Monday, April 14, 2008

HF10 Sums Up Our Feelings About Last Night

This morning yours truly asked if anyone had a review of last night's game. HF10 quickly responded with:

Yeah, I got a review:

Other than Greek Lightning and TFS, everyone fucking sucked last night. Bad Kovy is back. Doom made some nice hits and spent most of the night out of position. Milan Lucic is a little fucker and rapidly climbing my most hated player list.

However ... the Habs have played two absolute garbage games in a row, and the Bruins have only got one overtime win to show for it. Get their heads screwed on straight again, and this is still over in five. Carbo? Over to you.

Maybe we'll talk more later, maybe we won't. But that about sums up our feelings right about now.


bob said...

Sorry, but Lucic is a 'big' fucker.
I'd lock him up in a container with Ribeiro the squirel and drop them somewhere in the middle of the atlantic ocean.

I just can't wait till DOOM shows him a little love.

Sonia said...

Wow. I just had a visual of Lucic sitting on a beach on a desert isle, spitting out Ribeiro's tiny bones & letting out a huge belch.

"Me still hungry. Want Avery now."

lawyergirl77 said...

Sonia - hee!! That would probably be the one and only time that I would say Lucic, without immediately following it with the word "fucker"...

Sonia said...

About last night's game:

It's becoming more & more apparent to what extent Koivu is missed. Without him, the B's can concentrate their defensive efforts on Pleks' line. And without the Captain's creativity the PP simply cannot adjust to the fact that the B's have figured it out.

The Habs also need his playoff warrior spirit to give them a solid kick in their complacency. (Just make sure to use your right foot, Saku).

Finally, they need Koivu's (or somebody's - the coaches maybe?!) leadership to settle down the youngsters, who are wasting their energy & focus on post-whistle scrums & payback checks. (Hey Sergei, the puck is going that way. No, that way!, Where are you going? Sergei! SERGEI!)

That said, the Habs can win this series without Saku, but it will be harder & a lot more frustrating than it should be.

Sonia said...

@LG77 - In that scenario, "fucker" would come after "Avery"

lawyergirl77 said...

Sonia - the two aren't mutually exclusive. As you can see from my rant after last night's game, I'm pretty prone to throwing the epithet around lately... blame it on the playoffs.

However, Avery not only has "fucker" after his name every single day of the year, but a whole host of other adjectives as well, including, but not limited to: douchebag, dick (which you pointed out quite eloquently in the comments thread for TMS), fuckwit, asshat, mistake (that one's for his mother)... The list goes on forever, really.

Topic? I miss me some Saku. :( The look on his face during last night's game said it all. He wants to be out there. Badly.

Sonia said...

*Taking notes* - "fuckwit", "asshat". Excellent. My vocabulary is getting enriched every day on this site.

Although I probably shouldn't use these in my CV...

Montréaliste1 said...

Just came back from Boston.

Did you hear the habs fans booo Chara ? We were about 500 in front of the arena.
, maybe 2000-3000 when the game started.

Insults they gave us ? They were pretty pathetic: "ur gay, ur gay ur gay ur gay" in answer to our olés. U-S-A, U-S-A, was one of their favorite chants. Is it all they have left? A full section of fans, while singing "ur gay", were doing a triangular sign with theire hands. Its a Nazi symbol for homosexuals. Thats how unclassy they are. En plus, there is a holocaust memorial a few blocks away from the arena.

I got spitted on, got shoved by 10 guys. But why risk a night in jail and a criminal file ? Habs fans are classy, guys, just remember. They booed our anthem.

Jaybird said...

Wow montrealiste that treatment you received is pathetic! Getting spat on is disgustingly low class....typical Bostonian behaviour.

I missed the third and OT last night since I had my own game. I did notice that Montreal seemed tired in the first two periods but that is no excuse as Boston was in the same boat. Three games in four nights is absolutely moronic to start a playoff series.

It is time for our guys who have done zero (Ryder, Higgins, Plekanec) to step it up. Luke "Sergei" Skywalker and his brother Obi Wan Andrei can't score every night. Plekanec has confirmed my worst stereotype prediction and is playing like a Czech usually does in the playoffs and I find Kovalev is trying to be the passer while Plex should be doing this. C'mon boys its time to step the game up and stop fucking around! Carey Price is going to be solid so its time to play like we did in game one and throw this Boston trash out....

bob said...

I guess they miss Gaycroft !

Free4Life said...

Ya-fuckin-hoo! I am a free man as of Friday, April 18th! I better be able to get drunk and laid whilst celebrating the end of the Broons for this playoff year!

That game sucked ass.

Oh squiggly line, in my eye fluid.
I see you lurking there on the periphery of my vision.
But when I try to look at you, you scurry away...
Are you shy, squiggly line?
Why only when I ignore you, do you return to the center of my eye?
Oh, squiggly line, it's alright... you're forgiven.

The squiggly line represents Kovy, the K-bros and the remainder of the first 3 lines. I'll ignore that game and perhaps they will return tomorrow night.

F4L (formerly Inmate4)!!!!!!!

HabsFan29 said...

F4L congrats! Welcome back to the outside

And your squiggly line analogy is genius!

Mtliste I think we should sue the Boston fans. i know 4 good lawyers!

Habsfan10 said...

"Mtliste I think we should sue the Boston fans. i know 4 good lawyers!"*

*Not the FHF. Other lawyers.

lawyergirl77 said...

Mtliste - that is pathetic. Truly pathetic. I'm actually really angry at that idiocy of the Broons fans. That's worse than LEAFS fans, which is saying something.

I can't believe that they're making Bell Center fans look classy. CLASSY! Us??!! That's both scary and unpossible...

moeman said...

As much of a fucktard he is avery hasn't shown intent to injure like mtrtckr. To think darcie was once a Hab. eesh.


I thought the everlovin' leaf fan (aka elf) was the worst, until I read mtliste's account. Yikes.


I agree that Saku's playoff jam is missing. Not saying our Canadiens are toast but last night was a burnt effort.

Nadine said...

Guys! My profoundest condolences on the loss to the Broons. I was pulling for your team, joined heartily in booing the Giraffe and have been chanting "Olé" for years. (Right, so not for hockey but it translates just fine from one sport to another.)

Mtliste: Why am I not surprised about the crappy Boston fans? (They actually are worse than Flyers fans!)

Brian said...

Question: Do you think Price or any one of the Habs d-men would have done anything if Avery went through his Kendo moves in front of their net? My answer: Well er no!