Sunday, April 17, 2011

Predictions are for Gypsies: Habs 3 - Bs 1. Holy. Shit.

2 isn't 4. I couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Price.
All business. Ditto to you, Mr. Subban.

But, dude. I don't think anyone, even the people who called for the Habs in 7 games (the most optimistic prediction I heard last week), called for Nos Glorieux to go up 2-0 on the Bs after the first two games in their own barn.

I would continue waxing rhapsodic about the seriously awesome attitude coming from the room (embodied by Carey's mathematical observation linked above), but I don't have enough space to link to every single video that I've watched over the past few days. Suffice it to say that this is a quietly confident team, whose confidence is building by the second.

Someone (either on twitter or something I heard) said that the Habs are a team that "gets" the playoffs. They have all, to a man (not including chickendudes) elevated their respective games to a level that allows them not only to compete, but to friggin' dominate a team that everyone, myself included, thinks is a better team on paper.

Mssrs. Gainey and Goat, you have clearly built a team that is designed for the playoffs, from the players, down to the (I'll admit it) coach. I may not love this style of hockey, but it gets the job done.  Still don't love the Count Chockula, but today, I will say: "Chapeau, monsieur Martin."  I honestly didn't think that you and your system had this in you.

That's not to say that I haven't found stuff to worry about... I hope that the problems that plagued the "Mr. Hyde" Habs have been banished for good.  I hope that, if Claude Julien decides that Timmeh should really be stuffing his face with Bell Centre hot dogs and that, to quote Our National Buffoon, "Task" starts in nets for the Bs on Monday, that he doesn't play like the second coming of Cam Ward.  After all, I wouldn't put it past any of the Bs to go all Justin Williams on Gionta... It would be mild compared to the some of the other shit that they've pulled this year.

But I'll stop worrying on this rainy Sunday morning in Montreal. As far as I'm concerned, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and I think there are rainbows and ponies off in the distance.

2 may not be 4. But on this Sunday morning, it feels pretty darned good.  Tomorrow's gonna be all kinds of Epic.


Le Douze said...

WTF, this review was written by LG77? Talk about your Jekyll & Hyde.

But on the other hand, holy fuck, Batman, we're up 2-0.

Le Douze said...

Apparently I wasn't paying attention to Chicken, because I thought he played at least a few shifts with intensity (like the one where he drew the penalty), and didn't really notice him the rest of the night. I did notice that Gomer wasn't playing as well as night #1 (to put it mildly, too happy to slag anyone today), but the work of the first and third lines (or at least the PleXXXe and Eller lines, whatever numbers those are) was outstanding, and Darche Vader was a revelation.

I did think that this team showed a lot of character this year, and that the reason that they didn't do even better was along the lines of "best PP QB Dman injured nearly all season", "best defensive DMan injured half the season", "top 2 center forgot to show up this season", "top goal scorer misplaced light sabre this season". Despite these minor issues, there were really only 2 periods of weak play all season, the Christmas road trip from hell and the late season doldrums after the MaxPac incident. So I thought they had a good chance, though my confidence was given a test by the last few weeks of the season.

But holy fuck, they've totally got in the 'ruins heads, haven't they? I mean, Price was masterful, but he really didn't make that many spectacular saves, and I couldn't believe that the bears outshot the Habs for long stretches, because they didn't really seem like there had that many decent scoring chances.

The Habs' forecheck was awesome, which was something we saw in last year's playoffs but only intermittently all season. Their compete level along the boards was incredible, with all these "smurfs" knocking the big bad Broons around like they were little girls. They took brutal punishment and after the whistle shenanigans without also taking stupid retaliation penalties.

Amazing stuff. Revenge of the smurfs.

Number31 said...

Said Habs in 5 but that was 'cause I thought the Bs would have won last night's game in OT or something. Now I'm leaning more to 4 unless Thomas finds his horseshoe and they pull a win out of their asses here. Fuck the Bruins. Don't give them ANYTHING! "Task" isn't Cam Ward either. His record/stats against the Habs is just as bad as Thomas'. (He was also pretty crap in their playoffs last year and big part of their collapse against the Flyers).

