Friday, April 08, 2011

FHFever! ~ Habs play soft in a 3-2 OT(T) loss and are between a rock solid 6th or a hard-in-place 7th but who fuckin' cares, PLAYOFFS!

The Butler did it ~ With help from Toronto area Spezza. Nice moves Bobby, 20 pts, funny how Toronto-biased hnic doesn't foam all over this kid like they do kadri. Bouncer! kick these cbc fuckers out!

GTA kid Squid squirts another sweet shot ~ Big Tits' sausage passes are looking positively polish(ed). The pensive and patient Cammisutra was in perfect position to score. Why not some Kate Upton eating CHerries to celebrate?!
Gio is CHarging into the playoffs ~ Is our Captain taller than the Stanley Cup? I can't wait to see him raise it in his CH jersey. Bonus, a fireman.
CHreativity counts ~ 29 mentioned the end of season FHFer review writing submissions. Neatness counts. (bonus points if you send in a streaking video).

FHFine legal print ~ I must re-post the rules and regulations. No CHeating. Ok so the announcement - we've got a project for YOU, dear reader. In the past we have turned over the last review of the season to our readers and this year we thought we would turn over the last preview of the season to you guys. Here's your chance to give us a day off for blogging glory! Spend some time on this Sexy Friday writing a paragraph about the Leaf, the Habs, the CBC, the season, the playoffs, Gomez, Tits, tits, whatever you want, and email it to us at fourhabsfans[at]gmail[dot]com. We promise to insert whatever you write, unedited, into tomorrow's preview. Remember to put your commentor name or other nom de plume in the email so your boss doesn't find out you cruise semi-porn sites at work. So get to work slaves! beloved readers! Need some inspiration?

Between rocks is a soft place ~ more Kate Upton (for masturbation inspiration).
Fuck leaf fans ~ don't let their sad demeanour and even sadder team keep you from laughing AT them.
Free roast beef ~ CHip and Dale and Steve and …
Pole danCHing ~ Lots of sliding up and down the standings. Hope no one gets hurt. Except Fuckface chara and Fuckface Richards.

Too nice to be indoors ~ Yes its fun to see naked nipples (especially cold ones) but get outside for some fresh air and slap some meat on the BBQ.
~ FHFever ~

You know how much I love you,

You know how much I care.
When you put your CHarms around me,
I get FHFever when you beat the bear.

You give me FHFever,
When you bliss me,
FHFever when the D is tight.
FHFever! every TMS morning,
FHFever all through game night.

Kate Upton lights up the daytime
And Moey's nips get cold at night.
I light up when Pants! call my name
And you know my glutes are really tight!

You give me FHFever,
When you bliss me,
FHFever when the score is right.
FHFever! every Sexy Friday morning,
FHFever all through game night.

Everybody here's got FHFever
That is something you all know
FHFever isn't such a new thing
FHFever started a long time ago

Pernell loves him some Carey
TFS™ feels the same for PFK!
When he tried to put his arms around him, Price said,
"Awesomesauce is the name of the game".

Now giveth me FHFever
When we blogeth
FHFever with Habs' flaming youth
FHFever! set the fucking leaf afire,
FHFever, yeah, Ieaf burn, forsooth.

Cap'n Gio & Gomezwhohauntsus had a NJ affair
When ex-Hab Sather tried to shill Scott
Bob Gainey said,
"Glen, that deal seems fair".

Mex gives me FHFever
With his misses
FHFever when he fucks up all night
FHFever! misses and more misses, So
GM Goat, hoof him out of sight.

Now you've listened to my parody,
Here's another point I have made:
FHFemmes were born to give us FHFever,
Be it FHFahrenheit or CHentigrade

They give you FHFever
When you kiss them
FHFever if you live and learn
FHFever! 'til you iSizzle
What a lovely way to P(R)eview
What a lovely way to comment
What a lovely way to burn
Tomorrow its your fucking turn

Go You Fucking Commentors Go!


Steve said...

I used to feel guilty about cheating on Bree with Kate, but thanks to this post I have overcome that.

