk and cash that paycheque though. Canadian dream! Yay!


The bright side is that I get to see or at least hear most of the games now.


Ok, that would have worked out better if not for last game's heroics.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Forget the win/loss column for a minute and imagine a hockey schedule filled with Detroit, Edmonton, Colorado, Dallas, LA.... I am so sick of Habs/Lightning on the schedule. Feels like our 20th game against them this season? Actually I'm just sick of Florida in general. Bad hockey, bad weather and I'm still 20 years from the senior discount early bird special.

bea.habs.fan said...

last night when I came out of the gym, I ran into 5 Bolts.
So tempted to either knee-cap them or throw them under a bus.

does it mean I'm violent or just have little faith in my Habs?

moeman said...

@bea, was one of the Bolts St. Louis? If so, that would necessitate so pretty low knee capping.

Bonus for tonight is that short tracker cutie St. Gelais at the Bell Centre and hopefully Joannie!

Go you fucking Habs!

bea.habs.fan said...

@Moe No they were all taller than me.
I could not hurt St Louis - he reminds me of my first quebec love too much. If he'd been there, I would have giggled like a school girl instead of walking by secretly laughing (and probably looking totally demented)