Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The (possibly last) Game Day Skate for Game 6

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of Rachel Bilson in a bikini...
  • Hey if the Habs South can force a Game 7, why not Habs Classic? Bolts 4, Pens 2;
  • Joe Thornton gets the OT winner for the Sharks to send them the Conference semi-finals;
  • Shea Weber, Nicklas Lidstrom and a shaved gorilla are your Norris nominees;
  • Mike Richards gets zero games from the NHL Wheel of Justice;
  • The Canadian women lose the World Championship to the USA.
OK we're up at this ungodly hour to go to CBC studios to be on Daybreak at 6:40 AM (listen live) with our good friend Steph of Lady Loves Hockey. We guess we're talking about Game 6, or maybe Syria or something. We'll see.


Mr. natural said...



Also Die PHucktards Die!

That is all.

ti-cul said...

and fuck les fucking ba-broonz,

dry gorilla dry

ti-cul said...

say it 29; FUCK RYDER

ti-cul said...

fourhabsfour.fan, no, fourhabs fan.four, no fourfourhabs.fan, shit, fourishfourfourhabs.habs. FUCK!!

Moey said...

@Mr. N,

When I think of the Phylers the word cockroach comes to mind, but (according to Milbury)that's our name. They're the undead. They keep coming back. The real tradgey in all of this is if Buffalo beats them and we lose tonight it's a golden opportunity for a deep run lost.

moeman said...

Collie: "It'll be Chris Lee and Kevin Pollock".

Jacobs: "Thanks" passes stuffed manilla envelope

Mulroney: "Make sure you claim it on your taxes"

Chester said...

I am having confidence and optimism.
I am not concerned. Fear not.
It doesn't matter that we don't have Vodkov, Georges, DDD or The Wiz.
We're going to take it to those fuckers. It's the next one in Beantown that concerns me.
Go Habs

Steve said...

The Bruins do not stand a snowball chance in a freezer, I mean hell. TITS is going to have a Kalashnikov game. The old men are rested, the force is strong with Squid. Lego has almost perfected the blueline juke, the leash is off PFK, Chocula is talking, his facial mussel showing hints of movement. I shall wear my officially Jaro T shirt tonite.

So todays game day official Club de Montreal puck bunny Lacy, she is sure Montreal is victorious. In fact she got a rise out of me with her fiery speech.

Lacy: Sons& Daughters of Montreal, I am Lacy the puck bunny.

Steve: I thought Lacy had TIT's that killed.

Lacy: Yes, I've heard. Kills men by the hundreds, and if she were here he'd consume the Bruins h with fireballs from her eyes and bolts of lightning from her Vagina. I AM Lacy the puck bunny. And I see a whole army of my FHF's here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free fans, and free fans you are. What would you do without faith? Will you believe?

Steve: Fight? Against that? Against Collie, and his mutt son, against the shaved ape and the toucan No, I will run; and I will live.

Lacy: Aye, fight and you may die. Run and you'll live -- at least a while. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell our Cornelius that they may take our series, but they'll never take our freedom!!!

Steve: Alba gu bra! (Go You Motherfucking Habs Go

soperman said...

A lot of game faces out there. If everyone keeps their rituals tight this should be a good win and a crazy game seven tomorrow night. (but don't even think of game seven yet....)

WV - "bregond" as in "Bregond you dumb-ass broons and dumber-ass broon fans."

the Maritimer said...

@Soperman, next time you see one of Marchand's uncles, punch him in the face for me will you?

That little prick is turning into Ken Linseman, a little rat.

Steve said...

@Maritimer, Marchmouth or Toucan please. And I guess Shaved ape or Shaved Gorilla are both acceptable.

soperman said...

@ the Maritimer

Unfortunately one of little Braddie's uncles is a lawyer (a partner in one of Halifax's largest law firms) and the other is a school principal. I would be sued AND given detention if I complied with your request.

If it is any consolation I beat the crap out of the principal when we were kids. The lawyer was about three years older than me...

the Maritimer said...

@soperman, there's a few lawyers around here who could defend you.

@Steve, shouldn't you be out campaigning somewhere?

soperman said...

@ the Maritimer

maybe if I was up on meth possession charges!

Just kidding wonderful lawyer-type persons. :o)

Steve said...

@Maritimer, Ive cut a deal with Jack, I go away quietly and I get to keep all the envelopes stuffed with cash like Mulroney, also dont have to pay tax for 7 years, and of course no charges.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Tonight's the night. Not much more to say than GO BRUINS!

@moeman there's no way Jacobs actually pays bribe money. Unless Neely forced his arm (literally).

Hadulf said...

Let's do this.

Fuck the fucking broons.

Fuck that Timmeh "les gosses bénites" Thomas...motherfucker.

shaved gorilla goes down tonight.


There, it's out.

Have a nice game people!


wv: Richards is a fucking sesse

kevincrumbs said...

I don't know what'll happen in tonight's game but I just woke up from the most beautiful dream in which the Phucktards lose in OT. Make it happen, Buffalo. The only weird thing is that Halpern scores the OT winner.

Mr. natural said...

@moey: Agree completetly but we wont, we will prevail!

@moeman: LOL! Hey Brian Mulroney perfect addition to HNIC or the Toranna Sports network.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

KILL KILL KILL, Phuck slope nose, the shaved ape (ti-cul, I like that dry in lieu of die, very apropos) and fat assed Timmy, he's made 1 save this whole PHucken' series!

They are ors tonight.

That is all.

Steve said...

Look for at least two skating while black calls from Collie, but we shall overcome. And PFK can use the rest.

Anonymous said...

Trying something new tonight. Lucky underwear.

All I got.

Anonymous said...

tonight the habs lose...tonight montreal cries like the pussies they are

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

By the way, congrats to the USA! USA! USA! women for beating canada in the IIHF women's final.

soperman said...

@ corn-hard

Do Americans understand how stupid that chant sounds (even to some of your own countrymen? I don't think anyone ever though "What an intelligent fellow." about someone mindlessly repeating that chant.

ti-cul said...

don't you bruins fan have a place to go, where nobody goes like bruins daily? At least your opinion counts there, cause nobody reads it.

fuck da ba-broonz
dry shaved gorilla dry


mrtrivia said...

holy shit.

we did it.

now let's cowboy up and ride those steers again tomorrow.