Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let the mourning begin

The season is dead. Killed in an excruciating yet exciting finale. Thanks to every one of you who made this season a blast as always. See you in a few days.



Somehow, I feel strangely liberated.

skyking said...

Our Boyz didn't win their 25th...

....We didn't advance through the first round...

....And yet I am still HUGELY proud...

If we had been healthy who knows...

Thank you 4HF for another great year of coverage, insight, faith, and humour.

I CLINK you all...

~To OUR Canadiens~

Number31 said...

I'm pretty cool with it. A win would have been gravy. They battle quite nicely in their achilles heal (back-to-back game) and we got a sweet sweet SuperPleky shorthanded goal to boot. But seeing Eller and PK and White and Weber and DDD and Price and how they did with the odds against them, you couldn't ask for anything more. Maybe PK and Price can go play for Team Canada?

GO BULLDOGS! Beat the Moose before the Coyotes take over their building, again.

Sofia said...

via NP's Bruce Arthur:
Andrew Ference, on Jeff Halpern staying down after the hit: "I don't know if he was trying to get a good penalty or what."

Lemme guess, it was an unintentional shoulder, to go with the unintentional bird? Has Ference always been such a little shit, or is this new?

Beckenbauer said...

Losing just isn't the same without your annual lights-out. I came here for the black backdrop. Have a great summer everyone!

Hadulf said...

First and foremost, thanks to all the FHF posters for this blog. Your hard work does not go unappreciated, let it be known. Thank you.

Second, thanks to all FHF regulars...I love to read all your comments, piss my pants, cry my eyes out or just plain think you're all crazy fucks. Thank you.

The season would not be the same without this place.

Go. Habs. Go.

Enjoy your summer everyone!

I'll be checking in...

wv: God I'd love to give alisay milano a meat injection...

BaconAddict said...

So... empty... inside....

CHunderdownunder said...

Thanks guys for putting together the best hockey blog on the interweb.

Of course I hoped the Habs could win but I feel like I can have a life now. These games start at 9 am in Oz. I have not been working much.

Fuck Chara and fuck the rest of the Boston cunts!


Anonymous said...

A few stuff:

first off, thanks to this great great blog, by far the best Habs hang-out, for a fun season.

second, this was a great season, and but for a few bounces, could have been ours. but apparently we will get the joy of seeing philly flatten juliens fat head and all the stupid broons. cant wait.

eller earned his keep this post-season, and cammy is the man.


the heroes?

price, all the way, for a great season and great effort this post-season, we should organize a fan-appreciation rally for him!

and ya know who else? our coach. he carried us all year and until overtime game 7. hes an okay guy after all.

bye bye gomer bye bye kostists, enjoy wherever you play next year. not here, i hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I haven't posted all year but I just wanted you to know that I check this site first thing every morning, before the news, and not a day goes by that I don't appreciate your effort.

Thank you - from me and, I'm sure, from your many, many grateful readers.

And if you could, perchance, manage some post-elimination musings on any of the 37,614 things you'd have rather seen the Habs do at centre ice with/to Zdeno Chara rather than shaking his hand, all sportsman-like, well, hell, that'd be just another thing for which your loyal fans would be quite appreciative.

GYFC (Caps) (or Canucks) Take your pick

sadhabsfan said...

@ Habsfan29
Gotta think you had this headstone ready to go in anticipation of the loss. Makes me even sadder than usual
but at least I'm half drunk now so I forgive you. I am in awe of the skill. I hafta hunt'n peck for every line. Youse guys are the best. Hockey's over now. But the yuks continue, PLEASE. thankee

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons we all love this site is the guys who write it aren't beholden to the team they cover.

So the writing, and the choice of topics, don't look like some lame, cautious, sycophantic effort not to offend.

On the contrary. You guys regularly offer the best read of any Habs coverage anywhere.


As for the media actually paid to cover the Habs, I'm wondering if any might ask the players whether any of them felt like doing THIS to Chara or Ferrence or any of the rest of them:

ezzeloharr said...

Just saw PleXXXe score on Canadiens Express. I'm secretly hoping a quantum fluctuation changes the result of this game...

