Wednesday, April 06, 2011

10, You're Picking my Lotto-Max Numbers this Friday: Habs: PLAYOFFS, BABY, Hawks get a point (OT)

HF10, brainstorming for his next game preview...
Ladies and Gentlemen, when people ask me why I still watch hockey even though it makes me bi-polar/depressive/insane, I will forever point to THIS hockey game as the reason why.

Last night's game was exciting, fun-to-watch hockey. Fairytale ending for a Habs team that has had to overcome (more than) its fair share of strife this season. A goaltending duel at its finest, involving Montreal's adopted son and Châteauguay's, well, ACTUAL son! Big Tits was throwing his big 'ol titties around, making some truly nifty passing plays. Squid seems to be determined to hit 20 goals this season no matter what.  The Mysterious Martin Mixmaster seems to have finally come up with lines that actually work and provide us with sustained momentum (Merci DarCHe Vader).  Heck, even Gomez was playing like the second coming of Alex Kovalev: inconsistent at best during the regular season; turns on Mr. Fusion and brings the DeLorean past 88 mph when the offseason is nigh. 

A sure sign of the apocalypse: reports indicate that Chocula was fucking smiling and chuckling after the game. I haven't seen picture evidence, so I still don't believe it.

The story about Marty Turco and his bet with a fan, even if it's totally made up, just adds to the awesomesauce that was last night's game.

Plus, would ya look at that? Only 3 goals were scored in the entire game, but it was a MUCH better game than, for example, the 8-1 blowout in Minny. Are you listening, Mr. Bettman?? More goals ain't the answer, but a total lack of bullshit thuggery improves the game dramatically.  DO GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY.

It wouldn't be one of my posts if I didn't point out some of the parts that are, IMHO, cause for pause... The Habs would have lost that game without Pricey in the 3rd period when they stopped goddamn skating once again. The reffing in this league is still fucking bush league as seen by the hella suspect call against Toews (much like many other non-calls/phantom calls throughout the game against both teams). The Giant Mexican Chicken was reunited when I prefer the Giant Mexican Dark Lord (I think that line needs a grinder, and that they have played better with Darche than with Pouliot). Finally, the Hawks still seemed to have better in-game coaching adjustments to the Habs' stock plays. 

But, hey, we're in the playoffs, unlike the Hated Leaf.  I will totally STFU and enjoy this feeling right now.

As a final note: If the Canadiens franchise ever makes what would be the most brain-dead move since Roy and moves either PFK or Jeebus Price away from this city, I hereby pledge that there that there will be one (or, heaven forbid, two) fewer teams for me to hate in the league. 

Even if it's the Leafs, Flyers or... *shudder* the Bruins.

Because that, my friends, is the power of the BROMANCE:

No, this is NOT Photoshopped. See, even the Bell Centre lighting dudes KNOW that the Bromance is 4-eva!!!1!!
Taken by the lovely and talented @amanada11 .  Follow her on Twitter, folks!

PLAYOFFS, BABYYYYY!!  And as we learned last year, anything is possible as of next week...

Edited to add: This awesomesauce video, posted in comments by iRiRi. 

Further edited to add media whoring update: Y'all should really listen to Homerun today on CBC Radio One at 3:10.  They're going to have some chick on that show who really knows what she's talking about when it comes to the Habs and hockey... *cough*


Steve said...

@LG that was a "wonderful remark' like a Van Morrison song. Nice Raiders of the Lost Ark Buzz GG.

Did PFK not leap into Prices arms just like the end of a mad cap romance.

Squid could have easily had 5 goals.
We gave up to soon on Little Tits.

@Goat,for the bro's Habitat whip out your Wang Charles type deal today. Ten years each escalating to
6 Mill, oh I am dreaming.

Words that drive me crazy.

"Scott Gomez has the puck"
"Net presence"
"Good Stick"

GYGHG all the way with PFK.

HabsFan29 said...

I ate awesomesauce for breakfast. it was awesome

Anonymous said...

Hark! ..doth my ears detect the tap tap typing of a happy LG?

Steve said...

System = Perfect Goaltending
Perfect Goaltending = System

Coach a team with TFS = Winning System

soperman said...

Awesome PFK video posted on Habs/Hockey Inside Out.

admiral adama said...

I fuckin' getting choked up looking at that shot of Price and 76 triple-low-fiving.

Steve said...

Oh yeah, extra meth for LG and GG for getting this out early.

lawyergirl77 said...

@Anon - I know! I think that my meds kicked in or something... :) There was even the giddy-girl-screaming of a happy LG last night at several moments during the game, not gonna lie.

Even crazier - I'm going to be on CBC Homerun this afternoon and I'll actually try not to be negative! Woo!! ;)

Boob Gainey said...

"The Habs would have lost that game without Pricey"

Maybe, but the Hawks would have lost the game without Crawford. Habs had fewer shots but more dangerous ones, and some of the saves Crawford made were out of this world.

Agreed that hockey is a lot better when there is not thuggery. Don't expect the NHL to see it that way.

moeman said...

awesomesauce ≠ mcsplooge, its awesomer, saucier but just as sticky.


moeman said...

Also, methinks we have a new glossary entry in awesomesauce. Need definitions.

