Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Greek Lightning - Habs 4, Phlyers 3 (OT)

Although we here at FHF would never suggest to an attractive young lady such as this keep her jersey on, it's probably too early to be jumping off the Flyers bandwagon just yet. Besides, girls like this look hot in any hockey Jersey, even if it is the Face of Evil.

AND THIS IS WHY HE SHOULD BE LOCKED IN A TRUNK: the Flyers first goal is deflected behind TFS (tm) by the anti-Saviour, Breezer. Where oh where is Rhino??

Is it too early for lunch? Some guy named 'Hamburger' got credit for the first goal.

Who knew we'd long for the days of Jim Dowd? The former Hab (well, he's a former a lot of things) doubled the visitor's lead in the first, scoring one of the prettiest goals of the playoffs. Coming from JIM FREAKING DOWD though (the same guy who was waived earlier this season by the Flyers) in itself makes it another fluky goal. Hey, it's not how they go in, it's how many.

Those must have been some good intermission hotdogs in the dressing room. After coming out flat in the first, the Habs took their play up several notches in the second.

Denied. The Habs seemed to be turning the tide in the second, when Big Tits was awarded a penalty shot on a somewhat generous call (since he did get a shot off, IMHO), but was stoned by Biron's pad save. Small consolation, Big Tits did look sweet with those nifty puckhandling moves.

What are they, related? Big Tits gets is back a couple of minutes later on an amazing play with Little Tits: Sergei picks off a Jeff Carter pass in the neutral zone, tears down the ice, cuts across the slot and fakes a shot while letting the puck slide over to big brother Andrei, who rips it behind Biron. Like they were sharing a brain.

High stick? What high stick? Turtleplek fires a shot on Biron while penalty killing, which is deflected up. Kovy, following the play, swipes it out of the air and the refs call a goal. Replays show Montreal fans inconclusive results. I'm pretty sure at least some Flyers fans felt was a high stick - good thing they don't riot over these types of things in Philly. Well, too bad - the Habs have suffered from enough bad replay calls (I still can't let that early-season game against the Pens go). Still, it's nice to catch a break.

And now another city hates you, Joffrey. Mere seconds into the third, Lupul puts the Flyers ahead again on a PP. More pressingly, what's with the "o" instead of an "e"? Are his parents dyslexic??

Relax, AK27 is back. Worried? Who was worried. Everyone knew that the game plan was for the Habs to stay a goal down until the dying seconds, then pick up a powerplay, pull the goalie, have the opposing center's stick break on an offensive-zone faceoff, resulting in their best player grabing the loose puck and ripping a shot top corner to extend the game to overtime. Then winning one the first shift in OT. Just like Coach Carbo drew it up int he dressing room before the game.

And that is why Mike Richards is the true heir to Bobby Clarke. Not only was that late call clearly a penalty, Richards should get a suspension for intent to injure as he stopped and turned into Kovy's knee. We're not hold our breathe for any announcements by Colin Campbell, though. In Richard's defence, he thought he was going after some guy named "Kharlamov", not "Kovalev". Names beginning with "k"s and ending in "v"s can be tricky for brain-dead goons, though. (Jinx)

Maybe Philly should just let the other team score the second goal. For the 2nd time in their last three games, the Flyers jump out to a 2 goal lead, just to watch it evaporate.

48 seconds. That's all it took for Greek Lightening to strike in OT (sorry, too easy). Have we mentioned we like that SlowGreekBang line?

Stats that make us feel good : Little Tits leads the way with 5 hits, as the Habs outhit the big bad Flyers 38-28, and the Habs win 60% of faceoffs.

Next Game against the same Evil Evil opponent: Saturday in MTL should be a good rematch, with Philly expected to pick it up a notch and both teams looking for a 60-minute (at least) effort. This will not be over quickly, folks.


HabsFan29 said...

cuts across the slot and fakes a shot while letting the puck slide over to big brother Andrei

cuts across the slot and loses control of the puck which happens to slide over to his big brother who was way to close to him to be honest


/the way i saw it

panger76 said...

Yeah I thought that initially, but I watched the play on pvr a few times and I swear Sergei fakes the shot and lets the puck roll over - and Andrei is so close because he knew what was happening!!

Habsfan10 said...

Do not question the power of the Tits, 29.

hockeyzombie said...

Did you guys see LOST? It was a great episode!

HabsFan29 said...

@hockeyzombie - now we're talking! what's up with the whole Widmore vs. Ben thing? crazy!

fezworth said...

No, no NO! No Lost spoilers! I haven't watched yet!

Anonymous said...