Thank you so much F(ish)HF for running the most fantastic Habs blog out there. And thank you commentariat. The laughs, and the occasional hockey analysis, always keep me coming back. You guys are amazing.

Now, it's just a matter of surviving the next six months until the puck drops in Montreal again.


Number31 said...

Apparently Ference is getting a hearing for his excessive shrug to the side of Halpern's head. Small victories?

Halpern deserves a medal. Two dirty hits in one game and you couldn't drag him off the bench. No way he was going to allow anyone tell him to go to a "quiet room".

LeBuuuuut said...

What the hell?

Mr. natural said...

To the F(ish)HF, orangeman, moey, maritimer, anon, Le but, Escaped mental patient Steve,hadulf,ezzo, Kmaxx and all the rest of you goofy bastards, sincere thanks it's a blast "hanging out" with you all and look forward to doing it again.


mr. n

Orangeman said...

Thanks for the times, yada yada group hug. The future looks bright.

So when does your coverage of the Washington Nationals begin?

Orangeman said...

After the game last night I sent a couple messages to bruin fans/hab hater friends congratulating them. Both got back shoving it in my face mocking the Habs and saying they were dominated, full of hate. I think I have to re-evaluated what kind of people I know.

soperman said...

Thanks to everyone at the FourHabsFans, bloggers and commentariart alike. You guys/girls make the hockey season way more fun.

It is amazing to watch PK develop - that kid is going to be great (I refuse to compare him to anyone, he will be the greatest PK ever). Price is going to get even better. And there are a lot of talented people in various stages of their careers. The future looks bright - yes I am wearing shades.

Many negative things about the Broons. I would like to avoid them but I have to say that Andrew Ference is a hyprocite. He came out and denounced his teammate (Paille) for a headshot, now he does that to Halpern. Dick.

Daddy Says said...

Thanks for the memories folks.
FHF made better additions to the team, moeman, LG et all. If only our management had that talent...
I won't go on past saying that I love reading this blog and can't wait for next year so we can do it all again.
In the mean time, we will have to settle for sexy friday's and apparently there are teams in the "west"? WTF.
Our season is dead yet the contract lives on.

Steve said...

There's a sad sort of clanging
From the scoreboard in the Fourm
And the bells in the steeple, too
And up in the luxury box
An absurd little Goat
Is popping out to say coo-coo
(Coo-coo, coo-coo)

coo-coo Regretfully they tell us
coo-coo But firmly they compel us
to say good season ending
To you

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight
I hate to go and leave this pretty web site
So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu
To FHF’ish and you and yes commenters you

So long, farewell
Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen
I'd like to stay
And taste my first champagne in 18 years

So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye

I leave and heave
A sigh and say goodbye

I'm not glad to go
I cannot tell a lie
I curse I yell
I finally fall, I fly

The sun has gone to Boston
The cup will not be ours.
So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye



(be sure to vote, and be sure it is not for me)

iRiRi said...

It seems I may have put on too brave a face last night. This is a lot more painful this morning. Feels more real. Ugh.

Thanks to FHF for the hilarious and always creative posts. The amount of time you guys & gals put into this blog is very much appreciated. Also, thanks to all the commenters. You peeps always make me laugh too.

The summer should be fun, what with only our best and probably worst defenseman signed into next year. Oh, yeah, and hopefully some nice weather.


Cornelius Hardenbergh said...


PatCHes67 said...

Well we didn't really expect a cup this year did we? at least I didn't with all the injuries. But next year I am confident we will be there and of course I will be here at this fantastic blog laughing and crying and bitching with the rest of you.

Thanks everyone at FHF for being awesome, and to everyone who posts comments. This place is like a church where we all gather to pay homage to the religion that is the Canadiens.


ncbeets said...


gottlieb said...
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gottlieb said...
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B B said...

Question... seriously, a constructive question!

If the Habs put Goatmex's sorry, non-productive, huge liability ass on the AHL roster (ECHL, if possible) before July 1, how does that effect the cap room we have to sign Brooks Laich?

If the Habs tender $500K RFA deals to pieces of shit Pouliot and Kostitsyn, and they arrogantly refuse to sign them, and no team picks them up, what happens?