And running off to the Miracle on Ice rink during the days off? What up, Bs? Keeping Ryder away from his favourite local haunts? (Number 6 on my list)! Or they're not Rush fans.

Orangeman said...

Habs embarrass the 'experts' in the media and still the only thing they can talk about is Chara. Maybe if he wasn't such a mouth breather he wouldn't get so dehydrated. Monday's going to be a madhouse. If the shaved ape is dizzy now, wait till he gets here.

Orangeman said...

Forgot to say,


Public Domain said...

A local songbird, the varied thrush, broke its neck hitting my bedroom window this morning

Its plumage is yellowish-orange and black

not making this up

lawyergirl77 said...

@Le12 - I can admit when I'm wrong. Seriously - I never expected this, but I'm SO HAPPY that it's happening!!

Steve said...

@Lg your props to Chocula sum it up, glad to see you still playing Rinanna to Chris gomez. but cant complain won bit, its a team game and we got one boston dont.

go habs go

p.s. chara should know there is no cure for Herpes Simplex xxx.

Grrrreg said...

This team seems to be a PAIN in the ass to play in the playoffs. No matter how hard I try not to compare this to last season's run, it definitely feels a bit similar: an average regular season (for different reasons though), and a complete change of attitude in the playoffs. I love it.

I don't want to have negative thoughts on this beautiful day, but I think game 3 will be very tricky. The Bruins are in full desperation mode, and I hope the habs won't get too carried away by the crowd energy and forget what gave them a 2 games lead. They HAVE to keep playing smart hockey, no matter how tempting it will be to open up the play to please the crowd.

But we'll think about this tomorrow. Let's just enjoy what we have right now.

Steve said...

boston is the F35 team, all bomb trucks but no heart.

Kate said...

My favorite asshole moments from last night, "It's so hot in the building that it's really tough on the Bruins cuz they're all such big guys, not like the small Habs." "It must be really hard on the B's having a game plan that included Chara and now he's not playing." What utter nonsense.

Ben said...

Don't like to brag, but I said Habs in 4.
Ok, I do like to brag.

McPhee said...

Which good team did we not beat this year?

What part of beating washington and pittsburgh makes you so surprized about beating boston?

Le Douze, I challenge you to post right here right now what material elements support your opinion that they didn't show heart this year. I find that statement to be extremely offensive. So 96 points and never in another position than 6th place all season with markov and gorges out all season is not good enough for you. Talk about pissing in the soup.

I hope you were around for the great dynasties of the 50's to carry around such a sense of entitlement. 96 points, asshole (not really calling you an asshole I'm just incensed that you refuse to review your judgment in the face of what I consider a heroic effort). Three losses in a row, what, once in the entire season? Victories against Vancouver, Pittsburgh (easily too), Washington, San Jose, who else? Every time everyone agreed next game was a must-win game they won it cleanly. Almost every time we thought we were losing for sure they won. Basically they only lost when they could afford to, and you say lack of heart? Boo.

People, in a salary cap world, you are going to suck at something. So what will it be? In nets, on D or forward? I like my choice, how do you like yours, bobrovsky? washington?
1993 Habs are back. Robo-goalie, great D, a couple of snipers (they're better this time around and four lines of warriors able to score and working together as a group. All of a sudden you are permanent contenders.

I hope that's good enough for you, because that's as good as its ever gonna get.


Le Douze said...

@LG - sorry about yanking your chain. I think you feel the way we all do ... amazed and astounded at how well nos boys have picked it up. I agree with Grrrreg ... during the playoffs they have picked it up a notch and are playing with great confidence and self-possession, and are fighting very hard. Last year I couldn't figure it out, because I didn't think JM could possibly be motivating them, that it must have been Muller. This year I figure that the JM system gives them confidence in their teammates, and the desire for the Cup gives them the motivation to battle so hard ... so no need for the coach to do it for them.


Le Douze said...

Errm, @McPhee, I think I agree with you ... I said that they played with heart despite all the tribulations, or at least that what I tried to say. (I've been running a fever for days, so maybe I typed the opposite of what I meant?)

