Friday, April 11, 2008

15 to go

1 down, 15 to go.

While we Habs fans outside Montreal may not have the opportunity to feel the electricity in the world's greatest city during this playoff run, but we're doing to do are darndest to load up the Habs' bandwagon out West. Thanks to Bryan and the rest of the Habs' fans at the Rose & Crown for hosting what he hope to be at least 16 games of domination.

PLAN THE PARADE: :34 freaking seconds into his first ever playoff game, Little Tits shows us why he might be the Habs most important young gun, setting the tempo for the series banging in a rebound from Breezer's point shot. Less than 2 minutes later, Big Tits scored the eventual game winner on a nice feed from Turtleplek, who played like a man possessed early on. TFS is beat on a deflection to make it a game for a little while, but plays like the Franchise Savior the rest of the way, stopping 17 of 18 shots, most from beyond the faceoff circles. So much for the value of playoff experience.

Steve Bangin' hammers Count Chocula at every turn, who was a non-factor as the boos rained down once again - way to go Bell centre crowd, we're proud of you, premature Ole chants notwithstanding (don't fuck with the hockey gods, people!) Tiny Tim probably deserved better on both, but fuck the little midget. Slowinski continued his late-season surge with the Habs third goal, and Greek Lightening ices the Habs first '08 playoff win in the third with a nice knee-on-the-ice rifle from the slot. Habs manage to mangle a 5-3 late in the third when the game is already decided. They're saving it for when it matters.

1-0 series lead for the good guys. The Big Bad B's weren't really in it.

The Sky is Falling: well it may have been in Calgary (10 centimeters of snow on April 10? WTF??), but not in Montreal. Even Breezer's presence in the lineup will be forgiven on this night.

Chez Paree Bound: the Game stars when to Vodkov, Hamr and Greek lightening. No arguments here. Hamr especially steps up his physical game (6 hits) while DOOM takes it relatively easy, nursing his (obviously still injured) hip.

Back on Stage Saturday: Game two back at the Bell Centre. Habs need to keep their foot on the gas. We'll see if Coach Julien can make some adjustments, like finding a new first scoring line. The "other" Patrice may be back to help in that department.


HabsFan29 said...

We'll see if Coach Julien can make some adjustments, like finding a new first scoring line.


and i think you can do the Ole chant anytime. the goodbye song, no. but the ole chant is more of a rallying cry, not a taunt

les_glorieux said...

I think it's more of a "Yay for us, we're winning in a relatively decisive fashion at the moment." Go Habs Go is a rallying cry.

Sonia said...

I agree. Olé is not a victory song, so you should be able to do it any time. It's also shorter & much more punchy than "Yay for us, we're winning in a relatively decisive fashion at the moment." :D

And for the first time in at least a couple of decades, We heard the crowd singing "Les Canadiens sont là". That gave me chills, flashbacks & all the rest of it...

lawyergirl77 said...

I agree with both sides. From experience, the Olé chant should not be busted out until the 3rd period in the regular season... nothing scientific, just trust me on this one.

During the playoffs, all bets are off for the Olé song.

The "Goodbye" song should never be trotted out until at least the 5 minutes left mark, and only then if the lead is four goals or more.

So, yes, when the people in my section last night started chanting that song with five minutes left in the SECOND FUCKING PERIOD, I stood up and yelled: "On s'la ferme CÂLICE, y reste une période tabarnak!!"

It got busted out again with 12 minutes left in the third, but at least that one was little less disgraceful. Stupid, yes, but hubris is a drunken Habs fan's trademark while at the Bell Centre....

Taunting Thomas? Shit that's definitely allowed waaay before the puck drops. :)

moeman said...

lawyergirl77 said... "On s'la ferme CÂLICE, y reste une période tabarnak!!"


lg77, two things;

1. Are you married? If not will you accept my web-based proposal (yes I have started a playoff beard (the day the Habs made the playoffs))?

2. Next game, please go up to the cbc/hnic booth and rip into the inane cole and millen for us.

Also, no, I won't sign a pre-nup but I will get a tattoo.

Pis, j'u bilingue itou (multi-tongued for the Anglo FHFers)

fezworth said...

@29 & LG:

I am in full agreement re: "Goodbye". No discussion needed there.

In regards to the Olé song... I remember feeling as you do, LG; That no lead is safe, that the team could fold in on itself in an instant. In a situation like that, I would agree, keep the Olé song for later.

