Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, March 10th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of Kobe beating you with 1.9 seconds left...
  • I love winning. It's like, so much better than losing, you know? Habs 5-Bolts 3. Everyone seemed to score, including 2 from Mathieu DarCHe. Wasn't he someone's castoff? The Mexican with three points. Niittymaki gets eaten. Habs never trailed in this game. We like that;
  • Fuck you Leafs, for not putting away the Bs in regulation. On the other hand, thank you Leafs (that felt dirty) for at least denying the Bs a point. 4-3 (OT);
  • Elsewhere around the clusterfuck, Phlyers win, Thrashers lose, and Panthers beat the Wild (fuck you, Gui);
  • So we're still in 7th, and everyone still has a bunch of games in hand. When the fuck do these games in hand get made up already?
  • Oilers are the cure for the Sens post-Olympic doldrums;
  • Nucks rally from two 2-goal deficits to beat the Avs 6-4;
  • Enjoy NHL-level highlight videos of the Subbanator.
Highlights, win, yada yada.


Oleg Petrov said...

Hey everybody,

I got what ails ya for your games-in-hand blues.

Stop looking at points, and just look at the difference between wins vs. losses. Forget being two points behind Philly or two ahead of Boston, games in hand blah blah blah; throwback to the Expos (remember baseball? Am I pronouncing that correctly?) and realize that Philly is at +9, Boston at +5, Habs at +4 (8th best), Thrashers and Rangers at +1, TB at 0, etc. The Mirtle number is +5 at the end of the season to make the playoffs (+5 gives you 87 points on a full schedule).

Games-in-hand worries...disappear!

Le Douze said...

@Oleg - yeah, distilling the billions of stats on the crazy stats dudes' page, that's about what they're saying. They put the CH at 70% today, though I'm not sure why they have our odds ahead of the B's.

I'm so looking forward to Bobby Orr, err, PK Subban in the NHL next year. Did you see his legs moving on that shootout goal? I didn't, they were going so fast - it was like the RoadRunner. If he can do that kind of shit and be a big + on the +/-, wow!

Le Douze said...

Oh yeah, and fuck Gill for that beautiful assist last night. Probably the best one he will have all season, too bad it won't count on his points stats. But wow for the Mexican, not to mention Darche Vader, Chicken, Little Giant, my man Josh G, etc.

L Dude said...

Hey, quick shout out to the awesome parody last night! My new fave single from the moeman!

29 said it best. Just keep winning the games we should win and we're in.

I like the fact that a 6th place finish and a first round series against the Sabres or Sens is a real possibility

Howard said...

Thanks for the highlights! Nice to wake up to and realize it wasn't a dream! Notice all the goals come from going to the net. Good things happen. The nice thing is we're 5 points out of 9th place a bit of a comfortable margin. If we can take care of the woeful Oilers and the equally inept B's we should be sitting in the CHicken bird seat come Monday morning!

RiRi said...

Four games above .500? First time this season!!

moeman said...

Thnx LDude.

WV = slikef, as in those P.K. moves are slikef! said...

missed the game last night but thanks to the highligths I figure we're so good we're actually giving opposing teams goal by helping them score.
the Habs are just a very generous bunch!
Now wnough withe the BAs and let's just KICK ASS all the way to Eastern conf finals

Anonymous said...

That third column is losses too. I like to add that to the regulation losses to come up with a true +/-

ezzeloharr said...

@Le Douze:
The site that tracks playoff-ascension-percentage takes into account things like the upcoming opponents of a team, their record against said opponents, and from that calculates the "probability" of them winning said game. Not sure how accurate their "probabilities" are, but that's probably why the Habbies' playoff-ascension-percentage is higher than that of the Bs.

ezzeloharr said...

Just noticed that on the geeky-stats website, there's an option to selected "Weighted" or "50/50". 50/50 will re-arrange the playoff-ascension-percentages with the assumption of parityville - namely that, on any given night, either team can win a game.

And chances are nobody cares.

b said...

Anyone notice Jacques tie? Much improved.

Jaybird said...

I'm sure it has to do with the fact that the Broons are something like the second worst goals-per-game team in the NHL and they just lost their star forward for perhaps the season.

Nobody liked the Subban highlights when I put em up yesterday? I will never learn how to replace [ with <> and make them accessible. Sorries. I used to get angry with the Orr references but fuck it he's amazing....could he be a Drew Doughty or is that going way off the charts?

kevincrumbs said...

Also, I'd assume that some of the games that teams have in hand are against others teams that have games in hand. For example, Bruins probably have to play the Flyers or some shit like that and they can't both take two points from the game.