I was around for mid the 70's dynasty, so I do have some experience with up runs. Frankly I was impressed with how well this team did with such a relative lack of top level talent (TFS notwithstanding, there are not a lot of current superstars in the lineoup, though there are a lot of very good players).

I don't think they could have got to 96 pts without a lot of heart, given the other challenges.

Got to run now, will check in later ...


Mr. natural said...

@FHF What have you done with LG? Who is this person imitating her (poorly)?

@L12: Disagree on Price last night, he makes it LOOK easy, he is the best positional goalie I have seen since Kenny.

@Moey: Who the PHuck said that? I watched RDS for the entire game.
That's an embarrassment, you would hope that someone in a position of authority would speak to whomever said that an explain about the difference between reality and asinine moronic comments that come across tantemount to excuses!

That PHucken' REALLY pisses me off!!

Go Habs Go!

PHuck all mouth breathers everywhere but especially in cotu.

Please tell me who said that!

moeman said...

Mr. n., it was pj stuck.

Not Geoff Molson said...

A Leafs fan and I were watching the game in Toronto last night and were talking about The System.

The System is great for playoff hockey - and if the Sens had had Competence in net they would have won it all a few years back.

PFK's interview impressed the hell out of me. Good thing it was on Versus, because if it was on CBC he probably would have been called "uppity" by the usual CotU suspects.

WV "gaserag"...picture beside Bob Cole in the encyclopedia.

Mr. natural said...

@moeman: Why am I not surprised.

I have endured enough of McLame, Cheery and the entire TSN crew, which is why I always watched on RDS all the while avoiding AC, but the few times I do drift over to CBC or TSN I never hear anyone (maybe Cherry) saying things stupider than this PHucen' piece of shit, seriously there are a dozen people blogging or commenting on this site that have more inteligent things to say that this asshole could ever dream of, how the PHuck did he 1. get the job and 2. does he keep the job.

PHucken' Jesus H. PHucken' CHrist, how can this be allowed?!

He's the Glenn Beck of hockey analysts (sorry Mr. Beck).

OK I'll stop I am really upset, what a jerk.


the BaruCH said...

Still coasting on wafts of fragrant burnt bear from last night. I had to stop watching CBC when old Goat Gripes couldn't be bothered to pronounce Pacioretty's name right. A$$PHuck and I agree with LG (I think it was her) a while ago who PHucken made him Mr. PHucken salute the fallen troops Mr PHucken sanctimoniouser than thou a$$PHuck yah bear-shitbag?

My solution is to listen to Rick and Sergio on CJAD and just watch with no sound. Sergio Momesso kicks ar$$h with the colour commentary, savvy and insightful, man, sometimes this year I wished he was behind the bench...calm too. Only problem with CJAD are all the fucken ads, well especially that its the same 3 ads they play over and over again all fucken game "...I have a beautiful wife I adore and I'm about to become a first time dad in a few weeks..." PHucken ESSOR insurance you suck, change your ad!!

SO I haven't been able to share the wrath with you guys re: PHucken sick HNIC a$$PHucks like PJ Schmuck. Hey Boone (all respect Boone but give credit!) over at that lame-o HIO has been slowly but surely appropriating all the FHF lingo. He uses MacLame now, and even mentioned meth last night. Get a PHucking Habs crest on your MacLame-o site (love ya Boone) and give credit!!

Btw I also keep the Boone live text commentary running on my computer during the game: Rick & Sergio & Boone + no sound tv...ahhhh much better.

btwbtw PHucken a$$prick Gripes after the game... yeah I tuned in just to see him whimper after the game, but what did he do, show a fucking juniors game highlight? There's a petition out to save the CBC from the Harder gov'ts budget cuts, I guess its better to have it for when another party ever runs things again, but still sheesh.

Allez allez allez allez Montreal!!!

WV: snere

Kate said...

Thanks moe, I didn't know who said it, I was in and out of the room and caught those bits. Talk about pulling at straws for Bruin's suckitude, what next, diaper rash?

Le Douze said...

