Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, April 12th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of being the first man in space...
To no one's surprise, FHF is still working on our Habs-Bs preview. We are actually making progress though! A Pantscast has been recorded and should be posted tomorrow. And our preview series should premiere today if we can recover enough from the drunken Pantscasting to actually write the thing.


ti-cul said...

and just in case Cornelius gets here first again,

Fuck the Broons

moeman said...


Lurker said...

I read this article and I had to post it here.

"Selon les chercheurs de l'Université de Toronto, la LNH devrait compter douze équipes au Canada: deux équipes à Toronto, une autre équipe dans le sud de l'Ontario (Hamilton, London ou Kitchener-Waterloo), deux équipes à Montréal et Vancouver, et une équipe à Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Winnipeg et Québec."

On cyberpresse.ca

Chester said...

Did I read something about Ryan The White going off to the hospital and unavailable for the first game against The Beaners?

MaxPac is Wolverine said...

I think Habs fans should gang together and win this charity auction for Right to Play.

It'd be hilarious to see Chemmy from PPP choke on his own bile rooting for the Habs. And also because it's a good cause.

Steve said...

We cant lose our only goon, bring back BGL.

Steve said...

" Scott Gomez has the puck"
"Scott Gomez has Stanley Cup Experience"

Go Stanley Cup Gomez Go

dwgs said...

Okay I know this isn't exactly the place to come to for gravitas (I think it's a legal term, go look it up) but could we please please please not mention the whole Chara police investigation thing again? Cause quite frankly, it's just fuckin' embarassing.

Unknown said...

I didn't get here first but I might be able to stick around for longer than 5 comments.

Don't forget Down Goes Brown Did a preview now, too.


ti-cul said...

Steve, BGL not a goon, he'll only fight if you argue over tofu.

"TD Garden installing xtra stanchion post for the first round."

Broons sucks

Steve said...

Hi Cornelius Hardenbergh

Montreal wins if Tomas gets bored stopping 5 or ten ladyshots from the boards per period, and Squid or Tits pops a goal. You will not score one goal on even strength, and at the Bell center, all communications to Collie and Buttman will be blocked, so we just need to luck out with one win in Boston and your on the golf course.

Unknown said...

Yes, let's talk about even-strength scoring.

Because Boston was the best team at even strength all year in the NHL. Montreal weighed in at 18th.


the Maritimer said...

Hi Cornelius,

Just wondering, if the B's lose out in the first round will the Boston faithful throw Chara under the bus like they did Joe Thornton?

Expect to "see" you hanging around here the next few days.

Steve said...

Hi,Cornelius Hardenbergh

That was the regular season, Chocula is going to bring out the playoff notebooks and implement the Playoff System.

Plus we have Scott Gomez playoff experience.

Steve said...

Bratislava is where the losers will play for national glory, except Phil Kessel who was to tired to play any more hockey, even lady international hockey, he needs to rest, betcha he comes into training camp at 300lbs.
I bet your real proud of Phil Cornelius.

Not only will Boston lose to Montreal, Canada will beat the USA, and we have Celine on defense and a guy who could not crack the leaf lineup in goal.

Unknown said...

Maritimer - No, the dude's huge. No way we can lift him up OR he fits under the bus.

Steve - if I remember correctly the playoff system is "trap trap trap trap trap and pray" no?

As for Playoff Experience, the only guy in the east with more playoff games under his belt than Mark Recchi is Chris Pronger.

Steve said...

Hi,Cornelius Hardenbergh

You are correct sir, the playoff system has more traping, less shooting and way way more praying.

Steve said...

Hi,Cornelius Hardenbergh

Recchi will not finish the series, his verbal diarrheal has caused a disruption in the force. Instant Karma is going to get him.

Unknown said...

If it was truly "instant," I don't think the Bruins would have trounced the Habs 7-0 the game after he said it.

ti-cul said...

How'bout we make that a 4 game serie, and give the Bastards a 3 game lead before it starts.

Would daddy C call it hockey play.

Broons suck

Bill 10-4 said...

Habs vs B's!

Cornelius vs FHF!

Spring is here. yay. but so are exams..sigh

In the 2010-11 NHL season, only one team from the 'Original Six' failed to make the Stanley Cup playoffs. That team is:
a) Montreal Canadiens
b) Chicago Blackhawks
c) Detroit Red Wings
d) Boston Bruins
e) New York Rangers
f) none of the above

Steve said...

@Bill 10-4

Its a good thing Cornelius is not your average Broons fan, that test could paralyze your standard beaner for at least a week.

Cornelius -Instant Karma can be delayed due to many factors like

"Scott Gomez has the puck"

Chester said...

Where's the hate ???
Where the fuck is the hate ???
This is The Fuckin Beaners, The Anti-Habs. The bad smelling fucking thugs from The City That Talks Funny. It's like some kind of love fest here ... Jebus...
Fuck Fuck Boobs Fuck ...Boobs.

Steve said...

I am pacing myself, do not want to be all out hated by game time.

Unknown said...


