Sunday, April 03, 2011

We're feeling... pretty good?!? Habs 3 Devils 1

"91 points is pretty good!"
- me, in the comments last night post-game

You know, I was almost hoping for a Habs loss last night. I have had a rant building up in me for about 10 days now that would have had so much swearing it would have made Quentin Tarantino blush. I was really wanting to let it out. But alas, what do our boys go out and do last night? They go out and play a very competent road game that has left me feeling... pretty good?

Maybe it's the beautiful Sunday spring morning we've got going here in Montreal, maybe it's the leftover meth in my system from last night, maybe it's McPhee's influence finally getting to me, but I actually feel pretty good for a change. After our last win against the Thrashers, I did not feel pretty good. Now I feel... pretty good! With an exclamation point even! Last night The SystemTM was in full force. The SystemTM won out against whatever lower-case "s" system New Jersey was throwing out there. For a change, The SystemTM looked like something that could win you a few games in the playoffs. That's left us feeling well, you know, pretty good!

Given the number of comments last night, it's obvious none of you watched the game except sadhabsfan and me. So you'll want to watch these long-form video highlights. Allow me to guide you through them.

0:05 Penalty shot for breathing on a guy from behind and being a Hab. I see the tiniest little love tap that did nothing to impede anyone.

0:19 I'm not sure if TFS saved the penalty shot or if karma kept it out, but there's your TSN Turning Point right there.

0:38 - DarCHe! Go to the net and good things happen. Everyone knows that. Except the Habs never do that. Well, here you go. He's not PatCHes, but DarCHe is starting to do a pretty good impression. Love the announcer post-goal: "that came out of nowhere". Uh, no, Mr. Homer announcer, it came out of two guys skating hard into the offensive zone and the one without the puck going to the net with his stick on the ice. I could see it coming, but then again, I'm not a professional announcer.

1:14 PleXXXe breaks in for a short-handed effort. He didn't score, but it underscores what I felt was a good old-fashioned solid PleXXXian effort last night. Which left me feeling pretty good!

1:44 The Giant Mexican DarCHe (GG11 and I are trying to figure out how that looks) buzzes around the offensive zone. Sure they can't finish this time, but still, buzzing! Feels pretty good!

2:13 The Mexican American "swoops in" down the wing and drives to the net and SHOOTS! Praise Jebus! He totally should have passed it across.

2:29 The SystemTM is in full effect in the defensive zone. Here, look at this screen cap:

Three guys down low covering their men. Two wingers down low enough to jump in, high enough to cover the points. Or something like that. I'm not a professional analyst like PJ Stock.

2:41 PFK sneaks in from the point on the PP to get a good scoring chance. PFK has been all over the PP for the last two games. You'd actually think CHokula had reacted to his critics or something. You know, if CHokula could react to anything.

2:48 If only I had a nickel for every time in my lifetime I've heard "and fanning on it was Kostitsyn".

3:14 PFK on the PP! So let's recap - PFK can move the pack, make the long stretch pass up ice, pass it at the point, make moves at the point, come in from the point, and blast it from the point. Sounds like a perfect PP specialist. Only took CHokula 78 games to figure it out.

3:35 DarCHe! Again! Going to the net! A cool mirror image of his first goal. DarCHe again goes to the net with his stick on the ice. Or should I say, his lightsaber:

4:05 Just another routine save by TFS, but he needs to at least be mentioned. Look at that excellent position at the top of his crease. I feel pretty good! about that.

4:20 And there goes the shutout. It may be my fault. I was emailing with GG11 last night and at some point I wrote "hey, we're looking pretty good! Should be the most boring 3-x win ever." Literally at the moment I clicked send the Devils scored. I felt the use of the "x" was purposefully not jinxing the SO. GG11 disagreed. We then decided we were sure it was Bob Cold's fault anyway.

5:00 Goodbye Devils, the playoffs won't be the same without you. They'll be more entertaining.

Look, I'm no idiot, I know this was only one game against a (now) non-playoff team. But dammit, we're gonna enjoy this pretty good! feeling for a day at least. Though I'm a little disappointed I couldn't rant. And I'm going to be on the CJAD Habs Show today just after 6 PM, and I was hoping to set a record for "most bleeped out words by a meth-addicted guest". Looks like I'll have to settle for "most tepid platitudes by a meth-addicted guest". It's a side effect of feeling pretty good!


Moey said...

Bravo! That DarCHe pic is hilarious.

That penalty shot was a load of shite, Price owes his posts dinner and drinks.

Another thing that bugged me, old king Cole in the dying minutes of the third, "Habs are hanging on"...right Bob, with a two goal lead you dumb fossil.

moeman said...

Maybe 29 can one up Nilan's last appearance on CJAD. Start (continue?) drinking.

Mr. natural said...

I'm back BitCHes! Glad to see the sky has not completely fallen in as I left on vacation(fled the country?) after "The Debacle" in Beantown.

So we take out the Broons in round 1 and then the Pens get Sid back in time to beat the PHucktards in round 2 and then we coast into the conference final.

All the snow's gone and it's not 30 degress, sweet.