@Mr. N - actually, you are right about that and I was also thinking after I wrote that that one of the reasons that TFS didn't have to make too many spectacular saves was that he was always in the right position (which is why I said he was masterful). But I had to run and was too lazy and hurried to write that. Having said that, how many outstanding scoring chances did the Broons have? I think they had a number of great first chances and a few scary second chances, but really not so many. A lot of that was because TFS didn't leave many juicy rebounds, and some of it was when he did a couple of times, the D almost always managed to clear the puck. But to me the biggest surprise was how the Habs forwards made so much trouble for the Bruin's breakout... It reminded me a whole lot of last spring vs. Washington etc.

ti-cul said...

Watched the game on the habs station, but had to switch to cbc, just in hope to see Don Cherry's head explode. It will happen, I fucking swear.

How'bout' Tommy Pyatt coming out of the corner with the puck with 3 ba-broonz on his back. Waz dat awesome or what?

broo hoo hoonz

vw; whinegerp,i.e. Don Cherry, what an old whinegerp.

McPhee said...

Last two games were a hockey clinic. Let's hope the next two games can be a fan clinic.

There's really no point in rooting for your team all season long and buying expensive tickets if all you're gonna do is sit on your hands and wait for your team to fuck up (i.e. not long if you're a broons fan) before you boo the crap out of them. Way to really leverage that home ice advantage, you disgusting, disgusting bunch of death-cheering mob.

Seriously, not one "let's go broo-ins!" (how original, by the way) all two games. What's up with booing your team off the ice when the series is still up for grabs? We'd only do that in Montreal if there was no way in hell we were winning the series and if effort was overall poor. Wait...)

You can't make boston up. They really take losing to a whole new level. Losers, all losers, from the olayers (can't wait for Horton's first career playoff scoring chance. Talk about an overpaid goon) to the goalie to the coach to the GM to the president and to the vast majority of the fans.

I'd cry just out of sheer humanity if I didn't despise them all so deeply.

Moeman: that Eau-le joke still has my ribs hurting.

LeDouze: I love you, and LG, and 29, and 31, get my point. This blog is awesome, and the comments are often even funnier than the posts.

Rock on!

WV: asthyll, as in: that was an asthyll de bonne game.

Mike said...

The only downside is this justified JM's fucking "system."

Gotta love Timmy Thomas' whine about not having Charra. Yo, Timbo, we've been without our top TWO d's and look how well our guys are doing!

Fuck Boston. Sideways. With Milbury in Cherry's jacket.

moeman said...

Permit me, if you will, to share a bit of hockey blogging and commenting history.

Some 9-10 (maybe more) years ago I created an account on Sportsnet. They had a decent hockey blogging platform and were one of the first to offer account-based commenting with team folders and what became (then) a tightly knit group of hockey friends. Sound familiar? There's more (and yes, as I get older, I forget more than I remember).

Naturally the discussion swerved to Habs vs. leaf and other Canadian teams. Back then, like today, the leaf fan was an arrogant bunch but like in any group there are pearls, whores, idiots, morons, psychos, lunkheads and prima donnas. The smarter, funner, racier and funnier tended to stick together, pun intended. We had amazing discussions. Sunday mornings, post hnic was a gas. Then the cbc started to get really annoying with it's leaf bias. Discussions got heated. Sportsnet (sn) moderators kept an eye on things. They were pretty aggressive as a lot of 'anonymous' commentors were infiltrating. sn was also in it's early stages of sucking up to all things toronto (still not yet the CotU, another moeman-coined acronym). They didn't like our slagging them, cbc and of course the biggest buffoon in the tent, cherry. Comments got really hyper. Lots of disgusting personal attacks and sn started to clamp down. Comments went deleted with no explanation. They targeted a good 8-10 of our group. We took it for a while but eventually bailed in unison, because …

cbc opened up for blog business and had, for a while, the best hockey blog community. We migrated there and began what was to be an incredible family of fun commentors. Sunday mornings were nothing short of a blast. Beat going to church or masturbating, ok the church going. Friendships were made, most still last. We discussed it all. We were allowed to create threads and jump in/out of each others team folders. We are talking seriously knowledgeable hockey folk, the majority Canadian. We had an incredible moderator/system guy. He believed in true free speech. Personal insults and slags were rarely if ever seen. Sure we laughed at each other but we wanted to and shared in a cool cultural event of hockey talk. We talked games, players, history, life, stories, food, music, sex, you name it. Brothers and sisters in each others arms. Some famous folks incognito to some. You'd be amazed who. Then …

