Monday, April 14, 2008

The Morning Skate for Monday, April 14th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of a curling world championship. Hey, someone must have that dream...
  • When does a 2-1 series lead make TMS feel like shit? When the Habs suck (The SlowGreekBang Line excepted). We got some good playoff hockey in a 2-1 OT loss, but that's about all we can say. More later today;
  • On the other hand, Flames have all sorts of effort in coming back from 0-3 down to win 4-3. Curtis Joseph gets the win for Calgary. Did I read that right? He's still in the league?;
  • Devils get back in their series with a 4-3 (OT) win. Oh, and Sean Avery is a dick. But I guess that's not news;
  • Mighty Caps can't score, Flyers win 2-0.

Panic time!


Anonymous said...

Hey kids,

Just caught the game over here in Seoul again. I didn't read your comments and frankly I don't care.

The second half of the game was entertaining after a sleeper first half. That's understandable as they both played OT the night before.

Habs owned OT and were strong in the 3rd. I'm not too upset by the loss because most people (including me) predicted Habs in 5 and the first in Boston would be the obvious downer.

There's some postives to take out of this game and I'm not worried about game 4. What I am concerned about is the PP. The first line is where? DOOM isn't 100%, but he still rocks my world. Am I the only one who misses Koivu? I *heart* that guy.

Beautiful to hear Ole, GO HABS GO and boos for Chara in Boston. Fuck yeah.

Hey, this is still fresh for me (aka I'm still drunk from the stress of watching the game). I'm all riled up. I wasn't even old enough to understand drunkeness and meth the last time I had this kind of confidence in the Habs.

PS: Avery (NYR) is a dirty bitch.

You may carry on with your mornings now.


PPS: My 'word verification' is hadbasw. It's all mangled so it looks like habs at first. It's a sign. A SIGN I TELLS YA!

Anonymous said...


Alright, now I've read what I missed in the posts and comments. I see my hatred/distaste for Avery isn't solitary for one.

People, the sky isn't falling. The game could have gone either way at any point. In fact, Les Boys could have had the winner several times in the extra frame if not for Thomas.

It's the playoffs. It's not always going to be as easy as game 1.

Yeah, line 1 has been absent, but the SlowGreekBang line has shown that Nos Boys have more than one trick up their storied sleeve. I wouldn't be surprised to see Koivu (I seriosly would marry that man) back in the line up next game. That'll learn those Bruin pricks. Say what you will about Captain K (and I'll smack you down when you do), but he's a sparkplug in the playoffs.

This ain't Carolina. There's no way we flake out.

Think of me as your sunshine on an otherwise bleary day (just guessing for April in Montreal)


DC said...

Fact: If Sean Avery played for a Canadian team, McLean, McKenzie et al wouldn't have a goddamn thing to say about his antics. See: Tucker, Darcy and Begin, Steve.

It's the overwhelming hatred of all things NYC by people outside NYC that gets Avery the extra attention (and all that does is give him more contract leverage with Sather, so the media is only helping his cause).

B's fan for Life said...

I hate the habs and leafs, and I'd take Tucker and Begin any day over Avery. He's a bitch. There is no denying it and no comparing his bitchiness to anyone else.

If you have any doubt regarding this fact, please refer to Urban Dictionary's definition of Avery.

Avery: a person with no dick, no friends, no soul, and deserves to get eggs thrown at them while they are shitting.

DC said...

That's why your team sucks, Harry Sinden.

Habsfan10 said...

I hate Tucker with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns because he plays on the edge, is dirty, takes cheapshots and yaps like an angry puppy, but he's never pulled the shit Avery pulls. Avery is the biggest jackass in the league by a landslide, partly because he's in New York. If Avery played in Columbus he'd be ignored and would go away. He just so happens to have played in New York and LA, where they love a good story. Begin doesn't even belong in this conversation. He's not in Tucker or Avery's league as a yapper or jackass.

Matt D said...

Sean Avery is just like Steve Begin? All due respect, DC, but are you on crack? People don't hate Avery because he's a high-energy banger who finishes his checks, they hate him because he's a fucking dick who's full of himself. Steve Begin plays in hockey's most insane media market, but you never hear him quoted calling out the other team's Hall of Fame goalie or singing his own praises.

Last night's bullshit is the kind of thing even Tucker would never do. And did you see Avery's reaction after he scored? He acted like he's gone coast-to-coast, Bobby Orr-style: he turned away from his teammates, did lame ass dance, and tried to get the crowd to love him. Never mind that all he did was tap in a beautiful pass on a 5-on-3-- he didn't even look at the guy that passed it to him. He's a fucking punk, and I wish Brodeur had gone Bobby Smith on his ankles. Colin Campbell would have given Marty a medal.

Sonia said...

Say what you will about Sean Avery, but he finds the most creative ways to be a dick. He takes dick to a whole new level of dickishness. They broke the condom when they made that dick.

DC said...

I calls it as I sees it. I like Begin though I think he takes as many cheap shots as the next "agitating-type"player. (Remember the definitions kids - if he's on my team he's a "high energy banger", if he's on another team he's "a little piece of shit".)

I think Tucker is a worse piece of shit than Avery because he whines, which is different than yapping. Avery just makes me laugh with his antics. As Reg Dunlop would say, "he's a fucking disgrace". Remember that the NHL is in the entertainment business. Well, other than the New Jersey Devils, of course (rim shot).

If Avery played in Montreal or Toronto the Canadian media would label him as "colorful". And he may yet wind up in one of those places. Report back then with opinions. I'll take two weeks as the over under on the first "former bad-boy Sean Avery reforms into an honest hard-working player" article in the Gazette or the Star.

Keep up the good work 4HF.