Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Game 2 of the ECQ

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of living with Vanilla Ice...
  • Last night had some damn fine exciting games, so TMS couldn't resist popping in on a Saturday. The Mullet breaks it all down in video form;
  • Oh Sens, I am really feeling your pain. You put on a glorious comeback from 0-3 down, spurred on by Gerber's excellence (seriously!) but lose 5-3. Maybe SLC can sort it all out. Damn I wish I had read his rant before he erased it;
  • Ovie-tme! CapsChick has a nice photo;
  • It was the Wild's turn to win in OT;
  • Rangers beat Devils again. I'm trying to ignore that series for fear of contracting narcolepsy.

Alright Game 2 tonight. I think this city needs some perspective. Sure, we have a nice win, but it's one fucking win you know?


matt - ftc said...

HF29, agree with you on the perspective part. Let's just hope the boys don't get caught up in the frenzy and don't lost focus on all of the details on their game. Good job by Carbo in stowing them away in a secret location to avoid distraction as much as possible.

Interesting reading the Boston forums. There seems to be a lot of infighting between Bruins fans and other Boston residents who call Bruins fans idiots because they are loyal to a team owned by Jacobs.

msevigny said...

I wouldn't call it a glorious comeback. Gerber was the only guy on the team who impressed me, and they basically got incredibly lucky three times in a row before the Pens recovered and put things away.

This Detroit-Nashville game has only been okay so far. I guess it's too much to ask that every day of the playoffs be as exciting as yesterday (especially the Caps-Flyers series, which is my new favourite non-Hab series to watch this year).