Monday, April 11, 2011

The Morning Skate has playoff fever for Monday, April 11

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of winning the Masters or winning the World Curling Championship...
  • After watching the Blackhawks lose in the afternoon, the Stars had their playoff destiny in their hands, but choked under pressure with a 5-3 loss to Minny;
  • Boston prepares for the Habs by losing to the Devils, as Jacques Lemaire coached his "final" game (for the third time);
  • Pens gave a bunch of players the day off, and they still beat the Thrash;
  • The Avs 4 Edm 3 game was only notable for the final game of Adam Foote, the last guy in the league to don a Nords jersey;
  • For the record, Corey Perry wins the Rocket Richard trophy, Daniel Sedin the Art Ross and Luongo / some backup the Jennings;
  • We'll be checking the Boston Globe all week. Right now the Globe reports that the Celtics are down to 3rd in the East and the Sawx won;
  • Jack Todd recaps the Habs season;
  • Here's PJ Stock's take on Mon-Bos. Guess who he picks.
Playoffs! We'd get excited, but we need to wake up first. We'll get to work on some sort of preview soon, maybe even a Pantscast. You'll see an updated Habs playoff schedule in a box on the right. Here's the full sched from the NHL (after moving the Federal Election debate). In case you need us to tell you the matchups for some reason, here they are.




soperman said...

Hey PJ, you dink, it is only a "cinderella" run if you are playing teams which are vastly superior on paper. It's probably news to you, dick-wad, but the Broons aren't that good. They don't stack up, on paper, to the Caps or the Pens last year. People may have a favourite to come out of the east, but there are no consensus favs.

GYFHG! (25-8 as of April 2011)

Steve said...

It Monday and I dont give a fuck
cant wait till Thursday
Drop the fucking puck
Go You Giant Blue Smurfs Go.

Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

"We'll be checking the Boston Globe all week."

This scares and excites me.


Mr. natural said...

Good morning Cornelius.

@29: Thanks for always incoporating PHuctards (though you do need to capitalize the H also) as the official FHF name for well the PHuctards.

Games 6 - 7 back to back, only series with this handicap!!??

Conspiracy theorist begin.....

That is all.

Steve said...

Hi,Cornelius Hardenbergh, care to make a prediction?

I remain to scared to think.

Ryan said...

I haven't posted in a while, but I still check everyday. Cannot wait for this series, we better be ready to play. The good news is they won't goon it up, since they're scared shitless of our power play.

In other news, I passed the Florida Bar.


Steve said...

@Ryan congratulations,

did you go to AA or just quit cold turkey?

Steve said...

PHucktards - loyalty, please play the season in the minors, and then in the playoffs where players play for free we will use it.

uncertainty in goal.

Rookie Sergei Bobrovsky will start the series as the No. 1 man but could be replaced by Michael Leighton if he stumbles. Leighton, recently recalled from the AHL, helped the Flyers reach the Stanley Cup final a year ago.

Mr. natural said...

@ Ryan Congrats!

@ Steve 1. Thakns for the capital H, FHF are you paying attention? Also you and orangie need to slug it out in the octogon to see who is the goofiest Bastard!

Harken back with me to a time, say April 2010, when not a single person in Montreal thought we had a chance against the #1 team in all of hockey, the Bs are pretty PHucken' far from being the #1 team in hockey.


Steve said...

@Mr. Natural, thanks for the pep talk, I needed that, maybe I will even switch from depends to underwear for the rest of the day.

Be inspired, we can top this.

soperman said...

I was just on the TSN website, nary a mention of the Leaf...


soperman said...

Put away your conspiracy theories (or make them even crazier) because Stubbs says the extra day between game 5 and 6, thus the back to back game 7 is because of a Lady GaGa concert.

Bill 10-4 said...

Turns key, idle to warm up, idle thoughts

Regardless of opponents, and aside from the obvious Adorable Bros., It troubles me to consider that we'll need Misters White, Mara & Moen eating their Wheaties for the next few weeks.

Some goals would be cool too. hello?