don cherry started going off the rails about his leaf. We started commenting on his diatribes. So far so good. More and more users showed up taking his side. Discussions got hotter. cherry amped up his hate. So did we. We were warned. ron chimed in. I nicknamed him mclame. Someone at the cbc/hnic wasn't pleased. I know who it is as I got an email from this executive. Drop it they said. Leave ron and don alone! Did we? Nope. Long story short, two more weeks and they shut the entire public bog down. We moved on.

Anyways, I am not here to toot my own horn. I appreciate FHF giving me more than just commenting as an outlet. I respect my colleagues and friends here and am happy to have found the best community of hockey talkers (mostly Habs and that is what I want).

sn and cbc/hnic (I'd add tsn and g&m to the mix) cannot and will not take criticism of their bias(es) well. I am not sure what they fear, after all they are supposed journalists/media people. Deal with it FFS.

Side story to the mclame (wrapped around much more of course) nickname. A beautiful, nay gorgeous online friend of mine became a truly important person in my life. Why? Well she loved my barbs and she told me she started to really dig me when I dropped the name on good ol' lame ron.

Like I said, I forget more than I remember but I've enjoyed the company of some fantastic and amazing online friends, leading to solid friendships and a lot of fun. Thanks for listening kidz.

Steve said...

@Moeman like Van Morrison said, " and the crack was brilliant' Crack is Irish for shooting the breeze. How wonderful it is just to shoot the breeze, and it gets so much better when it comes in conflict, and thou we can not solve all the worlds problems that way, the good part is a least they got an honest discussion.
In todays world you can be shot litteraly or figuratliy for busting the balls of your mates, and that is the truth, welcome to the suck.

Mr. natural said...

@moeman, Thanks great story, Hope to hear more detail in person someday.

@L12: .....and aside from superior side to side movement, on most of the stops he steers the puck away at a very sharp angle unlike lumphead at the other end of the rink.

@ti-cul: Yeah you're right I don't think anyone here mentioned it, Pyatt had a good night but on that one shift he looked like PHucken' Gretzky it was awesome!

Better to worry a bit about being overconfident than succumbing to that easy trap.


PHuck HNIC, PHuck TSN, PHuck all things cotU and PJ Stock should have an on air aneurysm!

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve said...

In Hanger 51 sits buttman beside the dead aliens and all their shit that was sold to intel. He never figured Chara would come down with Herpes Simplex xxx, that was targeted at pfk, and fuck if he did not send that whore away. So now he is in the suck. No way the broons can come back. So wear a tinfoil hat and plan the parade.

Mike said...

"PJ Stock should have an on air aneurysm!"

He'd bring a copy of Penthouse just to make sure...

moeman said...

These Habs may not go 16-0 but I can't see them getting overconfident. On-ice situations will dictate their Stanley Cup record. I just hope the refs or a really bad call/review don't make the difference.

moeman said...

I normally cannot handle what dave hodge has to say as I believe he is a blue&whiter, but today he typed this;

"Reply to All: In Praise of P.K.

For all I've seen in the first four days and nights of the first round of the playoffs, what I like most is P.K Subban. This is a guy - still a rookie, mind you - who has quickly earned a reputation with his mouth. His play has been called undisciplined and reckless, so it is no surprise that he has been the Boston Bruins' number-one target. But if the first two games are any indication, the Bruins should realize their war against Subban will not be won with words, or intimidation, or crunching body-checks that he's getting every time he's near the puck. The Bruins hit him and it does no good. Subban is like the rest of his teammates, full of poise and focus and determination. It is to the credit of Jacques Martin and his coaching staff that Montreal, and especially P.K., handled the atmosphere in Boston so well."

Steve said...

