Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Morning Skate for Wednesday, April 2nd - Special Division Champs Edition

Look, I sort of agree with HF4 who said in the comments last night that in Montreal, we don't celebrate division or conference titles, only Cup titles. I'm the oldest HF - trust me, I know the traditions best of all (including tying an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time). My formative years were the late 70's - I know from the sense of entitlement.

But fuck that shit. It's been 16 goddamn years since we won one. This team was supposed to finish 12th. I'm gonna enjoy this.

In case you really have been sleeping, Habs shutout the Sens to clinch the division. Here's the long-form video. More later today.


hockeyzombie said...

This is pretty cool. I agree that winning the Northeast is Fuc all in Montreal but it's still pretty cool. At least it puts the Sens in their place. Are the Sens even going to make the playoffs?

And Hammer is ok right? He was skating after that groin pull.

Sexy Hab to watch...Dandy!

Inmate4 said...

Abe Simpson reference. Nice!

I agree with zombie. I think Dandy should have gotten a * last night.

This game was both ugly and beautiful. Passing was rather dismal. But 3 goals.

Can't say enough good about Hammer.

And hell yeah, I say we celebrate our first Northeast Division title. (I'm waving my Habs flag in my cell right now.)

lawyergirl77 said...

I heard that Mad Max crossed himself (as in, Christian sign of the cross) when the Habs were about to kill off that penalty for the last two mins. of the 3rd period. If so, that is the FUNNIEST SHIT I've heard in a while!! (but, oddly à propos...)

Maybe Max's mom will go light a candle for him/the team at Notre-Dame on April 9th... Maybe I'll be in line behind her, but don't tell anyone... (Hey, it worked for all 6 of my Barreau exams!!)