Bruins fans know where Toronto finished the year, because we have their 1st-round pick this year again.


go dive into a burning cop car

Chester said...

There we go, that's better. All this civilized conversation between Habs and Beaners is just fucking wrong. It goes against Mother Nature. On a more refreshing note, I'll be starting to build the first level of my Shrine tonite. Always a happy time. Something the Leaf wouldn't know anything about.

the Maritimer said...

At this stage of my life, I can't bring myself to "hate" a hockey team anymore. The Montreal/Boston rivalry is the best in the league. The series will be really close, I will be very surprised if there are any blow-outs. I do dislike certain teams and at the top of the list is:

1. New Jersey Devils - can't stand the trap and Fat Marty pisses me off because he always gave the Habs fits.
2. Carolina Hurricanes - they injure our best players (Koivu and Markov) and Eric Cole was fucking poison.

God it's going to be hard to cheer for Team Canada at the world championship because there are so many crappy leafs on the team. TSN will be sucking leaf arse hard covering that tournament. Burkakke will get lots of face time I'm sure.

GYFHG!!! the Bruins are our bitches!!

Boob Gainey said...


Some thoughts.

Looked at your blog.

It sucks.

I'm guessing that no one reads it.

Steve said...

Hi Cornelius Hardenbergh

How did your Toronto pick from last year work out, will we pay attention to him in the playoff?

What do Broons fans think of Fat Phil? Miss him badly?

Unknown said...

@Boob - Do you have a blog?

@steve - Seguin is promising and picking up his game. Not sure how much he plays, especially if we can turn Michael Ryder into Rough Ryder

ti-cul said...

@ 10-4; be nice to corney or he'll shove your head in a stanchion post. Daddy C will call that a blog play

Corney has to come up here to see what it's like to have comments posted on a blog.

Didn't the Bastards give that 1st pick back to the leaf for Kaberle?

broons suck.

Steve said...

Hi,Cornelius Hardenbergh

That Ryder thing was cool, but it would have been better with him under the car.

Unknown said...

Leafs got our 1st in the Kaberle trade, not their first back.

I know I have a shitty blog, before you really try to pursue that too much. There are maybe 2 or 3 posts I really am proud of in the few years of writing.

Though I do understand that you're worried about the series and would rather talk trash ad hominem than about the teams involved.

soperman said...

I walked over and TP'd Brad Marchand's parent's house last night. That's all the hate I can muster for the sad little Broons. I am sure they learned how to count to four since the last playoff.

soperman said...

Make sure you guys do your pantscast tonight, the guys over at Hockey (Habs) Inside Out just posted a puckcast.

Bill 10-4 said...

wv: "norrath" yet but as the wise Steve recommends: pace yourselves

@C - point taken, but what really is the value of "previews" anyway? Barring freak golf cart or blender injuries, nuthin's happening for another 48+ hrs anyway (ooh! Gionta says Habs might win! Horton says B's are confident! stop the presses!)

Boob Gainey said...


Why talk about the teams? You have been, currently are, and always will be our complete and utter bitches. What else is there to say?

The manner of your unavoidable humiliation this year? I prefer to wait and see.

We could get into the specifics of the physical, spiritual, moral ugliness of the Bruins and their supporters.

We could speculate on when Claude Julien, who was fired by the two classiest organizations in hockey, will finally be fired by the shabbiest, and whether he will find work at Hockey Night in Canada. He will, by then, meet their hiring criteria: ex-Bruin, a failure, a proponent of thug tactics, and physically repulsive.

We could mention once again that all the intelligent Bostonians follow baseball - leaving only the Massholes to support the Bruins.

We could have an ethical debate on eugenics, and whether it was right to allow Milan Lucic to survive despite the fact that half his chromosomes come from an escaped orangutan from the Vancouver zoo.

But what would be the point?

moeman said...

Burkkake says his leaf and season was a fucking failure.
He then took Qs from the genius CotU mediots.

clASSic Burkkake mindset;

CotU mediot: How was the reamer?
Burkkake: fabulous

CotU mediot: How was the coaching?
Burkkake: great

CotU mediot: How was kessposito?
Burkkake: excellent

CotU mediot: How was kadri?
Burkkake: better than expected

CotU mediot: How was Céline and your D.
Burkkake: top notch

CotU mediot: How was your bottom 3?
Burkkake: efficient

CotU mediot: How was Bozo-ack?
Burkkake: love the kid

CotU mediot: How were the fans?
Burkkake: fuck em

CotU mediot: How was the season?
Burkkake: a failure

Le Douze said...

@Boob: +24. Sometimes it's just not worth the trouble to dis a team and its fans. Particularly when they do the job themselves by their actions.

WV: mulpac - what the Habs' doctor recommends for sprains?

Hey, is there gonna be an open thread for the leaders' debate tonight, or do we need to make do with this one, Corney-bashing and all? Fuck knows there's no hockey...

Chester said...

@ Boob
Lovely sentiments. You forgot to mention that our women have bigger boobs and are just generally hotter than Beaner women... and ... our beer is better.

Ya thats it.