How much shit will fly when we sign Gilroy, Dubinsky, and/or Callahan to big RFA offers? Will the Rangers retaliate and try to sneak Gaborik's contract on Gainey?

chepanet said...

Thanks again to all the FHFs for yet another season of entertainment, insight, cameraderie and gratuitous nudity.

As always, you make the season highs more enjoyable and the lows more bearable and we thank you for it.

Plus, visiting the site and taking in that all-black backdrop has become something of a season-ending ritual for me and a decent enough way to find some form of closure.

Thanks again

kevincrumbs said...

I would love Dubinsky as a Hab. I've been dreaming of the day we have an ex-Portland Winterhawk on our roster. Uh, Marcel Hossa doesn't count.

Steve said...

Some people thoght that sound of mucsic special was the last thing they would here from a dear leader now smasheded like a broken clam onthe seashree, and the fact that clam shells break up on the seashore is the one fact I have not lied about. But I want to be elected, and I already have in place a mechanism whereby the Leafs will always win the playoffs, so please vote for me, i love the Beatles, The Who , and so unexpected Credence Clearwater rEVIAL. I am like a GOD, vote for me or I know now how and I have practice in focus groups ways to strike you down. You got a Moses, well I will kill him at birth.

Steve said...

My rage will translate into a Calgary FLames scenario, so do not take my Cordelie tears as concrete.

Steve said...

Fact is, I love the lego head, and I will not be silenced, Go Lego Head Jack Go, the land of Lego is the the land of Jack, and you know they are world leades in every cataogoriy, except the Bruins atttack.

Steve said...

I have said it before, and I will say it again. This blog is all about, the blog, I am PASTAFARINA, and the fact that this is a Jewish blog, makes me excited about the possibly we could love something outside our belief system, simply because it was entertaining, scalpel true, and full of what I wantd to say, non message, but really a home for people who are Habs fans with strong opinions.

soperman said...

Too much meth AND computer access.

Steve said...

I have been unstapple before and after the closing. With love and the meds I need I will become a productive citywide and maybe once more become pm. iF i DO become PM, I will force my will upon Boston fans and all disenteres, I will look at yyur cellphone activity and decide about how long you should serve in jaIL WITHOUT trial. I am the only one , there is no other human in the race of mankind that can do what I do. Yes I am more improtant to canada than crary price.

Steve said...

Okay, I am going dark, See you in September, if I still have internet access. Only your vote will make that possibel.

iRiRi said...

You know, with the news that Patches got the green light yesterday and would have been available to face the Caps tomorrow and the no suspension on Ference and now, Thomas spewing hate at PFK in the media, all I have to say is...


Number31 said...

Seriously. The way the Bruins are talking makes me think the Habs won. Habs all class get slapped in the face. I beam with PRIDE with my Habs so go fuck yourselves Bruins. And go trip on your Vezina, Floppy Tim.

I never thought I'd cheer so hard for the Phucktards in my life. I feel...dirty...

Bill 10-4 said...

ok not so accepting today - ah well..

In the absence of Team Meteor or Team Ebola, I cannot root for either team in the next series. I cant even type their names. Assholes all of them.

Gonna settle in to a comfy seat on the VanBandwagon with my little green friend. The food & wine will be outstanding but, I fear, will not make up for the exponential drop in intelligence & sense of humour. And the gals aren't as pretty. The chronic sense of impending doom and subculture of inferiority, while amusing and perhaps well-earned, are quite disorienting to a Habs fan. Linden is their Beliveau, Bure their Rocket. sigh. But, hey, the twins are beautiful to watch when rolling.

Anyway, BIG FAT THANKS to FHF exec and commentors for making me laugh (and occasionally think) every day. Only blog I read. Enjoy the playoffs if you can and have a great summer comrades.

See you in September

Go Habs Go

Jon said...

Hey Guys,

Tough to accept that third goal by Boston. Refs have an obligation to be better than that in an elimination game in playoffs. You know someone fucked up when Grapes is siding with the habs against the bruins!!! Anyway here's my offseason game plan for the habs:

Trade anyone from the botton 2 lines for Gregory Campbell (A.K.A. License To Kill). Bring back BGL and instruct him to skate around smashing heads and spearing throats like this is the 1950s! Also, make Gomez assistant coach and put Muller back in the lineup. If that's the only way we can hold on to him, he couldn't do much worse than 37pts and -15...

