Saturday, April 16, 2011

Suck on these highlights HNIC

So we can sleep in tomorrow without you people complaining we're late posting anything, enjoy these long-form highlights after a win. They feature a play-by-play man who gets excited for Habs goals. A play-by-play man who works for NESN, you Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dickfaces. The Montreal Canadiens just went into hostile enemy territory and won two games. You could at least feign interest.

Morning update: lap dance to code_monkey for pointing us to this PFK post-game interview. Instant classic.


Public Domain said...


Mr. natural said...

OK promise I won't complain.

Man sure feels good to up 2-0 coming home.

Meth, ice cream and booze help as well.

I could watch these highlights all night.


Thanks FHF.

ti-cul said...

Mr. N.; you never complain.

Even Alexandra doesn't complain anymore.

How'bout' big choke Thornton?

Go Habs Go!

ti-cul said...

Just in case Cornelius gets here. Can you count past 5 now?

fuck the broonz

lawyergirl77 said...

You guys... Monday is gonna be fucking EPIC.

I may not be able to sleep until then...

Anonymous said...

I would like to posit a theory; the shaved ape is dehydrated from pissing his pants constantly since the end of game one. Look for a rash of dehydration cases amongst his teammates.

CHunderdownunder said...

Can't remember who, in the pantscast, said coaching is overrated. My friends, chocula is outcoaching humpty dumpty. Go you fucking habs go!!!! Fuck that pissy gorilla.

code_monkey said...

[a href=""]All Business[/a]

code_monkey said...

That'll teach me to read the whole instructions.
All Business

soperman said...

sleep? who can sleep?

Allen Cup winners? I would have been insulted if Clarenville wasn't a little town in NL next to my mother's home town (Little Catalina). seriously the.Allen Cup?

The shaved ape is really thirsty. Tough guy

Mr. natural said...

PK reminds me of the Joker in that clip: "why so serious"? Probably because he knows the Bs have retreated to the fortress of sucktitude for intensive training in the Heimlich maneuver!

Well let's not start sucking each others dicks just yet, don't want to jinx anything.

Well well well lookit yer little Timmy Thomas now, after having to look at his face on the NHL web site all year as stats leader... but now when the chips are down and it has to count...not so much.

TFS is so far beyond AWESOME that my mind is boggled.

Look at all us doubters now, while I never wavered on the club it took me awhile to digest losing Halak and accepting that TFS would be as great as he is, this PHucken' guy's a MONSTER.

Never been so happy to have been completely wrong.

Jesus H. CHrist I really hope that cotu never acknowledges the Habs, PFK, TFS or anything we do, PHuck 'em, PHuck 'em all, all they're prognosticating, they're expert analysis, all cheerleaders who can't see beyond their own bias, maybe racism? The proof will be in the pudding as grandma Richardson use to say.


Hadulf said...

Man I'm hurting this morning...all that booze is kicking in!

My kids will destroy me!

But Habs are 2-0, yeah baby!

HF29 aka HH29 said...

Ironically, I'm up. kept having this nightmare of a 6'9" gorilla banging my head into a frozen pond screaming "WATER, WATER". must mean something.

these jokes may bite us in the ass soon, but for now i'm happy

GODDAMN I LOVE THAT PK INTERVIEW. Put it in the post, thx code_monkey

Anonymous said...



moeman said...

Imagine if PFK! did that interview (like that) on cbc, he'd be getting ripped. Love the kid. Love being up 2-0. Two to go.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Baby Yeah...

The phone booth will be rocking tomorrow. Let's just make sure we don't make Ruins fans of ourselves.


soperman said...


great catch - subie dubie dooooo

Cornelious must be heart-broken
hee hee

Stinky said...

Well that was something else. GYFH indeed!

Apropos of nothing, can someone refresh my memory as to why the CBC is referred to as CotU?

Doogie2K said...

Kid's learned not to give 'em any bulletin-board material. You'd think that wouldn't be as entertaining, but something about the juxtaposition of his bubbly personality and the all-business interviews he gave CBC and VS makes it funny in its own right.

Also, tits, fuck Boston, etc. 2-0 MOTHERFUCKERS!!

Orangeman said...

I am happy.

Mr. natural said...

...and the Lord said "Let there be light" and there was light.

God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.

God called the light Habs, and the darkness He call Broonz.

God punished the faithless sinning Broonz and their fans; He gave the light a 2-0 lead heading home and He saw that this was good.

And God spoke and said "Go You Mother Fucking Habs Go" and it was made to be so.

And in His wisdom he smote the darkness and cursed them to eternal CHoketitude and saw that this was good..Amen

moeman said...

CotU = Centre of the Universe. Toronto and its mediots self-affixed the label to make themselves seem more important than the ROC.

Number31 said...

PK says "This is my business face". That Versus dude looks kind of scared of PK...