BTW in the photo, I have my hand on the HC package.

And I care about what the poets are saying, when the poet get pissed, shit happens.

Habsfan10 said...

So this is weird. Apparently Bob McKenzie tweeted this (I saw it elsewhere, but still):

In 1976, Montreal hosted the Olympics.
In 1977, the Canadiens won the Presidents' Trophy and subsequently the Stanley Cup.

In 1988, Calgary hosted the Olympics.
In 1989, the Flames won the Presidents' Trophy and subsequently the Stanley Cup.

In 2010, Vancouver hosted the Olympics. In 2011, the Canucks won the Presidents' Trophy and ...

Steve said...

Get the fucking Olympics back ahhhhh.

Fuck they are going to Quebec, who the fuck gave them skihills?

moeman said...

May Toronto NEVER get the Olympics!!!

Steve said...

Quebec city

Toronto could not run a flag up a pole

soperman said...

Hey Big-Head Bob MacKenzie!

You can't be a real analyst until you realize that correlation does not imply causation.

WV - "untie" as in "Dyslexics of the world untie."

Steve said...

@soperman, now you have me wondering if history really does create great men. Look at the Mexican't history has made him a little man, if Sather had not given him EIGTH MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, he might still skate more than 4 min a game.

Steve said...

Fuck its been a hell of busy week and now its Friday afternoon, maybe I will goof off.

Steve said...

Very important stuff you may have missed, or forgot you saw.

Linking is like magic man

HabsFan29 said...

Sexiest Friday ever!!!

You people are very slow on your submissions. Get to work, or I'll have to crack the whip

ti-cul said...

@29 you haven't received all 38 of them from Steve yet?

Steve said...

@ti-cul when I saw that last post from 29 about get to work, I felt just like PFK after a Chocula meeting

L Dude said...

I've had an epiphany after reading about the PFK/TFS bromance.

Maybe Gorges knee is fine. Maybe it's his heart that's broken. Used to be he and Carey were BFF's. They'd go to church every Sunday, bowling on Fridays. Along came PFK and stole him away. Probably go to one of those cool churches where ya sing and dance and instead of bowling...well I saw "Your Canadiens", Carey's still bowling.
Still, just a thought. My pizza is done. Gotta go.

Mr. natural said...

@Steve: Ha ha ha, I DID take the afternoon off!

Got home at 1:45, smoked a cigar with a glass (or two) of port. Took a nap. BBQ'd steaks opened a nice Riserva Ducale 2006 and now need to take a walk or something, actually there is a bar within walking distance of my house.

WTF write the blog for your lazy asses!

Sounds like an essay/homework type dealie thingie and I've been out of school for decades.

I like the way you cleverly disguised it as an honour or something we should want to do HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


That is all.

Oleg Petrov said...

Breaking news! Insignificant free agent signing by the Habs - Alain Berger: Alain Berger's Hockey DB entry

For the space program nerds out there, a nickname waiting in the wings: Alan Shepherd

Number31 said...

We got a new Swiss Mister! A big one!

Mr. natural said...

#31 Yup heza bigun'.

Just read the send up of "Fever" blog, laugh out loud funny.

McPhee said...

Holy sheite, pens now in 2nd even though still rank them as 4th (you can't ask the nhl to know it's own tie-break procedure, it's so damn camplicated).

Point is, 7th place now is a pretty attractive spot, between a defanged pittsburgh or a slumping bunch of hurting phucktards. Losing would almost be strategic, unless you really want to play the boonies (and the math is heavily on your side).

Problem is, it's hard to lose against the laff even when you try.

Fuck, I wish we could send them the two points and hold a "whites agains reds" public practice. It'd be a better game and the risks would be low. Everyone would have a better time.

Mr. natural said...

Ya just checking out the stadings pretty much a cluster PHuck 6 through 9.

Rangers had some great games down the stretch but are in real danger now even if they beat the Devils, shit 43 Ws, thirteenth most in the league and in trouble.

Carolina in tough they have the Bolts and the Sabres have it easiest (that can screw you) meeting the Blow Jobs in Columbus.

Manana amigos