Le Douze said...

It's been a bit too raw for me to post about it ... kudos for HF29 for having the fortitude to wave the black banner (or, ok, background, whatevs).

Is it too much to hope that the gorilla will put whiny little bitch Richards out of action with a hit into a stanchion, and then Carcillo will take a run at Z and dislocate his shoulder, and then Pronger and Pretzel Looch will get into a fight and concuss each other?

I'm rooting for a Bolts - Preds final, but I fear it will be a Wings - PHucktards final..

At least we won't have to listen to the Broon-nosers dis our team anymore.

Thanks, FHT guys (and gals) for a great year... with savvy GM moves to shore up a sagging D you managed to stay in the game and in contention until the very end. Here's looking forward to the post-season pants(less)cast. For my part, I'm looking forward to seeing more of Larry the Danish Block, and miniMex D^3, and of the return of Vodkov (hopefully) and MaxPac, and of course the TFS and PFK show, and I'm hoping that next year Mex either plays like in Game 1 or gets hit by a bus. But considering how many players are unsigned, especially on D, it's gonna be interesting to see what the team actually looks like next year.

Orangeman said...

I have to agree with 31. All day I've heard nothing but positives about and from our team about the series. Yet the Boston fans I know have been griping and insulting everyone all day. Like I mentioned, I tried to reach out and congratulate a couple of B fans I know and just got vitrial in response. And like I mentioned last night I think I might have lost a good friend who's a casual hockey fan just because the Habs won game 6. I can't fathom what would have happened if they won last night. I don't know what it is about the Habs that get people so insanely spiteful and hateful. I actually think I am dealing with our loss better than these people are with the win. Maybe it's the Bruins that attract people with mental and emotional issues.

Number31 said...

Isn't just some of their fans...but what I'm hearing coming out of the mouths of the Bruins players. Like PK is a TRAVESTY to the game. Yea 'cause Greg Campbell yanked him down and everyone assumed he was diving. Meanwhile the angelic Ference gets away with another one of his wardrobe malfunctions while claiming Halpern was facedown on the ice 'cause he was trying to get a good penalty call out of it. I mean his shoulder pad just LEAP to the side of Halpern's head, honest! (Pissed 'cause I gave Ference respect for calling out Paille when he threw the blindside to Sawada and everyone jumped at his throat).

It's like just shaddup and go on to your next series already you fucking tools. I've never heard such crap in my life from the winning team that won by a bounce...

...which makes me think just how frightened they were of how they almost ended the series on their own by almost putting the puck into their own net. Twice.

Random Hab Girl said...

I would like to say: THANK YOU
Thank you FHF and all the regulars (steve, orangeman, lawyergirl, moeman,soperman,iRiRi and even Corn Hard) for making this the most intelligent, witty, creative and funny blog around. You are truly the best and I believe that some of you could make a living out of your writing.
During the series, I come and read this blog morning, afternoon, evening, night. I sneak peeks at work whenever I can.
THe playoff experience would never have been the same without you. You provide a community in which we can share, swear (fuck yeah), laugh out loud and especially not feel guilty about being Haboholics.
I love you guys.
Thank you again
p.s. I found Hawksley Workman's "the ground we stand on" to be inexplicably soothing this morning:

Random Hab Girl said...

Oh yeah, and GYFHG!!!!! I'm so proud. said...

great season!
great team!
great blog!

I'll missyou guys with my morning coffee.

Anonymous said...

great effort from both teams for a great series but 31 your really going to say campbell took subban down? he looked like a tree falling in the woods, completely fell on his own. maybe your just bitter, but if thats what you truly saw then you are just like the rest of them...thought you were better than that.

soperman said...


campbell did not even shut off the chainsaw.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, but some fuel for the fire...


Orangeman said...



Orangeman said...

@Anon: I find it pathetically ironic that someone who chooses the screen name 'Days of Y'Orr' rips into Habs fans for living in the past. Yay, you're team had one legitimate superstar and gentleman. 40 fucking years ago.