In this fucked up globalized world of flat line talent, we have introduced a Halak and a price, and now, fuck Haliburton, fuck the CIA fuck bell, fuck loblaws, fuck the power corporation, fuck coors, fuck labatts,fuck the banks, the insurance companies and everyone who make money simply because they exist,I make my money the old fashioned way, you can not believe how many people do not respect the value of empties.

Steve said...

@Moeman- I am a white not a anglo, not a fucking pomme bastard, or a my shise dont stink and I hope I can spread the same shise to others egalitarian. My people shoved chess pecies up their ass to prevent the soviet from capturing the queen.

So I will say of pfk, he is black, not just coffee dark, black. He plays the game like a little kid, and we love that, and I have never been prouder to be a Canadian, to celebrate that, if kadri can bring anything half as positive vibration to our game, I will only hate him half as much, because he is after all a fucking leaf

moeman said...

Agreed Steve.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

fuck loblaws

whoa there, some of us need our President's Choice Decadent ice cream and 7-grain honey flax crackers

just popped in to check we're still up 2-0 in the series. we are? carry on.

Steve said...

@29 you should be prepared to eat grass and frozen dandelion before eating Lob laws.

That is what I do just before buying all that presidents choice socialist stuff.

I stand corrected and in your market this will not have an impact, but fuck Sobey and double triple fuck Wal mart bringing us one more step closer to Soylent green.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

mmm, eating grass. that's a 4-6 hour buzz if you do it right

Steve said...

I was in Montreal Friday picking up my belle du passionate consequence love from Mcgill, which given the course of history will be renamed Steve.

Steve said...

Eating grass or hash, been there done that, and lets just legalize that.

moeman said...

Steve what if one were to take out the 'gr' in grass?

Also, I anxiously await the next Insider's Report.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

amen Steve. in fact, b/c im in such a good mood up 2-0, i will share my recipe for "HF29's quick honey slides" - the best and quickest weed eating recipe anywhere:

1. break up as much weed as you wood for a BIG fucking spliff. throw it in a dry fry pan, over medium heat

2. after a few minutes, the green weed turns brown-ish (it will smoke while it's doing that, stick your face over that shit and inhale)

3. when mostly brown, remove from heat and toss a pad of butter into the fry pan away from the weed. when the butter is melted, mix the melted butter and weed

4. put a teaspoon of honey in a cup, and microwave on high 25 seconds

5. mix the butter-weed mixture into the hot honey. stir. add a small amount of any baked good or cereal based product (cake, muffin, banana nut Cheerios work well). ingest all of it. don't forget to lick the frying pan clean

6. wait 30 minutes, then make sure you've blocked off the next 4-6 hours

HF29 aka HH29 said...

*as you WOULD. maybe ive done the recipe one too many times

Steve said...

I was in Montreal, I stayed at the Holiday Inn Midtown, and so far I have no bedbugs, as hotel experience go they get a good rating.

My daughter took us to Swatz for Montreal meat, I bit my tongue about that meat I wanted, okay if I say anything without a filter on this site about anything, I would say put eating at this hole in the wall deli on the top of your list.

I am not a stupid person, so having that orgasim at Swartz, I went to Nickles and Reuben, both had way better than standard fare, but compared to Swart, NO MAS.

What else did I enjoy about Montreal, well I could not bring winter wheater gear and freeze in April. All the public art sites made me feel like Salvidor Dali without the talent, oh that hurt.
You cannot buy a Habs thing without paying a thousand percent premium. God dont make lonely girls, that is the Jakob Dylon song, I saw so many lonely girls in Montreal, I have to wonder if the men are all Boston

moeman said...

29, at what temp do I lick the frypan?

HF29 aka HH29 said...

@moe - admittedly, you gotta be careful with that step

Steve said...

It is what it is, and I am is

moeman said...

I think therefore I meth.

teh BaruCH said...

wow nice screed Moeman! Your coinages are duly noted.

I got to see that another, dare I say more competent, world of hockey commentating was possible living out here in Germany, when the only feed available is another team's 'homer'. Doc Emrich on MSN with Chico Resch is pretty good, appreciative of good play regardless of who it is (though I guess you'd have to be covering the NYI) Eddie Olczyk on Versus is quality too (though they hired Sillyputty McSplooge on there this year, he's relatively tolerable between contained in the glass box between the benches.)

