Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Game Day Skate for Thursday, April 7th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of shopping in the U.S. or having nightmares of being an exporter...
  • The Whalercanes just refuse to go away quietly. Good for them. Shut out the Red Wings 3-0 to get within 2 points of 8th in the East;
  • The Caps are pretty close to clinching the number one seed in the East after beating the Cats 5-2;
  • And the Bs are within two points of 2nd in the East after beating the Isles 3-2;
  • The Leaf losing is always fun, 4-2 to the Devils;
  • Even though the Flames beat the Oil 6-1, they were eliminated from the playoffs because of wins by the Ducks (6-2 over the Sharks in a possible 2-7 preview, where Corey Perry's hat trick got him to 50) and HF10's favourite team (4-3 over the Blues in OT);
  • The Kings get an x next to their name thanks to another SO win, 3-2 over the Yotes;
  • TSN finally gives PFK some props, thanks to my strip club partner John Lu (here's the vid).
Yes, you read that time stamp correctly. We couldn't sleep with all the excitement of the big Ottawa game tonight.


K3X said...

Your insomnia is greatly appreciated by your UK based followers. Means we get stuff before lunchtime.

And I'm looking forward to another thoroughly competent outing tonight.

soperman said...

Still agree with HF10 about liking the Blackhawks, but I didn't notice Quennville (sp?)complaining about the refs after the Hossa goal.

He's big, he's bald, he's Alex Auld.


WV - fries as in "They used the word "fries" in the WV because they ran out of random combinations of letters."

BaruCH said...

call up DOS, Scrabble, the other SCHrabble, play Weber, Cpt. Picard. Especially for the leaf... don't need no PHuckulence being meted out.

I know youse a munch of Hox fans around here, but truth be told, they got a present from Buttman last night. Hossa goal was not only not over the line but also "the stinking kicking motion".

Officiating is so crap this year, I'm wondering if anyone has started up a "NHL ref FAIL" site.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Chlala! Are monsters related? :) said...

what I'd like to know is why PK "likely won't be part of the Calder Trophy discussion"?
is it a Montreal thing again or has there been better rookie defensemen out there?
Maybe it' sjust he hasn't scored enough?

why should I be surprised given as how he was an afterthought at the All-Star

could we at least hope for Price to be mentionned for the Vezina and the Hart?
or is that also too much to ask?

Steve said...

Petro Harper Bucks worth more now than Canadian Tire Money. How long before players demand to be paid in CDN?

When PFK does his human highlight reel coast to coast, it will be hilarious to watch HNIC talk about Luck Schenn.

Leafs are dressing prospects Saturday, hope we do the same.

"Scott Gomez has the puck"

Hadulf said...

@bea - No on both counts (PFK and TFS). You know why? Cause it was PatCHes fault his neck got broken. That's why.

That Hossa goal was fucking crap, that should never have been called a good Buttman wants Chicago in the playoffs.

Ottawa tonight, I'm so fucking PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve said...

There is a very strong argument for the TFS to win Hart. On a team that never misses a way not to score, that has played the most short handed and probably seen more rubber than Goodyear, TFS kept the boys off the golfcourse. Its a slam dunk, there is no dominant scorer this year, fuck the Sedins, how many blowouts did they rack up points in. So TFS for Hart or I am going to call Buttman names.

Steve said...

With one more goal Subban would tie the franchise record for goals by a rookie defenceman (15), set by Guy Lapointe in 1971 - 18 years before Subban was born

Along with defencemen Larry Robinson and Serge Savard, Lapointe was a member of the "Big Three" and played a key role in the Canadiens' winning the Stanley Cup six times
He still holds the Montreal Canadiens' record for most goals in a season for a defenseman (28), and most goals for a rookie defenseman (15).

I wonder if we will have a new big 3?

the Maritimer said...

@Steve, can't see another Big Three, Savard, Robinson or Lapointe could all carry the puck end to end if they desired to. I'm sure Bowman's blood pressure sky rocketed every time one of them did. Other than PK who on the present day Habs can do that, maybe Cheez Whiz but he looks awkward trying to scramble back. Markov,maybe. So, Large 2.5 perhaps?

