Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From the Department of Self-Pimping

FHF was proud / flattered / totally indifferent to have been approached by Wyshynski, formerly Deadspin's NHL Closer, to write a eulogy for the Bruins season on his new baby, Yahoo!'s Excellent Hockey Blog. HF10 stepped up to the plate and knocked a three-run double off the wall. The only reason he didn't hit it out of the park was he was limited to 600 words, and we all know 10 needs at least a thousand to fully lay out his B's hatred.

Be sure to check it out. It's our last word on the B's. Until next year.


Araev16 said...

Nice work. A little painful to read, but probably because it was a little too true. It's a twisted love being a Bruins fan, but for some reason I can't get enough of their dysfunction.

Don't let the Bruins die in vain. Kick Philly's ass!

fezworth said...

10, that was Gold. Well played, sir.

Flying Toaster said...

One thing i can't stand though, it's americans calling us "Damn frenchies" and applying all French stereotypes to us. Look, just because we SPEAK french doesn't mean we ARE French. Just like Americans aren't fucking English just because they speak English. Totally different, and utterly annoying.

PPP said...

Nice work.

Those comments are scary.