Anyway much respect for calling a clown a clown on the CBC site and standing your ground. I guess its another reason to vote for a change of government, the hope for wholesale personnel changes at HNIC.


Steve said...

There is nothing in this life I can predict, and I leared the hard way.Those who could not spell well fcuk them. I was a non speller genius. I got a plue and a scholar hop. I never did hip op disptient eh e

het BaruCH said...

@29 I think the last part of point 6 in your recipe should come first...
otherwise jahman! mellow...

@Steve, (and others, don't hurt me) next time you're in town, check out the Smeats across the street from SCHmwartzes at the main, with a plate of boiled verenekes... I used to have the Reuben sandwiCH at Ruebens, the underground one.

moeman said...

Schönen Dank teh BaruCH.

One thing I will say I loved about SportsNet, Jody Vance. A classy, smart and fun gal. I miss her. Yes, she is easy on the eyes and she loved receiving early AM emails to get her day going.

Steve said...

For what it is worth, if I was to have a sudden mid life drisis and the women would all go along, and it would be epic and staged in Montreal, for sure it would be a Nickless adresss.

moeman said...

'mid life drisis'

I hope that isn't a tyop as it is genius.

moeman said...

Just when you think you can make Re Sox jokes they start winning WhoTF?! are they playin'? . . .

Steve said...

het BaruCH said..

I lived in the subururs of Vienna for 7 years, if there is a fleahbot of the world you can idendity outside the former Soviet Union and just to be clear this does not include Prauqe or Budapeset. Montreal is hot, and the steets are in flames, burning FLAMES, i COULD OFFER SO MUCH COMFORT BUT i A M CONSTRAINED/

Steve said...

Fuck this I am pissed , what an accident

Mr. natural said...

@all: We need to organize an intervention for Steve, he's obviously taking way too much Meth, booze etc.

HF29 you tell him there's a big meth/stripper party and once you get him there the rest of us will jump out from behind something huge that can hide us all, like Cherry's head or the shaved ape's ass whatever, and yell "Intervention" I think that's how these things work.

Also they're really good attend as you will always meet people who are connected and who can't use another drug contact? Am I right?

We love you Steve and want to save you.


moeman said...

Mr. n. knows. We all love the Steve and I offer my services to take care of the strippers at the intervention.

moeman said...

darren pang is freaky ugly but I don't think he is as or more racist than don cherry. tsn sure scrubbed him eh?

Steve said...

@maritimer, yeah I want to save me as well, I live in the avatar world as a extremist, but in the real world, I have faced issues, and now I am a productive citizen, with outbreaks of protest, but all well containted within limits. ok i AM NOT CHARLIE sHEEN

moeman said...

Steve, why are you lifting the Séparatiste rock?

code_monkey said...

I know this is a little late seeing as Steve already started rambling more than usual, moeman is reminiscing, and recipes are being exchanged but I feel there's always room to complain about the CoTU mediots.
At the end of the game, maclame, HAS to bring up the fact that when the ruins where down 2-0 to the Habs in the 60s/70s(?) some ruin player decides to buy champagne on the flight back to Montreal as way of guaranteeing a game 7 or something. Then almost under his breath mumbles something about them losing anyways.

moeman said...

I am reminiscing about Steve;

Steve said...

For those of you who worry I might have mental health issues, I can only say do you not read a daily newspaperwomen. The world I grew up in, the place I knew for certain existed for me in the universalism is now up for grabs. So I think many people will think about my ability to type while absoulty pissed. It is a skill I honed long years ago at UWO. it has not gained me any benefit, but it has not got me locked up either.

I am guessing that being plaserd on a Sunday afteroon, is not a cause for alarm, it is a stunning endorsement for legal pot, because if it was legal you would not be reading such drivel.

Mr. natural said...

Just in case anyone still cares about hockey:

Rangers 3 Caps 2

Caps lead series 2-1

Kate said...


