Sunday, March 07, 2010

TMS pops in on the weekend because he likes a good noogie fight

With our Videotron back up, we're finally able to see the Ryan O'byrne - Richard Clune "tilt." Catch it at the 1:55 mark. We're still giggling.


L Dude said...

Heh. Noogie fight. Nice.
Ryan "Knuckles" O'Byrne!

Boy, Gill looked like Treebeard (for any LOTR nerds) on that Modin goal.

As it stands, Atlanta is the biggest threat to the Habs. They play 5 games this week, so this time next week, after the Habs have also played games against the B's and Bolts, I think we'll have a good idea of what our chances are of making the playoffs (to, you know, be swept in 4 by the Caps or Pens).

HabsFan29 said...

@L Dude - all credit to commentor b for the noogie moniker in last night's thread. but damn it's good

GoldenGirl11 said...

It really was a noogie! Cool, though, that as Clune was going down without a helmet, O'Byrne let up so Clune didn't smash his head on the ice. That's the mother in me.

Anonymous said...

Hockey? Oscars? Hockey? Oscars?



Anonymous said...

Their fight was adorable. :D

Number31 said...

Well that's a crappy schedule: 7pm PST Saturday and now a 5pm PST game Sunday? I think the NHL really is trying to kill this team.

Good thing the Kings weren't a pack of bullies like the Sharks I guess.

With all the games in hand the other teams have, are the Habs going to just sit around for two weeks at the end of the season?