Monday, April 21, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Game 7

Bullet points for what you missed while having nightmares of your opponent coming back from 3-1 down to win the series...
  • Buh-bye, defending champs, Mickey Ribs is too powerful for you;
  • Flames force a Game 7 of their own. If no Canadian teams are left in the playoff forest, does the CBC hear it?
  • Red Wings move on. Wings pass Leafs for second all-time on the playoff series win list. I'd make a joke about the Leafs never winning another playoff series, but Habs fans are on no position to say anything of the sort.

Game 7 tonight, excitement, yada yada.


matt - we are witnessing the collapse said...

I say insert O'Byrne over Bouillon...I looked like Kessel was coming in on Souray last game.

Other than that, prayer is needed.

lawyergirl77 said...

LG77's stupid playoff superstitions - all in FULL effect today:

1) NEVER TOUCH THE HOME PLAYOFF TICKETS ON THE DAY OF THE GAME. (trust me, this one is a biggie and I totally violated it for Game 5);

2) Wear lucky jewelry (check - didn't do it for game 5);

3) Wear absolutely no red until I put on the Sainte Flanelle tonight (check)

4) Walk back from the Palais de justice after my examinations today and light a candle at Notre Dame. Nope. Not kidding...

Gah, I can't take this shit anymore... YOU FUCKERS, WHY DID YOU LET IT COME TO THIS??!!!

*head explodes*

fezworth said...

This is so unfair. HOW could this have happened? We're so not winning tonight. 29, You've convinced me.

Oh well. At least TFS has playoff experience for next year. So sad.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather O'Byrne replace Brisebois.


lawyergirl77 said...

Oh and someone HAS to write a caption for this photo of TFS and Jaro!! Pretty please!!!!

My entry:

Jaro: Fack you Cari Price. I filled your gaytorahde bottle with my urine.

TFS: Dude. I thought you said you'd quit doing that during the playoffs.

Jaro: Fack you Cari Price. Drink it and be men, not pussi. Your hair eez no helping...

themindset said...

I think we're all feeling that sinking feeling, that inevitable doom a superior team feels when they are simply being outworked by a team that wants it more. But fuck that shit.

I think it's time to wake up the boys, sit Carey and play Halak. He was the better goaltender in the few games he got to play this season, and shoot - the poor guy really deserves this chance.

I suppose this is just fanciful thinking, as a friend pointed out on Saturday - if Carbo plays Price and loses, fine; but if he plays Halak and loses, he's going to get grilled. But Halak is still the right choice, just as Halak would have been the right choice last season in that final game against the Leafs.

PS - Lawyergirl: Holy shit are you one verbally vitriolic chick.

Free4Life said...

@LG77 - that's Danis not Jaro.

Anyway, he's saying to Carey
"You've come far grasshopper!
You have learned the way well to the AHL.

Sonia said...

LG77: 4) Walk back from the Palais de justice after my examinations today and light a candle at Notre Dame. Nope. Not kidding...

Totally understand. I planted a Habs flag on my parents' grave yesterday & asked them to do their part...

PPP said...

Tonight's Refs and linesmen

Any complaints?

HabsFan29 said...

fucking Blogger picks today to eat my comments

@PPP - as long as they've been paid off by the league, i'm happy

@free4life, welcome to the outside! may your freedom lead to better Habs play

@LG - so it's your fault we lost Game 5!!!! ;)

lawyergirl77 said...

themindset: Me? Vitriolic? Perish the thought... *cough* I'm actually surprisingly nice and calm in person, I swear!! (Panger, not one crack outta you!)

free4life: I thought he looked weird. Stupid Gazette captioners... stupid gullible me. :-(

ppp - Ugh. McCreary. Well, it could have been McGeough or Fraser, so I suppose thank heavens for small mercies...

29 - Yeah, I know my superstitions are ridiculous, but you can take the girl outta the goalie pads, but you can't take the goalie outta the girl!! ;-)

Free4Life said...

Hey thanks 29! it feels great....except for the part about the Habs sucking ass!
And unfortunately if they lose tonight I'm going to kill somebody and end up in a real prison, not some prissy club med joint!
And as of RIGHT NOW, my prime targets are Kovy, BigTits and Carbo....but you didn't read it here if something DOES happen to one of them - blogger/reader confideniality.

I'd like to see Breezy (sucks)and Streit (not ready) sitting tonight, along with Dandy (see Breezy). Put in Rhino, Ryder and Lats.
I also think the Cube isn't 100%, so give Valentenko and his 102 mph shot a shot. i know...won't happen.
I think the KoKoPlek line (or whatever you call them) will shine tonight, with 2 PP goals.

Reverse Psychology Time.
Go Bruins.
Bob Cole rocks. his Pronunciation is exquisite and accurate.
The PP is awesome.
I luv Big Lucy - he's got a real nose for the net!

that's enough for now.

Montréaliste1 said...

LG: lucky tie in tonight !!

Lucky tie

Montréaliste1 said...
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HabsFan29 said...

@LG superstitions are NOT ridiculous, they are real. that's why we lsot dammit!!!!

see, the lucky tie

@free4life - love the reverse psych! and blogger / reader confidentiality, heh

game preview is up guys. let's talk there...