Habsfan10 said...

I'm totally adding the "HF10 is a witch" tag to every post I do from here on in.

Steve said...

awesomesauce - a shinny, sparkling, shimmering film with frequent lens flares that coats everything for days after a old time neo fire wagon hockey Habs win.

Very similar to post peak perception generated by windowpane.

iRiRi said...

I freakin' love these two!!

Also, THIS video is all kinds of awesomesauce!

Borris said...

@irir, you just made my day posting that. Funny how fickle our emotions are with this team minus pfk and tfs. Im in love all over again.

Steve said...

@iRiRi - gives me feeling Leaf fans will always wonder about.

the Maritimer said...

@Steve, leaf fans, sucks to be them.

After last night and listening to Martin's interview on the Fan590 today, I will not crap on him or the System from now until the Habs are done playing.

If PFK is not nominated for Rookie of the Year at least, it will be a travesty. Not only is he an offensive threat, he plays some fucking awesome defence as well.

TFS and Crawford were CHanneling Dryden and Esposito last night. Best goaltending duel I've seen in ages.

Best game I've seen in a long time period. Amazing.

soperman said...

@ iriri et al

I just heard the bad news, Campbell is giving TFS a ten game suspension for a blindside hit to the head of PFK!

Commissioner Butthead said he is "very comfortable" with Beavis Campbell's decision since Price is obviously a repeat offender after putting the Smackdown on Bruins goalie Tim Thomas. He further states he is lucky that PFK was not hurt or the suspension could have run into next season.

WV - "oCHiaqoz" as in "oCHiaqoz should really be an actual word."

Steve said...

@Soperman LOL Buttman logic
traveling waived off three points

McPhee said...

I love the "overreaction" critic. Yeah, a rookie (and he's this good on his rookie season...) scores in OT to clinch on the last homegame of the season. He yesses then races to the hero of the night to celebrate, an overreaction...

See, you never saw overcelebration from a leaf rookie who scored in OT to clinch on the last home game of the season, so that shows how classy that organisation is..

Speaking of leaf class (should totally be mandatory in high school), I expect it to be on full display Saturday. Uberdouches McLoserhacks will have all the opportunity in the world to show how three massive brawls and ten vicious hits after the whistle is tranna showing class.

Fuck I hate this franchise and everything that surrounds it.

PFK: fuck the Calder, it doesn't bring any luck. Focus on winning 5+ Norriss' and several of Lord Stanley's Cups.

moeman said...

Seeing as it their team's last season game the hnic douCHenozzles will be in a foul mood. Their hate for the Canadiens and the Canucks is grounds for shutting those fuckers down.

moeman said...

Go Devils!

moeman said...

CatCHing up after a busy day.

I've got an idea that'll burn don cherry's fat, white, xenophobic, homophobic, racist ass. Jon Loo (two words that reflect shit) says PFK! ain't gonna be Calder material. Maybe. But. I think, based on PFK!'s hilarious and well-received wearing of Jeff Skinner's jersey at the All-Star game, that they do it again. Skinner deserves the award but the mileage that PFK! showing up on stage in Skinner's jersey would be fun. Maybe too much so but still, imagine the pile-up of additional hate the CotU mediots could add to their prolifuck résumé.

Steve said...

@Moeman - only if he does it while the band plays "the night they burned old dixe down"

Steve said...

Skinner is a Bossy type, same as Squid, nothing wrong with that, but they do plays not make plays, and PFK is like Potvin, doing it all night long, not in milliseconds.

moeman said...

mcsplooge leads the Burkkake, guarantees leaf will make the playoffs next year and can find no wrong in any leaf. Is it me or are they not playoff bound. What a fucking hack.

Mr. natural said...

@LG, WTF referring to PHuckPHace Bettman as Mr. Bettman???

This blog should stick to it's guns and refer to that piece of shit,game ruining, scrotum lipped, monkey jismed breath (apologies to all monkeys)rat PHaced midget (apologies to all little people)as PHuckPHace Bettman and not anything else remotely connected to Mr. or any other appellation thst does not denote PHuckPHacedness!!



That is all.

Mr. natural said...

awesomesauce, just watched the vid, I LOVE you PHucken guys!

Hey ANON go PHuck your mother

Mr. natural said...

Hey, how did Anon remove his post without leaving any evidence?

moeman said...

Anon typed rum instead of run. Only Habs fans can type names of fave liquids with tyops.

Steve said...

By the way its PHucking Buttman, there is no e in Butt

Anonymous said...

Well, I hope you are all done your little pissing on the Habs routine. If that won't shut you up, you're too drunk for help. Whenever I read you gripe about the Habs, I think what a Leaf fan would be saying in our shoes -- greatest team ever! Dynasty!

Yes, they inflate things, but... that was the most amazing goal of the season. I'm pumped and ready for the playoffs.


Number31 said...

PK's goal and his skate into Carey's arms should be a History Will Be Made moment.

"History is clutch"
"History disrespects y'all"

BabyGoalieSubban is going to the U18~! The Subban Invasion commences!

Woman with big tits said...

That's funny. HF10 would do the Hawks and I would do HF10. Did you see that face? Wow. Would love to have it between my titties!