Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Game Day Skate for Tuesday, April 1st

Bullet points for what you missed while dreaming of spring for fuck's sake. It's goddamn April finally and I'm still freezing my ass off...

Seize the Day kids.


Anonymous said...

heh, my kinda April Fools link.

~ moeman

Anonymous said...

How about this link: http://www.ctv.nationalnewswatch.com/CTVNews_0201829810_TopStories_.htm

There was a moment of anger there before I realized the date.

Sonia said...

There was a moment of anger there before I realized the date.

That was a pretty funny joke until I read the part about Mike Bullard hosting Canadian Idol. That's just in poor taste. That guy shouldn't be allowed to host a parasite.

Anonymous said...

Nice link on 'Pens lose to Rangers'...and... it's a naked hot chick! What a fuckin surprise, you lovable imbeciles.

Did Pens really lose by the way? Fuck, we could do first conference, if we had any players left.

Get some billable hours in boys and girls, playoffs coming.

You know that shit case that's a real pain in the ass? It's been going on and on? Tell the client to FUCK OFF AND DIE. Now. Do it on the mobile phone. Do it. Call them at 3 AM. Yell alot. Cry too, tell them you love them. Just make a big shitty mess of it.

We get the same shit as architects and I'm clearin the old in basket fast boys. If the boss notices some pissed off clients next week, which he won't, I'll blame it on you guys. Fuckin smart strategy eh boys, yep I'm a quick one. Fuck I'm dumb. Shit.

Gotta go, getting married (I'm not kidding, for real) at 9:30 Am at the uh, lawyers, and it's 1:15 AM in HK now.

Gonna miss the damn game, but I'm gonna be golfin when the baby comes in 3 months, it'll be legendary.

Cheers boys and girls

3 Wood