Wow, we get to watch Hamburger this series after having to watch Cup-a-Soup and Grilled Cheese (kobasew and Krecji) the last one. this would make a hell of a trio.

Go Habs! said...

I am a born and raised Habs fan, but watch the replay my friend, Richards clearly threw a shoulder, not a knee with the intent to injure...

prairiegirlwarriorpoet said...

Ben is an evil, evil little man. I wish they would just shoot him in the head already.

SteelerDave said...

First off, Flyers fan who came across this site after receiving an email from a Flyer Hater/Sabres fan, you know who you are!

I have to admit that I was pretty pissed off last night after the way things went down with the 2nd & 3rd Hab's goals. Neither should have ever counted but you have to take them esp. if you are a Habs fan or hate the Flyers, right now they are the same thing. ;)

The evil Flyer stuff is great, the guy I know actually believes they are this evil, no joke. lol

I would have rather that some of those post shots or the penalty shot have counted rather than the way things ended up going down.

I don't like when the evil Flyers are helped by calls either but I take them just like you guys should. You have nothing to feel bad about, the refs do though as they suck so far.

All that I ask is just don't make the wrong call @ the wrong time. I can live with either the high stick goal or the kneeing call but not both, too many favours to the home team.

It is a shame really, either call everything or call nothing, even it up & the winner will rise to the top!

I don't want any favours in the next game, just don't decide it, let the game play out.

I knew that the game was over when regulation was over & esp. when the Flyers broke into the Habs zone 1st, the other team always scores once they get the puck back.

Good Luck to the Habs the rest of the way but hopefully luck does not decide what looked like a great series early on...

BTW Lost was a great diversion afterwards. :D

HabsFan29 said...

@steelerdave - can you forward that email to fourhabsfans@gmail? we are really curious to see what it says!

All Lost fans are welcome here, even if they are delusional about what goals should count and what shouldn't ;)

and generally, to everyone who thinks that the video call on Kovy's goal was a homer call, do you realise that call is made in TORONTO??? I don't think anyone in Toronto wants to do Montreal any favours

Matt D said...

I'm not really getting the media consensus that the Habs 'stole' the game. They were certainly lucky to win, yes, given that they scored with less than a minute left in part because Carter's stick exploded. But I kept thinking, even as they were behind, that they were playing way better than they did in games 2-6 of the Boston series, and that if they kept playing the same way, they'd win the series even if they lost the game. 2 of the 3 Philly goals were bad goals (one Price's fault, one Breezer's), and I though Price didn't play all that great. Generally, I though Montreal outplayed Philly for most of the game. Bob Cole didn't agree, but that's a good sign that I'm right.

I was convinced the Kovy goal would be disallowed, since his blade came down and hit the crossbar after it hit the puck. But CBC had a nice freeze frame that showed the puck hitting the bottom part of the blade, which was below the crossbar when the top of the blade was still above. It was a goal, Kovy has unreal hands, end of discussion.

(Side note: anyone else find it crazy that the more expensive the stick, the more likely it is to snap like a twig? You pay extra for it to be light. Seems like a good idea to take a critical D-zone face-off with the heavier $100 model rather than the featherlight $300 model. Carter didn't need extra whip on his slapshot protecting a 1 goal lead with 15 seconds left.)

moeman said...

I think Saku's superpowers made that stick shatter.

mike richards said...

jeff carter doesnt take slap shots. . .

if i wanted to hurt ak27...he would've been hurt...not one timing faceoffs above maaarty's glove with 28.6 seconds left.

to the really sweet fan that poured beer on me in the u realize what you've just done?

fezworth said...

It was the ghosts, I'm telling you.

And I'm a little bemused about all the flyers fans pouting over Kovy's goal. They're quibbling whether a part of his stick was over the crossbar should mean that it was a no goal, when they basically took the 1st round series by PLOWING the opposition goalie out of the way.

In addition, does anyone feel that the over-the-crossbar rule is ill-defined? It seems to me that it has to do more with the height of the point at which the puck contacts the stick, and not so much the height of any arbitrary part of the stick itself.

Jaybird said...


Kovy's goal was legit as it was called on ice and had to be overturned. Lupus' goal was pretty much kicked in...but legit. How much money are the Flyers paying Brisebois? re: Brisebois... how much are hitmen in Montreal? re: Hitmen ...Do you think O'Byrne would do it?

orangeman said...

Pens score 3/5 goals off defencemen's skates to come back and win the game and the media says they overpowered the Rangers. One broken stick for Philly, which happens to every team every game, and Montreal stole this one. Whatever, I'd rather root for the underdogs than the bullies.