Call me a sap, but I dig the myth building and love the school kids vid. Go Habs Go.

Gotta a couple of days yet to find me some good ol' hate.

depress clutch

Mr. natural said...

@soperman, you are so naive, Lagy Gaga is 7th Dan black belt of the Illuminati!

@Steve: stop crying out for attention, take your lube, your ice cream and your meth, go in the corner and entertain yourself. (just trying to keep the pep talks going....)

ti-cul said...

@ 10-4, I don't remember you having to look anywhere and wait to find yourself some b's hate. Last I check, it was engraved in you.

fuck the broons

Steve said...

I just heard some interesting commmentary on the FAN590. During the rare moments they dont talk about baseball, they said, the only team the Leafs could take out next year and make the playoffs was Montreal.
The Leafs are delusional about how good thier team is.

AND DONUT BOY IS TO TIRED TO PLAY FOR USA - its been a long seasons says Phil, and there are so many Tim Horton's I have yet to visit.

Not Geoff Molson said...

What do you call a person at a Cambridge, Mass grocery store with 15 items in the 10-item express lane?

1) A person from Harvard who can't read
2) A person from MIT who can't count
3) Colin Campbell - he can't be bothered to add up games to suspend a Broons why should he be expected to add up his grocery items?
4) Don Cherry

Mr. natural said...

Someone should let the US media know that in Canada we re-schedule federal election party leader debates so as to accomodate hockey. PHUCK YA!!!

That is all.

Mr. natural said...

this is the greatest thing ever

Not Geoff Molson said...

@Mr. natural

It looks like our meth ice cream got delivered to Ron Wilson's office on Saturday night.

Boob Gainey said...

Next season.

What Leafs fan talk about every April.

Steve said...

I agree with Wilson, PFK, TFS and Sidney Crosby and they would be a great team.

Chester said...

WOW Grabovski is just scratching the surface... and I thought it was a rash.

Steve said...

@Chester its called Blue and White disease and for a hockey player terminal. Look at Poor Donut Boy, so tuckered out from not making the playoff he cant play for USA. Hearts of Champions.

moeman said...

kessposito is an All-Star and isn't worthy to play with the World Cup lesser rans.

Steve said...

@Moeman Kesp0sito? to hard to type, to long, reference's totally lost on the kids.

Lionhart - (no heart like Wizard of OZ, google it you lousy kids)
Mckinsey - he keeps track of all his shots on goal and has a quota for the season, when he reaches his quarterly total he shuts down, thus the extended slumps.
KTS - Kessel Tracker Subject

Hey anybody want a gazeboo I am giving them away, nice ones, worth a couple of hundred, book value over $100,000

Le Douze said...

@NGM - Actually, as a Harvard alum I can say it's relatively unlikely you'll find a Harvard person (except maybe facilities staff) at a Cambridge grocery store. Students mostly live on campus and only go to convenience stores for late nice munchie runs. Tenured profs mostly live out in Arlington and shop at organic green markets. Grad students mostly live in Somerville and can't afford to eat.

However, if you did find a Harvard student or staff in a grocery store with 15 items, he or she most definitely would be in the express lane, because he or she would figure his or her time was more valuable than anyone else's, and wouldn't give a fuck about the posted rules.

But Harvard did have a pretty good hockey team while I was there - it was always a lot of fun to watch their games. And the Marching Band would always come and play "Rock Lobster" and "Psycho Killer" and stuff like that - how cool is that? (The band were the folks banned from performing at the football games because of their pornographic half-time shows, like the comdom demonstration. Apparently the alums were not as amused as the students.)

Le Douze said...

s/b "late NIGHT munchie runs"; though sometimes they were nice, usually they were pretty grungy.

moeman said...

"The extra day off between Game 3 and 4, by the way, is because of a Rush concert at the Bell Centre."

Election debates vs. RUSH, discuss.

Anonymous said...

To all those hating on Gomez: The playoffs is a new season. You have to give every player a clean slate and hope they deserve it. So if the mexican pots one on Thursday, don't say 8 goals on the year, say instead he's on a spicy goal per game pace! For better or worse these are your habs, get behind them or get out of the way!!!

ti-cul said...