And I don't care about any of the rest of the message, but I don't consider mocking a seriously injured player funny no matter what team he plays for. Not that anyone has ever been accused of blaming Bruin fans for being classy. I'd also like to know what media this guy is talking about that was calling the series for the Habs, and Thomas a has been. Certainly wasn't Canadian.

Orangeman said...

Quote of the day:

"The only thing worse than someone who whines about the refs after they lose is someone who whines about the refs after they win."

Then again, being a gracious winner would require an ounce of class.

Mr. natural said...

@orange: Seriously I was in the same zone as everyone here, proud of the team and handling the next day well and all in all feeling pretty good after the fact...then I read that PHucken' vile crap that anon linked.

I feel sick, I feel like finding Y'Orr and punching his fucking face in and that video clip OMG am I that naive, they actually say shit like that when announcing a game!!!!

Makes all the retards out of the cotU seem truly evenhanded.

Disappointing, I feel sick. I wish I had one of those fucks to smash in the face, CHrist!

Kudos to you orange for been able to speak for us intelligently while remaining calm, thank you.

I'm out.

moeman said...

Sexy Friday pic for boys and girls pleasure.

JimT said...

Why are Habs fans so suprized and upset when players from another team express their dislike for PK Subban? Subban is a solid talent but is also a drama queen and a pest. Thomas simply answered the question posed to him about Subban honestly. Would you be happier with tired cliches.

I'm certain that there are more than a few players around the NHL that would like to ring Marchand's neck given half of a chance. He also is a pest, its part of what makes them so much fun to watch.

You guys get to hate on Chara, Marchand and now Ferrence. We get to complain about Subban and anyone of ten other "cry babies" that play for the Habs.

This time we go home happy, next time perhaps its Bruins fans "weeping in their soup", its all part of the passion play, don't take it so personal.

moeman said...

Is it me or does JimT sound like a drama queen and a pest (but I won't take it personal). Go home, happy and let us worry about the ten other "cry babies" that play for the Habs you 1972 Loser.

Oleg Petrov said...

Everyone, I just realized - Habs record last seven games: 3 wins + one loss + 3 ot losses = 9 points
Boston - 4 wins + 3 losses = 8 points


Seriously, though, I'll miss this year's larger-than-usual cup o coffee crew. Yukon Cornelius II, Sopel, Cheez Whiz, we hardly knew ye.

Orangeman said...

Frankly, after the Habs beat anyone I'm already on to the next opponent. Actually, looking too far ahead may be a flaw of mine and the team in general. The fact that the broons and their fans are still looking back at the Habs two days later (after getting a nice bounce in a game 7 OT) says alot. Like the leaf, it seems like beating the Habs is their 'cup' which may explain why they haven't had a glance at the 'CUP' in decades.

Listen, I'm all for a roasting of a beaten foe, as FHF has done in the past. But when you're still bitter and angry over things that actually didn't affect the outcome at all and gloating over a lucky bounce in a game 7 OT, you really come off as pathetic. It's like someone who hit the lottery complaining about the taxes.

PK is a superstar. I'm going to be nakedly honest: If he was white and played for a blue maple leaf or a B bullseye he would get the Calder and be covered in media sperm. I'm not calling racism, I'm just saying the world is more ready for a black president than it is for a black NHL MVP. But I'll take him as a franchise player here, just as any of the hypocrites would.

Tying goal in game 7 with barely a minute left as a rookie. Get ready to see that for the next decade, assholes.

Number31 said...

This second round so far has been dull, boring crap.

Oh look Tampa stole the Montreal method to beating the Caps. Only wonkier. And at half speed. Zzz...

Orangeman said...

I'm not going to shit talk any team's advancement in the playoffs. Lord knows for non-Habs fans our success last year was painful to watch on an aesthetic level. I'm just saying none of us shit talked the Caps or Pens after our win. Ok, fine, we did on personal levels (ie stop crying Crosby, Ovie shouldn't snow kids with cancer). But at the end of the day we all knew we squeaked by playing a more team game than individual. As such both the Pens and Caps improved in the off season.

But to still be whining about some player you think is disrepectful after one of yours gives the finger to the crowd and then says his glove was stuck that way, and then give a head shot to a guy, WOW. Give it up, no one believes your franchise is classy in any sense of the word. Thank god you have Greggy, once he's gone you're back to ridiculous calls like no suspension on the savard hit like the rest of us. And your unpunished goon days are gone, too.