Having said that, don't feel that anymore, and I don't think people in the Bell Centre do, either. In many ways, the crowd is a reflection of the team on the ice, and vice versa. The team AND the crowd display a confidence and, dare I say, swagger that I personally have never seen. I don't feel that this is a bad thing, in fact, I think it's a great thing for a team and its fans to have.

Therefore, I humbly submit that the Olé song is to be sung when the fans feel the kind of confidence that says: This team can win tonight. And lately, that's every night, from minute 1, to minute 60. Of course, sometimes we'll have egg on our face. Sometimes we'll chant in the 1st, and lose 6-2. But I have to believe that our newfound confidence has a lot to do with it.

Bear with me a moment while I relate an anecdote to illustrate my point; At one point this season, Les Glorieux were down 5-0 to the Rangers, at home. I'm sure you recall. The Habs scored, to pull within 4. They scored again, and it was 5-2. Now, in years past, this would hardly be cause for celebration. There would be no question of a comeback. The game would still be all but over. There would be no Olé. But this year, in this game, it was different. The fans cheered, they screamed, they raised their voices. Up in the rafters, faintly at first, but gathering in intensity, the cry went up: "Olé, Olé Olé!" Unheard of, you say. Stupid! Tempting the Hockey Gods! Or... perhaps it was the simple belief that they could still win. That simple belief that has been so lacking in the past.

Noda said...

I'm just glad people are still talking about and singing "Good-bye". Especially in the play-offs. I feared the Ole song had supplanted "Good-bye".

I tried paying attention during the 3rd periods of some games during the stretch and I never heard it. Nice to know its still around.

Some of my earliest, fondest childhood hockey watching memories involve "Goodbye".

The Ole song is awesome. Stirs the soccer loving European in me. Brings the fans and the team closer together.

But Goodbye is like the verse in In Flanders Fields. Its tradition. Its the story in "storied" franchise. Its why we are Habs fans and not anything else.

my 2cents.

Bring back "Good-bye"!

oh and um Go Hockey! Pants.

fezworth said...


About halfway down the page, Steve Conroy calls you, and 21,272 people "maniacal, towel-waving zealots".

Doesn't that just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

Senators Lost Cojones said...

Seriously, WTF??

I've been through the "10 Things I hate..." and the entire game thread (and who is that body painted goddess??) and all I see from one of the most deep seated rivalries in all of sport is "Oh, after you sir!", "Yes, well I do dislike your team but youse just da best!" and "Oh, well played my good man! A hardy laugh! Cognac?"

And I'm stuck with " gay. Mom gay. Suck this. Fuck you. Gay."... It's not fair DAMMIT!

Thankfully, I only have two more games get through...

lawyergirl77 said...

@moeman: Hee! Sadly, there is a soon-to-be Mr. LG77. We're both hockey nuts, although I'm usually the one yelling more at the game. Don't get me started about my "DES BÂTON EN BOIS TABARNAK" outburst when Souray broke his 14th stick at home in the last series against the 'Canes... *still fuming*

And I would love to go and rip Bob Cole and Harry Neale new ones. Y sont tellement enculés, que je pense que ça leur ferait du bien...

@fez: If I was ANYWHERE near a camera at the next game, I would put that on a poster. Fucker. He wishes he was a Montrealer not only 'cause our team is better than his, but also because we get laid on a regular basis... unlike the frigid New Englanders. Really, the poor man deserves our pity. *snort*

lawyergirl77 said...

noda: the Goodbye song has gotten sung in the cheap seats (and LOUDLY) at every game I've been to for the past while. Trust me, it's not gone!!

Hell, Montrealers even sang it when I was at RAW a few years ago. Any excuse to bust out the taunting.

Speaking of which - you know it's a hockey mad city when, instead of booing the ref last night when he made a bad call, people simply took time out from heckling Thomas to chant "Fraaaaser!! Fraaaaser!!" Problem is that arrogant little fucker probably thought we were cheering for him. All that hairspray during the non-helmet years has leached into what little grey matter he had...

nose bleed bob said...

@fezworth, coudn't have said better my self.

Wathever get's 21273 fans rumbling. I used to think the olé was only for the 3rd period with a lead. But realised that it's better to have everybody chanting olé in the second than to only ear the crowd when the fucking red & blue cars run around the booth.