Can anybody remember who used to play defence with the Big Three? They used to only use 4 maybe 5 D-men back in those days. No fair looking it up.

Vintage HF29 said...

John van Boxmeer for a little while

Steve said...

Sometimes I love OV

Its pretty foggy to me, but of the big 3 would PFK not be Savard?

So hopefully Vodkov has some time as Lapointe, and Tinordi is Big Bird.

the Maritimer said...

He was one, Bill Nyrop was the one I was thinking of. Rick Chartraw was another. Bowman would double shift the 3 often in important games.

Rod Langway came along around 1980 or so. They got Ryan Walter and Rick Green for him, important players in 1986, especially Green.

That's far enough down memory lane today. I had a vision of Cary Price hoisting the Conn Smythe trophy this morning. I have no idea what it means.

Le Douze said...

I still remember the anxiety I felt when some of the weaker D-men were on the ice, like Pierre Bouchard and Gilles Lupien. Bouchard got quite a bit of ice time as I recall, Lupien not so much (and when he did get on the ice, he usually ended up in the penalty box for 5 minutes.) I can't remember the combos - course in those days I mostly listened to the games on the radio, and it was just a string of names handling the puck. When I watched on TV, I was mostly watching the Flower power and the Big Bird, not to mention #12. I wasn't really paying too much attention in those days to defensive combos.

Le Douze said...

Something else about that era - I don't remember one-timers being anywhere near as common as now. Is that just my imagination? I remember slapshots where the D-man would stop the puck and wind up (and the puck would still often get trough).

soperman said...

I think I heard McSplooge say that Reimer MUST be in the Vezina conversation this year and will be a shoe-in for the Vezina next year.

K3X said...

Didn't the Habs use Jimmy Roberts a lot with Larry Robinson? I know he wasn't around for the run in the late 70's but I remember him in the earlier part of the 70's. Had his hockey card with a Sabres jersey but Habs stats

Le Douze said...

I cheated and looked up the old D-men ...Don Awrey! I really liked him - thought he was solid. I see that he was +30 in 75-76, but then again so was just about everyone on that team.

Steve said...

@soperman - Reimer is not a thoroughbred like TFS, if he did not play for Toronto he would still be in the minors.

Its going to be hilarious listening to these Leaf lovers doing commentary.

Price made a save just like Reimer

That PFK reminds me of a young Scheen.

If the Habs had Kadri instead of Lego that would have been a goal.

"Scott Gomez has the puck"

the Maritimer said...

I liked Pierre Bouchard, he had some epic battles with the Bully Phucktards, especially Dave the Hammer Schultz. Seems to me a fight promoter in Montreal wanted them to go in the ring one year.

Sadly Pierre didn't play much after Stan Jonathan broke his face in the playoffs in '77 I think.

Reimer for the Vezina? LMFAO!! McSplooge has blue and white disease and is definitely fucked in the head. What an asshole.

This is the fool who said the leaf had the "big four", Kaberle, Schenn, Beauchemin and Komosuck comparing them to the Big 3. TSN actually pays for this insight?

pee air mcsplooge said...

quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack MONTERS!

McPhee said...

We're still the last Canadian team to win the Cup, which is fucking pathetic given the last 17 years.

Good to see that on theory we are discussing our fave round 1 opponents.

I'm curious to find out which 15 leafs will underperform so badly next year that they'll again miss the playoffs but come SO close.

Once we're at it, we should give the Hart to Phil Kessel. Hey, the all-stars thought he's so good it was no fair to ever pick him. You had to be stuck with him for it to count.

I'll be shocked if we win tonight. Horrible opponent, low-stakes game, no one is showing up. Well, maybe Squid and Mexican. And Giant who always does.

BTW, still complaining about Gomez? Still think you want him off the team? Addition by substraction?

WV: Dacus as in: anyone else remember Karl Dacus?