Friday, April 18, 2008

TMS Feels the Panic

Hey kids! Games happened last night. Flyers, Stars, Sharks and Avs all got their 3rd win, and are well poised to win their series. You know who also has three wins, but on the other hand are not particularly well-poised to win their series? Yes, of course, our beloved Habs. Our beloved Habs who totally shit the boat last night in a 5-1 loss.

I've broken from the usual TMS format to highlight a couple of things from the open thread last night that make us feel the panic. Matt brilliantly went from "ftc" to "fear the collapse" to "we are witnessing the collapse" in a matter of minutes. Rips it, scores! hit the record books to point out the eeerie similarities between 2004 and 2008, in terms of margin of victory and win patterns, which are identical so far:

G1: Boston won 3 – 0
G2: Boston won 2 – 1
G3: Montreal won 3 – 2
G4: Boston won 4 – 3
G5: Montreal won 5 – 1

G1: Montreal won 4 – 1
G2: Montreal won 3 – 2
G3: Boston won 2 – 1
G4: Montreal won 1 – 0
G5: Boston won 5 – 1

He then contemplated ritual suicide. Finally, LawyerGirl77 got home from the game and laid down a rant of epic proportions where TMS agrees it belongs - on Carbo. Go read it.

We feel the panic. It's well deserved. More later today.


Anonymous said...

Hello again from Seoul. Just caught the game on replay. That was the worst 3rd period I've ever witnessed by an NHL playoff team in my 20 years of watching hockey. I have several questions:

a) Do they count how many times a team misses the net? I lost count/starting crying around 28.

b) If you don't take a time out after the 3rd B goal to settle down the team, when do you take one?

c) Was I the only one screaming at the TV "Don't drop that puck, Pricey! Don't drop it! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"?

d) Am I the only one concerned about Price's total lack of effort after giving up this goal? I guess the comparisons to Roy are correct. For all the wrong reasons.

e) Can the Habs legally decline PPs? Seriously?

f) Props to the Habs organization for letting the Timbits team play for them in the 3rd. Never do this again.

I just sent Higgins, Ryder, Markov, Streit and Pleks email reminders that the playoffs started. I meant to do that a week ago. My bad.

I need to see Koivu on that ice even if he's got a wooden leg.

Now to read what you thought of this game. Can't wait!


Habsfan1993 said...

orangeman, you are dead on balls accurate in your assessment.

Give me Koivu. Right effing now.

And one other thing I would like to point out is that Bob Gainey did nothing to improve the heart of this team at the deadline. I'm not talking Hossa. Forget Hossa. I'm talking heart players that make a difference in the playoffs. Guys like, I dunno, BRAD RICHARDS. Look at who Dallas traded to get him, and you'll see that Montreal cold have easily made a better offer.

So, while many people (rightly) blame Carbonneau's ass-tastic coaching, I also blame Bob Gainey for doing nothing to get this team some leadership and grit. Yeah yeah, cup run in 2009--Hey Bob, wake the hell up. The iron was hot a month ago. You needed to strike that proverbial iron, and instead you hoarded your prospects for a cup run that might never happen now. You have no idea what may happen next year. The entire team could be injured and out of contention for a serious run by January. This was our year, and you let it slip away. Jerk.

Rips it, scores! said...

I can show my future kids this blog in 10-15 years and tell them that this was the day that I made it. Now I can retire (from college...) and bask in this post's warm glowing warming glow.

Noda said...

mass suicide pact anyone?

Geoff said...

Time for a Halak post?

Montréaliste1 said...

Hold the fuckin front door.

Carey had his first bad game since his midget years. He fucked up. Everydoby fucks up sometimes. Might as well be now, instead of in a game 7.

We were dominating for the frist 40minutes. Saku is coming back, everything is gonna be ok.

We shall, we shall.

fezworth said...

@LG77: I just read your rant from last night. I was right there with you, until this:

As we can see tonight, from the Tits to TFS, we didn't exactly bring our A game. More like our McGill Intramural D game.

As a former Intramurad D player, I resent that. We were a lot better than the Habs last night. Even the guy on our team from Iraq who had never seen ice before the start of the season.

Anonymous said...

That was the first time all year I had to turn off a habs game early, I couldn't even finish it. Even when the habs were down 5-0 against the Rangers, I stayed with them until they came back but last night was just terrible. The thing is, Chara was probably the worst player on the ice (besides his goal) with his massive amount of giveaways and him standing there like a pylon. I am scared to think of what the score would of been if Chara had played his normal all-star way?

CheGordito said...

I didn't catch the game last night (yay! no wasted evenings for me!) but I can't believe the Habs were worse than my Intramural D team. Not possible.

lawyergirl77 said...

A thousand apologies to Fez and Che - you're absolutely right. Intramural D teams were more talented and, more importantly, had infinitely more heart and passion than the Habs last Thursday night. Especially the dude from Iraq.

Mea maxima culpa!! I blame it on my "so angry I was shaking" state after the game!!