Friday, April 25, 2008

We Love Flyers Fans

Big thanks to FHF friend Wufpirate of Carolina on Ice who just pointed us to this awesome online photo gallery of Hot Flyer Fans. The Habs Girls group on Facebook needs to pick up the pace.

Yeah, yeah, I know there was a game last night and we'll get to it eventually. But hot chicks!

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Geoff said...

They're trying to break you down!

Remember your top 10 reasons to hate the Flyers, even if those cheesesteaks are filling out those lovely ladies' curves so sexily...mmm cheesesteak

*shakes awake* Dammit they've probably got Biron watching the video of Hextall against Nilsson and practicing his chop against a punching bag. As well Steve Downie is being forced to watch Clarke's ankle slash on Kharlamov over and over. And after practice today, they'll put the Flyers vs the Red Army on to show great Flyer "sportsmanship".

Meanwhile as for the ladies - step it up Habs girls.