Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Morning Skate for Tuesday, April 19th

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of getting your nose bit off by a shih-tzu...
  • Well, you didn't think the Habs would win four straight did you? Habs come out flat and fall into a 3-0 hole, storm back only to lose in the end 4-2 (with the last one into an empty net). We'd like to tell you more, but, well, the brisket and matzoh were delicious. More later today;
  • Brian Boucher steadies the PHucktards' back end and they take a 2-1 series lead over the Sabres with a 4-2 win;
  • Somehow the Pens have managed to take a 2-1 series lead over the Bolts even without their top scorers thanks to a 3-2 win;
  • The Wings look to be headed for a sweep after they beat the Yotes 4-2;
  • Bruce Boudreau has some problems with MSG;
  • Bruce Boudreau has some problems with the NHL.
Deep breath? Sigh? Your choice this morning.


soperman said...

That must have been the first time Bruce Boudreau was in MSG. Dickhead.

lawyergirl77 said...

Hey commentariat! Wanna be "immortalized" in my recap? Send me list of ways you tempted Fate/pissed off Hockey Gods/missed superstitions last night...

moeman said...

lg, I didn't drink enough.

Shack said...

I for one am still in good spirits. our team came back and played pretty well in the third. I think it will be a good thing getting beaten as our confidence would be way too high if we swept Boston. For as much as Price has saved us I think he deserves to blow a goal or two. Looking forward to Thursday. Everyone enjoy your day!

soperman said...


I did not wear my Patrick Roy jersey or have my lucky Habs poker chip in my pocket. Plus, I was trying the watch the game on the computer and make sure my Broon-fan students weren't trying to cheat off my hard-working Habs-fan students.

K3X said...

@LG - for Games 1 & 2 I was on a family break in, as you guys like to call it - "The Land of 54mbs" (or something like that) so I had only a very limited amout of time in which I could join in on the discussions. I followed the results through the comments by commenting on the Open Thread before each game. I asked only for a compentent performance and added GYMFCHG! Then I left it. And both times the Habs won!

Last night I put my obligatory request for competence but then added to it with several follow up comments. I should have just STFU and left well enough alone. I watched the first period on the RDS
stream (which was excellent btw!) and then called it a night as I knew that I had jinxed the whole fuckin' thing. It was my fault - I'm sorry - it won't happen again! (I hope!) Forgive me please!

Anonymous said...

When the camera was on Muller, I did not put the game on pause, strip off my clothing and dance for him. This, LG, is why we lost.


mr. natural said...

Couple of things, first I drank too much

Second changed my wardrobe for the third period so you know I'm sticking with that get up on Thursday.

And last but not least we played 12 minutes of hockey, they got all the bounces and we almost pulled it off, they are shitting bricks.

Thursday we go up 3-1.

Oh yeah and how swett was that when Tits deked the ape out of his jock strap.

Tim Thomas PHuck him..


Habsfan10 said...

I really, really don't like the Rangers, but I hope they win the next three straight and send that fat fucking obnoxious ass Boudreau right to the unemployment line. Fuck he's an annoying, whiny pissant.

Steve said...

I did not select an official Club de Montreal puck bunny. I did not wear my new official Club de Montreal TITS T shirt. I wondered why the kid with the torch wore a helmet and cage, was it really a kid or just a little man?
I lost faith after the first goal, and did not have the strength to comment. I did not celebrate TITS fantastic goal enough. I did not believe they could come back.

All in all no reason to panic, it was a game we could have won, and we will win two more before Boston wins 3.

Steve said...

@bea.habs.fan what was the name of the Zombie movie, love Zombie movies.

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on the pouliot flying elbow? im sure everyone will be just as critical despite what team he playes for, like the gill hit on jon sim? or the pacioretty hit on mark eaton?

Chester said...

Well we wern't going to sweep those fuckers. So we take this and spool up for Thursday.

Steve said...

That Boston mentality.

MaxPac is Wolverine said...

@LG77: It's my fault. As soon as Jean Beliveau stepped out carrying the torch, although I was thrilled to see him, I said outloud that Habs' brass was setting the team up for failure by hyping the game up so much. It should've been ALL BUSINESS.

The Hockey Gods' reaction was immediate.

the Maritimer said...

@LG77, I don't believe in using up my "lucky charms" by employing them for every game. For instance, Game 1 put on my red jersey and had a few Gibson's Finest (for medicinal purposes). Great result, figured a split was good enough, did nothing out of the ordinary for Game 2, bonus, unexpected win.

Again, for last night did nothing and kinda figured the boys would be a little slack coming out of the gate. Give the B's some credit for feeding the Habs some of their own medicine and it was a kick in the arse they needed. This Thursday, the red jersey is coming back out and Dr. Gibson will be in the house. Probably don't need it but what the hell.

Happy Passover to our Jewish friends!

Kate said...


Totally agree on Boudreau.


Was soooo tempted to put on my Chara sucks tee but just couldn't be arsed. So the loss is totally my fault. *sigh*

Hadulf said...

I wore my red canadiens pyjama t-shirt full of holes, that I never wear on game days...guilty...and I apologize.

Mr. west island said...


I played Annakin Slayd's new song and then 'Feels like '93' just before the game in order to teach her a little about Canadiens histpry and explained to her the Habs were a family tradition. My bad.

Not Geoff Molson said...

I was at work and checked the score on The Score too early. I checked it in the first, compared to Thursday when I didn't check it until the late second.

Sorry folks.

Now it's just a best of 3 for the Habs and a best of 5 for the Bs. Give HNIC a chance to continue their Bruin orgy for an extra game...and then snuff it out in Boston.

Public Domain said...

@lg - posted GYFHG!! twice instead of once. Did not enjoy my morning cup of java from my habs Jocelyn Thibeault chipped coffee mug. so sorry, please forgive

Hadulf said...

We are a weird bunch sometimes...

Grrrreg said...

@lg I didn't want to start wearing my habs shirts just yet, because I thought times were not desperate enough for this. I wanted to save them for more delicate situations. I'm rocking my Dryden shirt on thursday for sure.

Let's hope the habs learn from that game and come out hungrier next time.

soperman said...

@ Hadulf


Le Douze said...

Mea culpa - I made fun of a sunny LG77 post.

@Alexandra - what a fetching image. Please do try to correct that for the next game.

HF29 aka HH29 said...

I only did five hits of meth instead of my usual six. I'll correct for Thursday.

Steve said...

Choosing normal was never an option

Le Douze said...

oh, and I didn't drink enough (actually, anything). I did scarf down a bag of salt & vinegar chips with #1 son, which is our normal playoff ritual but not one previously performed this year. Is it possible this had something to do with it?

BTW, I see that Chicken had 5 shifts for a total of under 3 and a half minutes of ice time, none of it during the third period. I'll not defend him. But to @anon above, I didn't think that there were any more Habs cheap shots than Bruins cheap shots...

Steve said...

Meth Love Song

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Orangeman said...

I shaved off my beard. It was never meant to be a playoff beard, but apparently I screwed over the Habs with my selfish shaving. I apologize and it won't happen again.

Mr. natural said...

@Steve LOL

Apparently the shaved ape might not make it for the rest of the series as he is mulling over an offer to join Gomez and Morticia in a re-make of the Adams family, they're having trouble casting Lurch.

I already know what i did wrong and it was corrected for the third so we are gold for Game #4.

Talking to Mom natural last night and without any provocastion from yours truly she goes off on PJ PHuckstock, I was delirious.

PHuck the cotU and those who walk in it.

Broonz are done!

Die PHucktards Die!


HEY! I didn't get a blessing for my Seder rye bread question?