@ ano; GYMFHG!!!

and fuck the broons

and the leaf, what leaf?

ti-cul said...

After the last game of the year, leaf goalie has attempted to commit suicide and laid down on the train rail downtown t.o. Fortunately, the train went through his legs.

moeman said...

Final rankings;

tsn: 12th (Bs 2nd)

thn: 15th (Bs 7th)

espn: 15th (Bs 6th)


Pre dick tions so far:

pjstuck and crotch say Bs, mcsplooge leaning Bs.

Mr. natural said...

@ Ron Wilson: I'm just a couple of numbers away from winning the 6/49!

Getting PHucken' pumped here, need me some hockey.... or, in a pinch, Australian rules football, now that was whacked out shit.


Oh ya and Die PHucktards Die!

That is all

Hadulf said...

I'm a few days late but...I'm so proud to have made it to the FHF readers review image...Allthough, I'm in Youpi's croch...I don't know if I should read something into that...


Bill 10-4 said...

@hadulf - or Orangeman's crotch.

hey - at least you dont look like Charles Manson...

Orangeman said...

Man, I come here and scroll to the bottom to comment and then I see something about my crotch. It's my police report all over again.

A couple of seasons ago when the Habs finished 1st in the East and were on a crazy winning streak against the Bs TSN and CBC still picked the broons to win. They will never pick the Habs to win anything. I mean, 2nd in the league? The broons didn't even crack the top two all season in the East, the much weaker conference. Does anyone seriously believe they're stronger than the Caps, Phlyers, Wings or Sharks? I would literally prefer to face the Bs than any team in the West. But TSN has had them in the top three all season. It's no surprise.

And as I go to TSN to check something I see Dion's ugly, even for a hockey player, face. GIVE IT UP, THEY'RE DONE. Holy Christ. Yeah, they're only 3 pieces away being SC winners. Well, I was only 3 numbers away from being a multi-millionaire last Friday. You know what that got me? FUCKING NOTHING. Go away and die for crying out loud.

Number31 said...


Steve said...

@orangeman talking about your crotch I was hoping to see some statical, a picture not so much.

I watched Henry V, I watched bravehart and all the Die Hard movies, the 71, 93 series and I am still pooping my pants. It will not be an epic fail, but could be an epic win. As for Chocula, he may have won 600 games at the NHL level, but who can say I could not pick a couch better. I am going soft on chocula, when I am in Montreal next week I will propably buy a Mexicant jersey.

moeman said...

Steve in Montréal? Not enough strippers!

Orangeman said...

This might shock most of you, you might want to sit down to read this. The icon of intelligent, rational, objective hockey analysis Donald Cherry has predicted the Bruins will prevail against the Habs. This shocking news has made the front page of the CBC due to its controversy. The hockey world has been shaken.

moeman said...

Recent Steve.

Hadulf said...

God I hate that cherry character...


Steve said...

@Moeman, yes she was a little young but right till the end she was willing.

Hadulf said...

Tickle tickle

Orangeman said...

So if you go to the CBC's Bruins-Habs page and scroll down to see the recent highlights, you'll find that the Habs beat the leaf 4-2 on Saturday. Most people only thought it was 4-1 because, you know, the leaf only scored one goal. But you have to use Cherry math. My lord, these guys have no shame. I'm all for forgiving typos, but it was 3 days ago now.

Hadulf said...

Ok, so I posted this twice, my appologies but fucking blogger made it disappear!

Tickle fucking tickle

Steve said...

Believe me now and I will lie to you later, Mr. Steve will be visiting the Vatican. But it will be the evil Steve. Why that? God dont make lonely girls.

Steve said...

Fuck all the media cocksuckers and that means all of them, who say buying gazebos was not misleading only less than transparent, its a fucking rip off direct from my wallet to some bumfuck your sister place in Ontario, if you want to know very close to where I grew up, and I never fucked my sister cause the family had sheep

Anonymous said...

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