Monday, April 07, 2008

A Tribute to Our Readers - Shit They're Young

As we catch our breath post-82 games and pre-playoffs, we thought we'd take a second to acknowledge all of you who have made the past season just awesome. The pic above is direct from Brussels, where FHF reader Seth lives and sends us the pic of his daughter, preparing for a future as the Habs' next enforcer. That's what has amazed me over the season - finding out there are Habs fans everywhere, from Hong Kong to Brussels and everywhere in between. And while we have all the media we need hockey-wise in Canada, that ain't true around the world. Or even in the U.S. As Seth wrote to us, "you guys are my lifeline." Happy to be of service.

So this post is for you, dear readers. Without you, we'd just be masturbating.


Montréaliste1 said...

"Without you, we'd just be masturbating",

Well, as the old saying goes, "the internet is for porn".

Montréaliste1 said...

Bruins version of a well known clip.

fezworth said...

ROFL.. 'old saying'

It really is, isn't it?

Bryan said...

What a cutie !!!!

If I ever have kids their first words will be "screw mickey ribs"