Sunday, March 07, 2010

Watching a Game: A THREE-PART ACT: Habs 4 - Kings 2, John Leclair is held off the scoresheet

It started with loads of promise. Nice 10pm start. My wife is taking her best friend out to dinner. Got the TV to myself and the west coast is clear for 3 periods of hockey and a night of enjoyable solitude.

I'm into it. Well fed. Pumped after having woken at 6:30 for a half day of skiing. Even more pumped by my Jukari class in the afternoon. Took good care of myself. I'm high on positive vibes. I'm ready for the game.

So are the Habs, apparently!

Gio scores a pace setting game and the Habs are off to an early lead before the game reaches its first minute. Super pumped. I'm totally being rewarded for having taken care of myself. The Habs are now outshooting the Kings 7-0 and there's over 15 minutes to play in the period. 55 more minutes of hockey to go! WooooHOOOOOO!!!!

I'm renaming Ryan O'Byrne Evander Holyshithecantfight.

Oh, the Kings are turning the tide, and knock the Habs off their stride a bit. No worries, I'm still totally feeling it. Nothing's getting me away from

Whoa! How'd that get in there?! I swear I didn't.... it's not because my wife's not home that I think I can just.......arghhhh......

Ok, so back to the game. Things have evened out a bit as the first draws to a close. Oh, a little yawn...Felt good. I'm still totally awake. Totally. Awesome day today really. That first line is skating circles around the Kings. I'm switching back and forth between the Week Oak at CBC and the Benny Houle Show on RDS. I can't make up my mind. Both are equally average tonight. Yawn....Is it midnight? No? Only quarter to 11? Hmm, coulda sworn it was midnight. I'm up though, I'm up. No worries.


First intermission. I should get up and get a glass of water. I'm thirsty. Don't want to get off the couch, the walk to the kitchen feels like an expedition around the globe. I'm so thirsty though...YAAAAWWNNNN.

Alright, let's get this second period going.

Wooooo! Big goal by Michael Moore. I mean Dominic Moore. I'm up! I'm up! Totally awake. I grab the iphone and tweet something about the goal. Habs are back in the lead, I feel this surge of energy coming on.

I wonder if Leclair's gonna pot the OT winner again tonight in L.A. How awesome would that be? How much time is left in the game? Has Alec Baldwin played a shift in this period? Seriously what's up with the fruits on the car? I'm up, I'm up, I'm totally




2:00 am. front door opens.

Wife: Honey, come to be bed. the Habs won 4-2. I saw it at the restaurant.

Me: You went out to watch the game at a restaurant with your best friend? I must still be asleep.


moeman said...

Everyone in L.A. has a script to pitCH. Someone call the Weinstein Bros. and get Woody Harrelson's agent on the line. Who plays Mrs. 4?

Number31 said...

I'm good for these West coast games. Because I have a sleeping disorder and can't really comfortably fall asleep before 2am, it's great.

HabsFan4 said...

Trust me I know what sleeping disorders are like and I wish mine could have kicked in.

Although it doesn't come close to depicting the reality of the situation, my wife could be played by Jessica Tandy. I have a thing for older women.

GoldenGirl11 said...

You forgot the part about your haranguing work wife emailing "WTF are you???" throughout the game.

Women, can't live with them, can't watch a hockey game/porn in peace without them.

gillis said...

Maybe the goat didn't mean to trade for Dom Moore in the first place, maybe he he just emailed his buddy Sexton a link to his favorite music video, but sexton noticed an unintentional subliminal message, and offered the goat Moore.

HabsFan29 said...

youre gettin' old 4. welcome to my world.

excuse me, it's afternoon nap time

RiRi said...

"The Montreal Canadiens are a very desperate hockey club," (King`s coach) Murray said.

That`s a compliment, right?

RiRi said...

Dammit! Gui scored again. I can`t take it anymore. I know Pouliot is just as good and Lats wouldn`t be doing shit if he was still in MTL but it still irks me. Anyone?

Number31 said...

Guimauve, whatever. He checked out before training camp. When the coach takes you by the hand and puts you in front of the net and you STILL end up in the corner...yea whatever. I'd rather have Pouliot who DOES throw his weight around and crashes the net and has the speed instead of talking about it.

RDS should send Guimauve flowers watered in their tears.