Good luck against an even more goon team than yours! Watch your back. Literally.

BaconAddict said...

Is this the place where I can come and bitch about certain "hardcore" leafs fans wearing Bruins T-shirts and claiming that they are better fans that I?

From my perspective, I do not shift my allegiances after a playoff loss. Once the Habs lose, I rid myself of the rest of the NHL and continue with my life. I don't consider myself a hypocrite.( well, at least for this reason, I have many other more substantial reason for being considered a hypocrite, none of which I will go into any detail now.)

I just know, that whoever wins the Cup, it will not be the Habs, and I will take NO consolation in that. So fuck you NHL, you are dead to me until Septemberish.

soperman said...

@ moeman

Great picture but why is the flower girl covering her ears, she should be covering her eyes.

the Maritimer said...


the Maritimer said...

Hey! Google finally let me post again!

Great season, great blog, great posters (except for a few Booin's fans coming here, like fuck off and post on your own blogs. We don't care what you think.)

Have a great summer everyone.

Number31 said...

Hey the Bulldogs are still in it. What's this SUMMER crap?!

the Maritimer said...

@Number31, Is CBC still showing the Bulldogs? Otherwise, I could only follow them on th internet.

I've still got a Q team to follow, just waiting to see if Saint Patrick's Remparts will be coming to town. If the Sea Dogs can get to the Memorial Cup - bonus.

Looks like I'll be watching Avatar tonight. Haven't watched it since last year at the theatre.

Number31 said...

I follow the Bulldogs through internet radio. It'll be a bright sunny day in hell before CBC willingly shows the Bulldogs without the Marlies involved (and since the Marlies stumbled out of a playoff near the end of the season, they could probably care less about the Calder playoffs right now. No PBruins either). Well they did show them agains the BabyOilers once.

Fucking Flyers and their useless goaltending.

Mr. natural said...

PHucktards and Broonz, I writhe in agony.

Kmaxx said...

It's been a few days since I posted but to be honest I was kinda "Meh..." and had the Royal wedding street party to organise so I got kinda busy..but with time to reflect I would now like to thanks the FHF's for everyting they bring to my life. You guys made some astute player moves early in the season adn it paid dividends! LG and Moeman - outstanding! I do kinda miss Panger but I know his trunk is waiting to be filled with some of the shit we collected throughout this season. Speaking of which - and no particular offence intended - but Sopes is not the answer - his challenges were particularly highlighted in the playoffs - thanks for the help with Markov gone but you and Mara are not the answer. PKF, TFS, - you guys are the answer - and Patches - what an awesome future we have - but get well first Max - then be the superstar you started to become - our entire season changed on a dime that fateful night - but we will be better next year - there is no doubt in my mind that we will - and because of that I can't wait!

Stay strong FHF'ers - we are a force onto ourself and we will not be denied.

One last thing - Steve - buddy - you are a fucking diamond geezer if ever there was one and I sincerely hope that you do not remain dark for too long - FHF needs you as much as the Habs need PFK, Patches and TFS.


Steve said...

@Kmax, its going to be dark until Octber, ecept for this little thing called an election, I hope you and your Canadian mates all did your part. Its going to be more exciting than

CBC streamin the playoffs.

Collected wisdom, we suck, but have two elite players to work with. We all love PHuctards now, not me, If you look at how easy the Broons are fucking the Phucks, it makes me sad. And my official TITS tshirt is going to be as valuable as my official Jaro tshirts, fuck why did I not buy a GOMEZ,

moeman said...

Hey kidz. Watchin' hockey? Me neither but caught like 2 minutes of sclHock on hnic. mclame mouthed the word 'honestly' (speaking/defending) himself. Changed the channel as fast as I could.

Number31 said...

So far I've been taking very nice naps during this second round. At least it's good for something. Other than that, lots of facepalming. This round has been brutal.

If it ends up being Nashville VS Tampa for the finals, just shoot me.

Or if somehow Niemi gets another Cup I'll laugh at how a goalie so terrible can luck out enough to hitch a ride to another...