Well got chores to tend to (got in the door at 2:20 AM) so I'll monitor you crazy PHucks later.

Oh ya I hate that shit, controlling the team nickname to th epoont of impeding fan suppoprt and pissing me off!

PHucken' Corporate America (except when I profit directly...).


That is all.

Mr. natural said...

30 degrees and to the point, I gotta get some sleep

Number31 said...

I was watching.

I was at my parent's house eating perogies and getting attacked by an adorable hockey loving puppy who was going bonkers for some reason. Not even the Devils could put him to sleep apparently!

the Maritimer said...

I mentioned yesterday that Fat Marty would shut them out. I prepared myself by having a couple of glasses of sherry and then drank Gibson's Finest Sterling the rest of the night. Comfortably numb and reverse jinx in place. Yep, feels good today. Eliminated the Devils, fuck yeah! The loser leaf can't catch them, can I have another fuck, yeah! One more win should do it, hopefully this Thursday.

soperman said...

I am watching the phucktards beat the rangers, nah I'd rather see the phucktards lose.


It's better than what cold would normally say, "the Devils have the habs just where they want them"

soperman said...

The rangers just tied it up

moeman said...

Missed Russell, watched Jimmy Cliff instead.

Steve said...

Watching a shell grow is a lot more interesting in the playoffs.


HabsFan29 said...

Rangers win a shootout. Ugh. Tho it helps to bury the Leaf a little bit more

Steve said...

If your trying to decide between Limitless and Source code, there is no loser but Limitless is NHL and source code AHL.

moeman said...

heh, BUF and NYR games both 3 pointers. CHoke on it leaf and CotU mediots.

Number31 said...

But I thought the Leaf won the Stanley Cup yesterday? No? Still in 10th?

How will CBC spin this one?

moeman said...

N31, they'll use their patented, 'there's always next year and the year after that'. Man, in '67 I was but a pup enjoying kindergarden nap time looking up my teaCHer's skirt...and yes, I did share my blankie with the cute gal pal. Spooning 101.

BaruCH der Problemlöser said...

I felt pretty good last night even though the deVilles were obviously worn out after beating the PHarkturds the night before. Admittedly they'd played pretty well since January, but really, they shat the bed, we got two of the weirdest most boring goals I've ever seen and barely got away with a W. Fuck was it a 'perfect road win', we barely made it through. If the Mayor hadn't pulled a CHokula by forgetting to pull Fat Marty during the last minute and a half.

Anyway, that penalty shot was an embarrassment, do refs get disciplinary reviews? So, now what? WHalercanes lose in OT means we win one or they lose one and we're in. Probably will play TFS against the Blawks and lose because TFS is suffering nervous damage from overuse. Dude needs like a week in a hammock. I say play Bauld for the last three games.

BTW I have a solution for the crap Hockey played in the NHL these years: Play the whole game 4 on 4, think about it:

no more excessive checking: can't risk taking yourself out of the play

more flow, nicer plays, more skill

teams reduced to 18 players (4 lines + 2 goalies) which means the 60 worst players in the league can be excised.

overtime 3 on 3

Blawks look like crap tonight against the Blightning. Guy Boucher looks scary.

McPhee said...

+1 Re: 4 on 4. I have separately come to the same conclusion. 4 on 4 is far more interesting and less violent. Taking a penalty when you're playing four on four hockey is COSTLY.

Are we worrying about Round 1 yet? There is real chance we end up against the Phucktards.

Man, next week is like playing Destro-Roulette.

moeman said...

Bag a point vs. the ChiHox and play Auld the forfeit the leaf game to give cbc/hnic something to CHoke on. Fuck Fuckface bettman.

moeman said...

Bonus news, the Winnipeg Moose eliminated the toronto marlies today.

the Maritimer said...

@moeman, looks like the only playoff hockey in the city of Toronto is the St. Mike's Majors. Will CBC/HNIC be drooling over them?

Zdog said...

Just want to say that a Giant Mexican Vader would look pretty swell. (Not that I'm not sure that you hadn't already thought of it, natch).

Le Douze said...

@Z - +1 on the Giant Mexican scary lord of the Dark Side. Do you suppose he wears a sombrero? Too bad he probably has no tits, though.

@29 - your reaction to the game was about the same as mine. As in, "WTF? this is a pretty decent game and our boys are playing .... competently for a change."

Le Douze said...

@Baruch -
How about they start the first period 5 on 5, then go to 4 on for the second, then to 3 on 3 for the third? Then for OT they can keep the 3 skaters, but they have to pull their goalies, and you have to hit a post to score (shinny style). Then if that doesn't settle it, they have a fight, scored by the ice girls from a non-conference team?

Having said that, you have an interesting idea. I've found that US college hockey is sometimes more interesting than the NHL because, frankly, they're not as good at defensive systems but they have good puck moving skills so it's more wide open.

Number31 said...

He didn't forget to pull ChubbyMarty, he left him there because he was pissed off with the team. I found that pretty funny actually.

Will the Frozen Four be on TV or just the final? (Usually the final is on TV). Bunch of Habs kiddies in it, most noteworthy The Count of Danny Kristo and his frozen toes.

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