Monday, April 28, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Monday, April 28th

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of smoking some weed on the off-season...

Alighty off to Philly for Game 3. Emotions are finally starting to run high. Now we've got a playoff series.


Free4Life said...

My Random Thoughts and Observations:

- I had my kids with me this weekend and they demanded I wear pants to watch the game....sorry.

- I hate PJ Stock. Apparently falling down after being crosschecked by a 220 lb. man is 'diving'. Fuckin' A-hole. CBC keeps on saying how much attention they will give the Habs next year for their 100th anniversary. If PJ Schmuck, who played about 5 minutes for the Habs, is gearing up to be the "Habs aficionado", then the network is more fucked up than I thought...and I thought they were REALLY fucked up.

- tonights lineup. Breezer is still out. Rhino sadly didn't impress me (or the coach apparently). Put Streit on 'D', bench Dandy and Laps (effin useless, the 2 of them in this series so far), put in a line of Ryder, Lats and young Mr. Stewart. (I know - no centreman). If it turns out they suck, just roll 3 lines like the first 2 the very least sit Dandy and insert Ryder (for some reason I took him with my last pick in the pool).

- Stopthecopolous rules! That's how you wipe the smirk off of somebody's face!

- my gay cousin says there's nothing like a SlowGreekBang.

- I hope Price (TFS as you call him, I say give him a french nickname because everybody knows Quebecois goalies are the best *ahem Theodore ahem*, anyway I will now refer to him as Le Grand Prix)...I hope Le Grand Prix gets his glove fixed....

- That's all folks.


R*G*B* said...

Have you and your fans said your last goodbyes to Pollykronopolis...? After punching Timonen in the dying minutes of a Game 2 loss... he pretty much sealed his own fate. I wonder, could he have picked a smaller player on the Flyers to sucker punch?

Maybe Kappanen? or Macully Culkin for that matter?

Joe said...

PJ Stock is a pretentious asshole. He even defended Avery when he pulled his magic on Brodeur.

He is dependable. You can count on him to voice an opinion of whatever is the most harmful to hockey and common sense, so at least he's got that going for him.

Ron Maclean doesn't need another idiot to handle; the CBC should invest in someone who challenges our ideas about hockey in another, less condescending way.

Matt D said...

Ron MacLean isn't just handling idiots: he's the president and CEO of the idiot club.

I loved Al Strachan's reply to Stock: "So you're saying that, to be successful, the Habs need to get cross-checked less?"