Friday, April 25, 2008

The Morning Skate for Friday, April 25th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of the return of NFL dick jokes...
  • Tastes like souvlaki and vodka this morning, as Kosto and Kovy are the heroes in Habs' 4-3 OT win. A weird yet thrilling game, which you can see in the long-form video (Bob Cole warning). More later today;
  • From around the blogosphere: Habs "stole one" over at Cuseadelphia. Seems like the Flyers fans around our comments agree. Whatevs;
  • Wings hold on to take their opener over the Avs 4-3;
  • Team Canada's World Champioship entry is bolstered by the likes of Spezza, Heatley, and Mathieu Garon.

If Game 1 was any indication, this is gonna be a hell of a series.


orangeman said...

Orangeman here reporting after seeing the game late over here in Seoul again. May I say the following:

1) Wooooooohoooooooo!

2) I didn't see the first due to a business meeting of sorts. Didn't see OT due to charity concert at the bar, but was briefed by one of the performers. No sound for the 2nd and 3rd. This, my friends, is the poverty I live with. The next three games I will be able to watch live, though, without having to call in sick like game 7.

3) I just checked the online dictionairy for 'deliberate kicking motion' and funny enough there was a video of Lupul's 3rd period goal there. Kidding, of course. That and Kovy's 1st of the game were darned close.

4) I know Kovy got the tying goal, but Koivu's domination in the circle led to it. Have I mentioned I love Koivu?

Alright, I'm all riled up and drunk now at almost 11pm my time. You guys and gals rest your pretty heads and enjoy your Friday (cough...cough...suckers...cough...cough). I'm off to watch every available video of the game on these interwebs while stroking my miniature Habs Stanley Cup. And, no, that's not a euphemism. Thanks for the CBC link. I think.

Now to read what entertaining thoughts you had about the game. I imagine that Breezer's own goal went down calmly.

Noda said...

anyone else all sick and tired of hearing and reading about how the habs squeeked one out and had a bunch of lucky breaks? I know the fliers applied some pressure at time. and i know the habs didn't have their best game of year. but this is getting stupid. nobody seems to remember the habs dominating the first 10 minutes of the first where 2 posts and that awesome tip in by Breezer were the difference between 2-0 for philly or 2-1 at the first intermission for the habs. the entire game would have been different. to hear all the analysts we got lucky with a broken stick on a face off and stole a goal with a high stick. I'm not saying the habs were dominant but they weren't totally run over either.

(sorry for the rant, i live in hamilton on, too many leaf and sabres fans around make you koukou)

HabsFan29 said...

@Noda - absolutely agree. i;m scared to see the Flyers fans show up here when the game review is up to hear what they say