Monday, March 15, 2010

The Morning Skate gets hit from behind on Monday, March 15th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of tearing your Achilles tendon...
  • Ovie gets a game misconduct for hitting Brian Campbell into the boards from behind. Caps win 4-3 in OT, but no one cares about that. Video is below, decide for yourself if it was a dirty hit from a dirty player who gets no punishment because he's the face of the league;
  • Around the clusterfuck, Pens do us a favour and beat the Bolts, AND Malkin gets injured, so he won't be available when the Habs play the Pens in the first round;
  • Sean Avery is the hero for the Rangers, with two goals and a lot of being a pest in their 3-1 win over the Phlyers;
  • Thrashers are denied a point by the Yotes;
  • As a result, the standings look pretty good;
  • Tronna crashes back to Earth;
  • Gui! gets his (gulp) 24th goal in a Wild win.
Over / under on number of games for this hit? 0.5


boob gainey said...

"The Maple Leafs had their season-high winning streak snapped at three."

Is 3 games a streak?

I guess if you can retire Dougie Gilmour's jersey anything's possible.

soperman said...

All the Leaves want, besides being truculent, is to be the spoilers for the Habs getting into the playoffs. That is why the league gives them that final Saturday night game against Montréal. The best thing for the Habs is to win as much as possible and make that final game irrelevant. (And kicking some Leaf-ass for their fans enjoyment anyway.)

Leafs suck.

Baroque said...

Two is a "streak," but three is a streak - just a short one.

And I take the under on the Ovechkin thing.

Oleg Petrov said...

The Moore = Othello?

Moore's half-Italian, which helps.


Some of these word verification words here are amazing. Today it's "ungly", which I'm going to start using in regular conversation as meaning "not ugly".

les_glorieux said...

TSN: "Despite this being Ovechkin's third game misconduct this season, he will not be suspended because the penalties were not assessed for the same infraction. His last game misconduct was handed out for a knee-on-knee hit on Tim Gleason of the Carolina Hurricanes."

GoldenGirl11 said...

I hate Toronto to its core but given our inconsistent season and, of course the jinx theory, should teams in glass playoff spots throw stones? Three is a streak if you're Gaelic, I checked. Glad it's over now but yes, it, uh, was a streak. Ptuh, ptuh, ptuh.

Le Douze said...

Laps + smirk = 4 games
Ovie + no smirk = 0 games.

Does that mean that Laps wouldna been suspended if he didn't smirk? Somehow I don't think so.

GoldenGirl11 said...

Took at look at those Firefox designs and I get the feeling that the person who came up with that idea was on LSD. Way too psychedelic for me.

boob gainey said...

Ovie has not been cleared yet. The TSN article meant to say there was no automatic suspension or review of the hit. There will be a review however.

Ovechkin is pretty dangerous isn't he? He's big and fast, a borderline psychopath, and the league and his coach protect him and enable his behaviour.

Tom said...

No regard for the safety of fellow competitors? Check. A repeat offender? Check. A hit from behind? Check. Three game misconducts in one season? Check.

Oh, and can score 60 goals a season? Check.

No suspension.

Habsfan10 said...

I like Ovie less and less all the time. I hope the Caps flame out in the playoffs as usual.

I wonder how badly Crosby would be vilified if he pulled shit like this? Probably way more than Ovie.

lawyergirl77 said...

I hear ya, 10.

Ovie used to be my favourite non-Hab and well on his way to being my favourite player.

Hated Sid with a passion. Found him whiny, dirty and annoying.

Tables have turned... While I'm still not Sid's biggest fan, I'm really starting to dislike Ovie. Can't deny that he's talented and I still think he's better than Sid.

BUT I hope he gets the book chucked at him by Campbell. Even though he won't. Which once again reinforces the NHL = overgrown bush league argument.

the Maritimer said...

I don't deny that Ovechkin is talented either, but, better thyan Crosby?

A Stanley Cup ring and Olympic gold medal says otherwise.

b said...

Ovechkin, if not suspended, is well on his way to being prosecuted somewhere when he passes the Teddy Green threshold. He gives crashing the net a whole new meaning. Right now he is fast enough so that nobody can catch him. But speed doesn't last forever. If Ovie doesn't get suspended, can Maximum Max sue to get his salary back somewhere? Isn't there some kind of fraud going on here? Some way to attack the finely tuned language of the collective bargaining agreement to find a duty of fair dealing? I know, 18 USC § 1346 which recognizes for the benefit of the public an intangible right to honest services. What do you think Mr. Bettman, Esq.? Is this a fair game, or is it a game show with the fix in?

PDU said...

A cup win and a gold medal are by no means a good way to determine which (cros or ovie). Its a team sport, and if you look at the supporting casts they both have to work with Cros definitely has the advantage.

As far as the hit goes and it was actually a push more than a hit....if Campbell was two steps closer to the boards he would have been fine. They were both racing hard for the puck, and last time I checked you can't turn your back to a player to avoid a hit. Not saying that Campbell did on purpose, he was tailing away from the play.

Chester said...

He knew he was a bad Russian. He stayed down on one knee at the end of the rink after the hit, didn't jump up and try to join the play .. what was that Russian remourse ?

kevincrumbs said...

While thinking it over, the best course of action is not suspend Ovie, let him do something stupid like this again and then have him break his wrist while in a fight defending himself from yet another dirty hit.

b said...

And yet another head case makes tne news- Steve Downie.
Going after Sid the Kid's knee from behind with a kind of slew leg.

Downie has quite a rap sheet- from Wikipedia

Number31 said...

Downie is a douchebag. I couldn't care less for his "awww poor boy" story, honestly. He was disgusting in Junior, he was a freak headcase with Philly, Tocchet "toned him down" a little but he's still a fucking maniac. And skates like a troll. He got away with that crap he pulled last night.

Ovie gets 2 games for superstar treatment. Heard McSTFU defending him and try to explain the difference between his hit and Lapierre's today and I wanted to call in to yell at him but I don't think my studio would have appreciated that much... I saw no difference. One was forechecking, one was backchecking, both were dirty shoves, Campbell got it worse than Nichol though...