Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Flyers: A History of Evil - Bulldozers 1, Orphans 0

June 3, 1966 (Reuters) - Needing to house his newly-won expansion franchise, Flyers owner Ed Snider buys and bulldozes St. Jude's Roman Catholic Church and the adjoining Sisters of Mercy Orphanage to build the Spectrum, the Flyers home from 1967 to 1994. The now homeless orphans are put to work laying the foundation for the new rink. Those that survive the harsh building conditions find employment afterwards as combatants in Snider's pit-fighting ring in the Spectrum basement.


HabsFan29 said...

my god orphans! is there no limit to the evil??

Suprisingly not so disappointed said...

Good, at least the orphans had something constructive to do. Better than sitting around waiting and waiting for more gruel that never comes....God Dam you sister Mary fuck'n Juliette.

Thats right MJ Dam you to Hell.

What?! where am I? Wheres my pants? Man my ass hurts...oohh not again.

themindset said...

Off-topic, but the montreal police posted pics of "persons of interest" after the habs clincher:

dyl said...

The only thing worse than a Leafs fan is a Flyers fan.
I'm stuck in hogtown and 'brian burke coming to MLSE' gets more air time than the Habs playoff run.
Flyers jerseys are coming out of the woodwork in Toronto, and I wonder if unemployment is a prerequisite to being a Flyers fan?
Can't wait for Komisarek to nail Briere and Richards to the boards.