Friday, April 15, 2011

CHart topper ~ Rolling Stoned's Album Review of Boston, maybe the greatest compilation of hits of all time (except last night's 2-0 loss to the Habs)

Got to put another quarter in the jukebox, back in a few minutes ...

Classic platinum playoff performance by our Canadiens in Boston last night. Habs are lossless, lets keep it that way, no need to compress The System™ content but definitely orchestrate and enCHore or two or three. Keep the sound level of the TD Center down to barely noticeable, better yet cancel the noise completely. We know that even turning the volume down to zero the ǝƃɐʇsʞɔɐq sqoɾʍolq ǝǝɹɟ ƃuıʌıƃ ǝɹɐ sǝıdnoɹƃ uoʇsoq ɔıuɥ/ɔqɔ. Time for die-hard FHFans to amp it up again tomorrow for some more delicious meth-laced ice cream.

Game 1 Tracks ~

1. ~ "More Than a Feeling"   ~ @ 2:44, Captain Gio gave us all the Boston buzz we needed belting out an awesomely tuned goal, timed to perfection by a remastered Gomez pass. You'd thing these cats have been jamming together for a while.

2. ~ "Peace of Mind" ~ Number 31 Carey Price stopped 31 of 31 little black discs. That CHilled white boy can sure play, especially in Boston, 3rd playoff shutout, all against Boston. Virtuoso performance and the beginning of an Epic ReCHord.
3. ~ "Foreplay/Long Time"  ~ Man was that meth-induced second period by the Bs a doozy or what. It seemed to go on forever. Boston was forechecking and forcing the play, outshooting the Habs 18-6 in the process. The System™'s needle seemed broken but the Goat dropping a few coins on some extra D arms made the difference.

B's Side Tracks ~

1. ~ "Rock & Roll Ban'D" ~ The vaunted Boston backend group slipped up a few times tonight. They played a few licks but they weren't sound enough or of any noticeable hi-quality. Ex-leaf Kaberle tripped on his first Boston playoff gig. Pretzel Lucic, another Boston fuck-up, couldn't blow his own horn tonight. The Habs on the other hand picked away and played their positions very well. Sopel strummed along the blue ice to block what could've been an ear-splitting goal whilst the ugly Horton fell flat banging away trying to drum out PFK! 

2. ~ "Smokin'" Gomez strips a CHord off of Pretzel, diddies a nice back pass to Gionta @ 16:42, suCH sweet, sweet music.
3. ~ "HitCH a Ride"  ~ What can you say about Gainey putting this group together. With the help of 'Travelling' Trevor Timmins, he assembled a harmonious ensemble of raw rookies and veteran rockers that has the Canadiens crowd wanting more. Even losing key player Halak hasn't affected the playback. Bob and Trev's protégés TFS™ and PFK! were once again in the Boston spotlight.

4. ~ "Something About You"  ~ Chara is one Instru mental case. Word is he wrote a love song for PatCHes! Too bad he doesn't listen to AM.

5. ~ "Let Me Take You Home Tonight" ~ Win one on the road in Boston and home ice advantage is no longer and issue. Habs pretty much shut up the hecklers. No mosh pit for you Beaners. Go home, oh wait, most of you left early.

~ ~ ~

Penning a parody for playback ... on tomorrow's follow up album.
Rock on you fucking Habs!


iRiRi said...

History Stands Up To It's Rivals.

iRiRi said...

Its*. Silly autocorrect. said...

this is doing the rounds on Facebook:
"if you know someone who suffers from being a BOSTON fan. Being a BOSTON fan is a disorder and should be taken seriously. There is no known cure for being a BOSTON fan and sympathy does not help, but we can raise awareness. 100% of Canadiens fans will re-post this..simply because we know how to copy and paste, as well as tie our skates."

Unknown said...

I still hate Montreal just as much as ever.

History can suck my dick. Bruins in 5.

In the words of the Great Don Cherry, "LET'S GO!"

moeman said...

While still on stage, I'd like to thank GG for some classic rockin' kick-ass graphics!

Number31 said...

Now that's some COMPETENT music!

Public Domain said...

Thanks @moe. We played this record 5 times every party in grade 12. I hate Boston.

Trusting there will be no significant 'compression' issues during the second set.

p.s. will autotune work on Milbury?

*spies lttle green friend*

tuning out

m said...

@ Cornelius, Dude you are delusional!


Die Phucktards Die!

Bs in 5!!! That is a statement that I will challenge and take that bet mon ami.

Mr. natural said...

??!! "m" was me Mr. n is not real savvy with the whole intertubes thingy, can't wait for it to pass like all the other fads.


Vintage HF29 said...

I miss the 70's! Habs win every year, amazing guitar rock tunes

awesome work moe and GG! love Cherry getting sucked up into the spaceship

Vintage HF29 said...

on some other notes, great vid iRiRi! man they churn those things out quickly. and i would like to be that guitar getting licked. that is all.

BaruCH said...

Excellent liner notes Moeman! A day of serenity after the unexpected win.

I'm sure the Bs will come out swinging next game, hope Blanche DuBois sets some 'tone' first. Also hope the Habs coaching staff has noted all the julien interviews where he say they will crowd TFS next game.


ti-cul said...

"the great Don Cherry", really? Can we expatriate him? You definitely can have and keep him Corney. And I though you came across as kind of intelligent, but "the great Don Cherry", really!? Tell me you're joking, just the same way when you say Broons in 5.

Mike said...

Boston never came close again... funny how that works out.

Le Douze said...

Did you guys see that the gorilla is in hospital?

I was gonna say that it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, but then I thought about Looch.

I guess Julien's intense workout had a casualty...

Number31 said...

My Romanian gypsy curse doesn't cover that stuff so I SWEAR it wasn't me. Honest!

McPhee said...

Maybe boston should try to win this game 8-0 again. It worked for them last time...

Mr. natural said...

Oh what a shame, dehydration!!!!!!!!

WTF how can that happen to a pro athelete in this day and age?

@FHF you lazy sacks of shit, it's 1:00 PM game day and nothing up on the site yet!

What are you sleeping in?

hung over from the Thursday night celebration that just kept rolling along?

Get off your lazy good for nothing lawyering asses and PHucken' post something!


that is all

ti-cul said...

agree w/ Mr. N.

and phack da ba-broons

Vintage HF29 said...

*rubs eyes*

man what time is it? i'm going back to bed. hope i don't dehydrate on the way to the bedroom

moeman said...

Um, I'm not a lawyer. NTTIAWWT.