I heard that too, it was Cherry that bought the champagne. Ha. Must have been the "too many men" series. So a shit load of good it did them.

Orangeman said...

Wait, full stop. Steve has kids?

@code_monkey: I heard the same thing and wanted to say something here but was too blinded by sheer joy after the game. Wow, that's a great story Ron. Too bad it has nothing to do with anything and has a horrible ending that is the opposite of the point. Any excuse to talk about the bruins, I guess.

"That totally reminds me of that time I was at a bar and this hot chick was eyeing me up and down and I knew she wanted it. So I walked right up to her and told her I knew she wanted my body OH YEAH BOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZ!!!.................................................................................................................................................................................and then she dumped a drink on me, her boyfriend punched me and I peed my pants in full view of the entire room."

Steve said...


Steve said...


Yes I have grown up kids, one at McGill and one at Mac.

So now there is no reason I can not be myself.

Steve said...

google has determinted I should not post anymorek well feck them and if you people want to start a class action law suit, i will go to moores and get one.

iRiRi said...

ALL BUSINESS. That is all.

iRiRi said...


Not Geoff Molson said...

All Business. For Patches.

the Maritimer said...

Wow. Steve is BACK!!!

First, it was not I who wanted to do the intervention, but Mr. natural, who I assume is a nudist. Second, I don't believe Steve needs to be saved as I have determined by his writings he is an intellectual on a par with Ignatieff, because I can't understand him either.

@moeman, thoroughly enjoyed your hockey blog musings. I was introduced to this site by our friend Boone at HI/O and migrated over here because the conversations, reviews, previews etc. were so wacky and there were no pissing matches/flame wars that HI/O degenerated into. Who knew lawyers could be so funny?

Anyway, I would love to meet some of the individuals on this blog someday. I have sort of a half-assed plan to drive to Montreal sometime in May (I told Boone to book it, Montreal would still be playing in May) and if I can't get a ticket to a game, I would go to a bar, Hurley's seems to be popular and watch a game there. Would anyone be interested in a FHF mini summit of some kind?

Public Domain said...

@steve - Spoke & Rim or Elbow Room?

ti-cul said...

loud mouth Healey on cbc going on how fucking good the leaf were way back when tv was black and white and there was only one channel and how Chicago are now emulating them. There is NO end to their madness.

Number31 said...

Did Healy bring any danishes?

OK I can't stop laughing at NBC's "Right Way To Play" segment, especially with Panger doing the games...

Gotta wonder, if the Habs were down 2-0 would CBC/TSN be so overly concerned or breaking out the champagne? Fuckers.

GYFH! All business! And COMPETENCE!

Le Douze said...

@Baruch - I think that Doc Emrich may be the best play by play guy around, and Chico's pretty entertaining. He's happy and his homerism is clearly for the fans that watch the broadcast (especially on the Devils home broacasts). You know he wants his guys to do well but understands when they mess up, and he never bears any ill will to the other team. And Eddy O. is also a pretty decent dude. I can almost forgive Vs. for employing McSplooge. Anything is better than the Rangers announcers, who manage to be incredibly ignorant and annoying at once. (That is, anything but Jack Edwards on NESN, who is knowledgeable but makes you want to kill within seconds.)

Should I worry about Steve, or just enjoy the moment?

moeman said...

I'm there.

Le Douze said...

@NGM - should we start a pool on when PFK gets the Norris? I'm in for 2012-13. Extra points if you are right on whether he gets the Norris before TMS gets the Vezina.

Mr. natural said...

@maritimer: The PHunny thing is I'm kind of a nudist wanna be, have dabbled you know the quarry as a teen and Cayo Largo 'cause the sand's so fine if you wear a bathing suit your balls get chaffed off and don't get Mrs. n going on that... but certainly can't claim a real commitment to nudism.

If I knew that you & moeman were going to be at Hurley's I would be there with clothes on!

I would however insist that orangie show up and that all sharp objects were kept away from Steve.

@Steve: Good news, we are in the initial stages of planning your intervention, place Hurley's, time TBD.

I'm so excited I think I felt a little sensation you know "down there", NTTAWWT!


That is all.