Thursday, April 14, 2011


Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of being found guilty of obstruction of justice...
  • Hey the playoffs started last night! The Rangers almost pulled an upset, but Alexander Semin ended his playoff scoring drought with the OT winner for the Caps;
  • Alex Kovalev scored in the playoffs to no one's surprise and the Pens skated to a 3-0 win over the Bolts;
  • Luongo gets a shutout to open the Hawks-Nucks series;
  • We think we would root for the Preds if they weren't playing Suku: Preds 4, Ducks 1;
  • Detroit won, yawn;
  • Canada's team for the double eye is pretty much set;
  • Some good stuff to read from: JT, Number31, Kyle Roussel, Boston Globe, Hickey, and Boone cleverly sneaks a fellatio reference past his Gazette editors.
Less than 15 hours 'til puck drop. Deep breath. Maybe the wonder that is Paul Mara's playoff beard on Day 1 will calm us down:


Unknown said...

Can't wait.


soperman said...

Does anyone think Squid's playoff beard will match Mara's? (kidding)


moeman said...

Bande de cave(man)!

soperman said...

Moey has a video of Paul Mara stealing a salmon from a grizzly bear. Really cool. The symbolism is there...

moeman said...

Older, whiter, grumpier (new favicon!?), no not donna less cherries, BR!
he takes shots at Gainey and pats laracque on the back whilst claiming
the BBBs are all that. New season starts in less than 12 hours.

G F Y H G!

the Maritimer said...

Bring it bitches!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning,

LG, just finished reading Boone's article about Cherry. In it, he says: "And this is what rankles most. I don't like Cherry's xenophobic attitude toward European players.".

Funny how Cherry's negative attitude towards French-Canadians goes unmentioned. There's an US and THEM in this city's sports media, it is clear to all and you know it but few have the balls to say it.

You know, LG, it's sad that you and your co-bloggers can spew such hatred on the screen but remain defensive when someone like me points it out.

But like a murderer who is left with blood on his hands, you have this post on your URL.

If you all felt ok with this post, your buddy pals like Rookie would not have opened the comments of this post with: "I'll have to find out if talking about this post on the radio would get me in trouble. I hope not."?

LG, in the words of Crowded House:


moeman said...

Chère Alexandra, get over yourself.

Careful, I'm a Québec-born French-Canadian and proud of my country, Canada.

Anonymous said...


Why should I be "careful"? Did I slander anyone? Say anything wrong except voice an opinion?

I like LG, especially after listening to her pantscast.

You would fall off your computer stool if you knew my heritage.

M said...

Ahhhhh, c'mon Hickey! Don't say the B's will take it.

Go Habs, Go!!!
Go Habs, Go!!!

When they come to the Bell Centre, oh my gosh, the crowd is going to go nuts...

moeman said...

I don't sit on a stool.

ti-cul said...

Alexandra, you repeat yourself over & over & over & over. I'm born & raise french Canadian in the heart of pure laine country and I don't give a fuck. You told people here not to watch l'antiretard if they don't like it. So, what the fuck are you doing here repeating yourself over & over & over again. Don't give a fuck about your heritage, your condescend xenophobic attitude says it all. There must be a pequiste nordique blog you can hang around.

phuck the ba-broons

Darksyde said...

Game ON, bitches!

Alexandra, I read, and re-read your ramblings, and have to ask....what the sweet fuck is your point? They link a whole bunch of stuff, but you have to call FHF out, because Boone didn't mention Cherry's dislike of French Canadians? WTF? They didn't write it, they just linked it because it might be of interest to some. Don't like what Boone said? Bitch at HIM. Jesus. And the whole, "You would fall off your computer school if you knew my heritage." Guess what, sweetheart? I don't think anyone cares who your relatives are. Get over yourself. If you have to spew that kind of shit, you're obviously nowhere near as important as you think you are.
This is a time where we fans of Les Glorieux must band together in our mutual hatred of the Chowdah Eating Mother Fuckers! Focus your rage, brothers and sisters for we march...well, skate...into WAR!

Anonymous said...

@ti-cul: What in God's name have I said that is considered xenophobic?



Your mother's Titties said...

@Alexandra: while I am glad you are participating in this blog and lending an outside opinion please kindly go fuck yourself as more important matters are at hand.

Fuck the Bruins and any obnoxious brain dead cock sucker that has ever cheered for the Black and Gold. I literally wish death on all of you until the end of the series. Then I just wish plague and famine.


Public Domain said...

.. oh for crying out loud!

There's PLAYOFF HOCKEY people!

Don the regalia. Burn the incense. Make the sacrifice. but remember to Stock the fridge.

And I wish flesh-eating disease upon the cockbiting B's

And GYFHG!!!

Chester said...

That's it ..
Bring the hate.
I'm tense already.

the Maritimer said...

Fuck it, I'm wearing my Habs road jersey tonight, just for some good (I hope) luck.

The first thing that needs to happen is for Lucic to get cross checked in the head the first time he sets foot in Price's crease.

The second thing I want to see is Gionta gnawing on Fuckface Chara's ankles in the corner every shift.

I'm not listening to any CBC Bruins fellatio tonight either. It's RDS for this anglophone maritimer.

Fuck you Buttman, hello Winnipeg!!

Chester said...

I forget where I got this link, it might have been on this blog.
Excellent reading.

ya babie

Anonymous said...

Take it to the END, HABS!!!!!!!!

BASH the bastards to the boards and shoot the fucking puck IN the net!!!!!!!!!!

Totally PSYCHED!!!!!


Vintage HF29 said...

well done Alexandra, much better


your father's nipples said...

@Chester, that article gave me fucking goose bumps. Good looks!!

moeman said...

Great read CHester. Despite his beantown affiliations Simmons is one of the better sports journalists.

Not Geoff Molson said...

@Soperman - Is it anything like this classic "taking salmon from a bear" commercial?

soperman said...


Absolutely! In this one he has a sneak attack and jumps over the falls to steal the salmon. I forgot about the Kung Fu Grizzly, that was hilarious...

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